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A finna

This is for all the OC's to post information on their OC's.

You Can Use This Sample To Help You.

Full Name:




History: (What happened to your character before they came on the role play)



Imprint/Mate: (If has one)

and a link to a picture of your OC. While not required, if at all possible, please include a picture of your OC

12/25/2010 . Edited 1/29/2011 #1 Report
A finna

Shaeli Garland (SHAY-lee)

DOB: April 1, 1991

Species: Werewolf

History: She is one forth Quiluete and lived in La Push with her parents and younger brother until she was 10 when her family moved to Hawaii until after Dylan's graduation. Which is when the family moved back to La Push so that her mom could be close to her home.

Personality: She is fairly quiet and somewhat shy except around her brother or a select few people she's close to. She is fiercely loyal to those who win her trust, but finds it hard to make friends.

Appearance: Thick, honey blonde hair in unruly curls and big blue eyes. Shaeli is fairly small, about 5'3" though she has long dancer legs and is not very curvy. Due to her Quiluete heritage and hours in the sun in Hawaii she is very tanned. Taylor Swift is close to what she looks like though, tame the curls down a little.

Mate: none

Note: Shaeli was held prisoner by an abusive Animal Control worker who tortured her for two days leaving her badly scarred. The scars cover her shoulders, trail down her arms, her hands, neck, and she has a scar under her eye. However the worst one is on her chest and is a pure white, ragged spot from a bad burn

1/11/2011 . Edited 3/18/2011 #2 Report
A finna

Dylan Garland

DOB: June 23, 1992

Species: Human, though he might phase

History: He is one forth Quiluete and lived in La Push with her parents and older sister until he was 9 when his family moved to Hawaii. He was friends with Seth Clearwater up until the time he moved. He wanted to graduate early and pushed himself to finish up his schooling a year early in Hawaii which is when the family moved back to La Push. He wants to get into an arts school and learn to be a movie director and is slightly obsessed with water sports and anything water related.

Personality: He is a fun loving guy who knows how to have a good time but has a more serious side.

Appearance: Blonde hair with dark roots, hair is just long enough to curl and blue eyes and a lone dimple. Dylan is not extremely muscular but is fairly well built due to hours of swimming. He is tanned and very good looking. Google Jeremy Sumpter if you want to know exactly what he looks like

Mate: Mary, though he is imprinted on by Carmen

1/11/2011 . Edited 2/3/2011 #3 Report
M Jetisr

Full Name: Marcus White

Nicknames: Marc (by Embry)

Gender: Male

DOB: March 31, 1993

Appearance: Shoulder length, brown-gold hair, tanned skin, slight, around 7 feet, 2 inches, electric blue eyes.

Link to eyes:

History: Marcus lives in La Push as a part of Sam's pack, he phased at 16 when he lost his brother and parents to Victoria, James and Laurent. He kept it a secret from everyone until he phased once when Paul made him angry by mentioning his family.

Personality: Marcus is usually pleasent to be around, unless you mention his family, he will kill you without hesitation if you do. He often asks to be sent on the longest patrols because he feels the need to prove that he's over his families death. He is one of the biggest wolves in the pack. He is best friends with Seth and Leah Clearwater.

Hobbies: Languages.

Species: Shape-shifter

Imprint/Mate: Danielle Lesperance

1/23/2011 . Edited 4/26/2011 #4 Report
Aunt Bran

Full Name: Daniel Murphy

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Appearance: 6', slender, auburn hair (short), blue eyes

History: Was married, but wife died recently. No children. Came to live with mom (Qulieute) in LaPush. Teaches history in the reservation school. Cousin of Sam Uley (moms are sisters).

Personality: Shy and sad, loved his wife very much. She died in childbirth and so did the baby.

Species: Human

Imprint/Mate: None.

and a link to a picture of your OC. While not required, if at all possible, please include a picture of your OC.

Played by: Aunt Bran

3/15/2011 . Edited 3/15/2011 #5 Report
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