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I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! RP 15! :D You guys are AWSOME!

Trinity: *chuckles* We got lots to do before then

(pm kayla)

3/23/2011 . Edited 3/23/2011 #4,981 Report
M Jetisr

(*takes out a gun and goes on a killing spree in the library finna's in* *shoots everyone except finna* There, now you can stay on. *grins innocently* LOL!)

3/23/2011 . Edited 3/23/2011 #4,982 Report
A finna

Seth: *shrugs* It wasn't funny. Would you please untie me now?

(I gotta go, be back in a bit)

3/23/2011 #4,983 Report
THE.Unique Love

Blake: *hangs up and walks to the door and opens it, laughing* Hey

Charlie: *smiles* I missed you too.

3/23/2011 #4,984 Report
A finna

(OMG! Jethro, I wish!)

3/23/2011 #4,985 Report
M Jetisr

Jason: *pulls away*

David: What did you say?

3/23/2011 #4,986 Report

Tadita: awesome *uses a rags to wipe off her hand* glad you approve

3/23/2011 #4,987 Report
M Jetisr

(Me too! See you later!)

3/23/2011 #4,988 Report


3/23/2011 #4,989 Report

Drew: *smiles up at him* Hey, I missed you

Jared: *kisses her cheek holding her hands*

3/23/2011 #4,990 Report

Jazmin: Nothing. I'm just pissed.

3/23/2011 #4,991 Report
THE.Unique Love

Blake: *grins* Really?

Charlie: *smiles* I really like you Jared.

3/23/2011 #4,992 Report
M Jetisr

David: About what?

3/23/2011 #4,993 Report

Drew: *smiles* Yeah, I missed hanging out with you

Jared: *smiles* I love you too *realizes what he said turning bright red*

3/23/2011 #4,994 Report

*looks at him*

3/23/2011 #4,995 Report
M Jetisr

Jason: *smiles, looking at her*

3/23/2011 . Edited 3/23/2011 #4,996 Report
THE.Unique Love

Blake: I missed hanging out with you too.

Charlie: *smiles* Do you want to change what you said or do you actually mean it?

3/23/2011 #4,997 Report

Drew: *smiles reaching out to hold his hand* Lets hang out then

Jared: I mean it, I just don't wanna freak you out

3/23/2011 #4,998 Report
THE.Unique Love

Blake: *grins* What do you wanna do?

Charlie: *rolls her eyes* You freaked me out the first time I ever saw you.

3/23/2011 #4,999 Report

*smiles back*

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