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M Jetisr

James: *smiles, taking her hand* *thinks quickly* KFC? *hesitant*

Jason: *smiles and walks outside, to the car*

Jethro: No, it's not. Laughing is a reaction to certain stimuli, fundamentally stress, which serves as an emotional balancing mechanism. Traditionally, it's considered a visual expression of happiness, or an inward feeling of joy. It may ensue from hearing a joke, being tickled, or other stimuli

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A finna

Cecelia: *nods* He said i could have whichever one I wanted but I can't pick

Dylan: Well, you're already a member of the pack, but I can take you to meet our alpha, sam

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We All Need A Nap

Deven:really *nods* take me to him

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Jordan~*purses her lips*

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A finna

Seth: *grins* sure, Dessie. We can go now if you want

Sam: *struggles upright* Finn phased! Where is he? Is he ok?

Shaeli: *smiles and goes to shower and wash her hair*

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Kelsey: *rolls her eyes, smiles* Someone's a smartypants.

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Carly: *smiles holding his hand* Sounds good

Des: *grins jumping up* I hope you know I'm gonna wanna bring everything home

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*goes to the car* (I almost put cat. LOL)

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A finna

Dylan: Come on. *walks through the woods to the Uley's* (JoJo, we've kinda distorted New Moon so if you get confused just ask and we'll explain it)

Cecelia: I was thinking about getting Kit

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A finna

Seth: *laughs* yeah, but you're only getting one more from me *takes her hand as they walk to the pound*

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(I just posted and OC finno)

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Des: Aww come on what if it has a cute brother or something?

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Aunt Bran

Leah: Sam, he's fine. Don't you even think of getting out of this bed. Mom sent some soup over for Finn, and I'll warm some up for you. I'll send Finn in to keep you awake while I do that, okay?

Daniel: *Drives home to shower and change, picks up a pizza on the way back* *opens the door* It's just me, Shay, and I brought food! I'm starving!

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A finna

Cecelia: Which one is your favorite?

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We All Need A Nap

(im not sure wat distorted means but ok)

Deven:* looked at the house it wasnt that big but it wasnt horribly small either*

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M Jetisr

Jethro: *chuckles* Am I?

James: *smiles* Okay, let's go. *walks outside with her*

Jason: *opens her door for her*

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Carly: *grins walking with him and getting in*

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(Hi Jojo I didn't see you before lol(

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