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You guys are awsome!!! RP 18!
A finna

fix this later

3/31/2011 #1 Report
M Jetisr


3/31/2011 #2 Report

(Finally lol)

Tyler: What do you like to take pictures of?

Carly: What do you think of Graham

3/31/2011 #3 Report
Aunt Bran

Leah: I'll introduce you if I can get her attention. She's another one of...us.

3/31/2011 #4 Report
A finna

Shaeli: *laughs and then pretends to start choking* Help, Daniel, I've been poisioned!

3/31/2011 #5 Report
M Jetisr

(lol, yeah, finally.)

James: Mmm... *thinks quickly* I like it.

3/31/2011 #6 Report

Jenna: Oh. You guys seem cool.

Chloe: Um.... Mostly i'm working as a photographer for fashion shows and stuff. But I like to photograph nature too.

3/31/2011 #7 Report

Carly: *rubs her stomach* But thats only if it comes out blonde, but it should

3/31/2011 #8 Report
Aunt Bran

Daniel: *grins* I think this situation calls for mouth-to-mouth. A man's gotta do what he's gotta do. *kisses her*

3/31/2011 #9 Report
Aunt Bran

Leah: Oh, I guess we are, for the most part. I hope you'll be happy here, Jenna. If there's anything I can do, everyone knows where Sam and I live.

3/31/2011 #10 Report
M Jetisr

James: Mmm... it should? *raises an eyebrow*

3/31/2011 #11 Report

Tyler: *walks into the coffee shop with her* I have a friend who works for the newspaper and they said something about needing a photographer

3/31/2011 #12 Report
A finna

Shaeli: *grins and pulls him closer kissing him slowly*

3/31/2011 #13 Report

Carlly: Well I'm blonde, and... he was blonde. So it should be blonde

3/31/2011 #14 Report
Aunt Bran

Daniel: Ummm, I think you're gonna be okay now. *grins*

3/31/2011 #15 Report

Jenna: Thank you.

Chloe: Wow! That would be great. *gives him a dazzling smile"*

3/31/2011 #16 Report
A finna

Shaeli: *grins and takes his hand* Come on, lets see some more of the park

3/31/2011 #17 Report
Aunt Bran

Leah: No problem. Thanks again for the loan *indicates the clothes she's wearing* Guess I should be on my way. Nice meeting you!

(Gotta go for a while -- need to get dressed and pick up some medicine -- back later)

3/31/2011 #18 Report

Tyler: *smiles at her* Well if I could get your number I'll just pass it along

3/31/2011 #19 Report
M Jetisr

(Dang, bye Leah!)

James: *smiles* I see. So it should be blonde. Any other names?

3/31/2011 #20 Report

Chloe: Give me your cellphone.

3/31/2011 #21 Report
A finna

(bye, leah)

3/31/2011 #22 Report

Carly: Umm none that I can think of right now

3/31/2011 #23 Report
M Jetisr

James: *chuckles softly* Okay. *parks* Let's go.

3/31/2011 #24 Report

Tyler: *smiles reaching in his pocket and handing her his Iphone*

3/31/2011 #25 Report

Tyler: *smiels taking his hand as she walks inside signing in*

3/31/2011 #26 Report

Chloe: *puts her number in and handing him her Android incredible.* If you're gonna have my number I want yours.

3/31/2011 #27 Report
M Jetisr

James: *entwines their fingers, standing next to her*

3/31/2011 #28 Report

Tyler: *smirks* But I didn't want yours for personal reasons

Carly: *walks to sit in the waiting room looking at him* Do you think it'll be okay?

3/31/2011 #29 Report

Chloe; *scoffs* Thats not why I want it....

3/31/2011 #30 Report
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