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A finna

If theres a character you want to play, you can let me know on this topic

1/12/2011 . Edited 3/21/2011 #1 Report
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Hi Finna. I'm on An Awesome Twilight RP and saw your profile. I would like to join if that is alright. I would like to play Alice :D


Renee :)

1/14/2011 #2 Report
A finna

that's fine. Since the setting is New Moon and you're the first Cullen I've gotten, so I guess you can just have Alice come back to Forks to check up on Bella or something

1/15/2011 #3 Report

Kim and Rachel please!:)

1/15/2011 #4 Report
A finna

Ok, you can be both... just a word of warning. Jared isn't speaking yet, but I think he's already imprinted on a girl. So Kim is still fine if you want to be her, but I don't know about the whole Jared situation

1/15/2011 #5 Report

Yeah,that's fine.Kim's wanna my favorites and Cassie's best friend so,yeah.

1/15/2011 #6 Report
A finna

That's fine. you can play Kim so that she has a crush on Jared or something. I don't really care all that much how you deal with the Jared situation

1/15/2011 #7 Report

That works!

1/15/2011 #8 Report

Can I play Rosalie..? I don't know if we need cullens or not...so... :)

1/26/2011 #9 Report
A finna

Sure you can play Rosalie. We need cullens eventually so sure

1/28/2011 #10 Report

Can I play Carlisle and Edward?

1/28/2011 #11 Report
A finna

Sure you have have carlisle and edward, just a warning though, Edward might have to fight Jacob for Bella

1/29/2011 #12 Report
M Jetisr

Can I play Esme?

1/29/2011 #13 Report
A finna

Yep, you can have her

1/29/2011 #14 Report

Hi Finna, I was wondering if I could rp Leah?

1/30/2011 #15 Report
A finna

Hi, and we actually have a Leah, however you can create an female OC wolf or you could take... say, Rebecca since we have a Rachel and have her phase.

1/31/2011 #16 Report

Ok thats fine, I will be Rebecca thats actually even cooler.

1/31/2011 #17 Report
A finna

Ok, I'll put you on as Rebecca

1/31/2011 #18 Report

Hi! Can I play Collin? (:

2/2/2011 #19 Report
A finna

Yep! You can have Collin! I was wondering if we'd get him and Brady so you just made my day

2/2/2011 #20 Report

Yay :D btw, where do I start?

2/2/2011 #21 Report

hey, what cullens are left?

2/2/2011 #22 Report
A finna

Just go onto RP 3 and we're over at the Clearwaters. And I'm not sure about the Cullens. I don't think any are left, but I'd have to check the character list

2/2/2011 #23 Report

So, I'm just gonna walk over to the Clearwaters? I don't want to interrupt anything :p

2/2/2011 #24 Report
A finna

Sure, just walk on in. Just as of yet he hasn't phased yet, so you can have fun with picking when he's phased. THe the Cullens are all taken but you can make an OC vampire. I'm allowing for 3 oc Vampires to join the Cullen family

2/2/2011 #25 Report

Okay :) thanks!

2/2/2011 #26 Report

since my names lauren-can i play lauren?

2/2/2011 #27 Report

actully can i make an oc?

2/2/2011 #28 Report
A finna

Sure you can have Lauren :)

2/2/2011 #29 Report

Can I be Claire? And I posted on the OC sheet :)

2/2/2011 #30 Report
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