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Clipping Pictures from the Web

on the homepage at the bottom, there is a link that says clipper. Open it and it will take you to the clipper page. They will point you to a link that you need to save to favorites. After that, you can put it on your favorites bar. When you run across a picture you like, open the link and it will pop up with a little screen telling you to click on the pictures you want to save. Then you select them and hit the save button.

It does not allow you to clip pictures from certain websites, such as facebook and photobucket. One thing I found out is that it won't let you do a google image seach and then clip the picture. Something about not liking google. But there is a way around it. When you find a picture you like, make sure you have it on the full size view (where it's just the picture on a white background) and save it to favorites. Then close the tab and open it the saved picture on a new tab and polyvore will accept it

Fixing the "translucent" Pictures

So you have a picture you like but when you drag it into the editing part of the site, it shows up with parts missing and all kinds of weird things. That's cause the site is built to remove the background. Don't ask me how it decides what is the background but there's an easy fix. Once you have the picture in the editing part of the screen and have it selected, go to the top and there will be the editing buttons. (remove, flop, flip, background, clone, forwards, and backwards) Click on Background and it will pop up with three options, keep, remove and custom. It defaults to remove but you can tell it to keep the background or decide what you want it to keep by selecting custom


This one is so easy to fix. Drag the font you want into your set and it will automatically show up with the words "I love polyvore" in the box. But if you go up by the editing features, when the text box is selected, there are text features. It has a dropdown list of the fonts so you can change it, as well as a color selector. But the third item is the place you want to place the text. Type in the text and hit update. It will pop up with your text and then you can use the little resize squares to make the text fit the way you want it to.

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