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RP 16 O O

Izzie: *Nods* Thank you. *Kisses him softly*

3/27/2011 #4,891 Report

Jordan~*nods and giggles,thinking about Princess Seth and Liam*

3/27/2011 #4,892 Report

Kelsey: *eyes widen* V-vampires?!

3/27/2011 #4,893 Report

Des: *smiles* But he doesn't know that. He thinks he's a little boy

3/27/2011 #4,894 Report

(lmao :L How many of them are there?)

Ever; *kisses him on the cheek* See? That wasn't so hard to say, was it?

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3/27/2011 #4,896 Report

(Idk, I gave up trying to watch them after I saw the 2nd, Trust me, don't EVER watch one. O.o)

Zayn: *smirks* No.. *leans down to kiss her*

3/27/2011 #4,897 Report
Aunt Bran

Leah: Okay, Finn, and if you need me I'll be right in my room. *goes to check on Sam, kisses his forehead* Sam? Honey, I need you to wake up just for a minute so I can see that you're okay. Can you hear me?

Daniel: Oh, yeah, there's that. *smirks* But the boys are gonna love you!

3/27/2011 #4,898 Report
A finna

Seth: *chuckles* We are gonna have to start calling him Pinocchio

Will: cecelia and her friend tried to be quiet so you could sleep. *smiles down at her*

Cecelia: *grins* I have LOTS of make up

3/27/2011 #4,899 Report

Des: *laughs* Yeah I think he needs another brother

3/27/2011 #4,900 Report
A finna

Sam: *doesn't respond, his breathing even*

Shaeli: *laughs* And why is that? *gets out of bed and starts to get dressed*

3/27/2011 #4,901 Report

(lol, I won't :P I like watching romantic/sad/romantic movies :) Like Remember me! I cried soo much D:)

Ever; *smiles and leans closer, closing the gap* *presses her lips to his*

3/27/2011 #4,902 Report

Jordan~*grins back*

3/27/2011 #4,903 Report
M Jetisr

Jethro: Yeah. *raises an eyebrow* You didn't know they existed?

Jason: *smiles and waits patiently*

James: I'm sorry about work being boring. *smiles*

3/27/2011 #4,904 Report
A finna

Cecelia: What's your favorite color?

3/27/2011 #4,905 Report

Izzie: They didn't have to...honestly, I shouldn't have crashed on your couch like a drunken kid *Laughs quietly* Sorry *Looks at him apologetically*

3/27/2011 #4,906 Report

Kelsey: *eyes still wide* N-no..

Zayn: *smiles* *kissing her* (Hahah, I didn't cry at all when I watched that! :D)

3/27/2011 #4,907 Report

Jordan~*purses her lip*Purple.

3/27/2011 #4,908 Report
A finna

Seth: You want another puppy? *grins*

3/27/2011 #4,909 Report
M Jetisr

Jethro: *chuckles* Well, they do. And we exist to kill them.

3/27/2011 #4,910 Report
Aunt Bran

Daniel: *lies back on the pillows, admiring the view* Hmmmm....oh, what? Oh, yeah, because you're pretty, and funny, and smart, and...did I say pretty? *grins*

Leah: Come on, Sam, just a little blink. I need to know you're okay. Please? *kisses his lips softly*

3/27/2011 #4,911 Report

A movie?

3/27/2011 #4,912 Report
A finna

Cecelia: Mine's blue. *grins* We should get out my Barbies!

Will: *hugs her* It's fine, Izzie, really. It was a rough day

3/27/2011 #4,913 Report


3/27/2011 #4,914 Report

Iz: I made it rough. I really want to apologize for that. I ruined our date and our whole night...I'm so sorry, Will. *Sighs*

3/27/2011 #4,915 Report
A finna

Shaeli: *laughs and blows him a kiss* I think someone is distracted

Sam: *mumbles something*

3/27/2011 #4,916 Report

Kelsey: *looks at him, slightly annoyed* This isn't funny.

3/27/2011 #4,917 Report
M Jetisr

Jason: Sure! *grins, standing up*

3/27/2011 #4,918 Report

Des: *nods* I think so. I mean I love DP to death and I can't wait to get another one

Carly: *shrugs* It's always boring

3/27/2011 #4,919 Report

Ever; *wraps her arms around his neck, still not breaking the kiss* (Seriously? But it's soooo sad D: I cry easily though, I even cried when I watched 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua' XD)

3/27/2011 #4,920 Report
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