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You guys are awsome!!! RP 18!
M Jetisr

(Hey Rebecca!!!)

Jethro: *laughs, patting her back* Don't be.

Jedidiah: *looks around*

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Lily: *cries* I want to go home!

Zayn: *growls at her, not thinking*

(Hey :))

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A finna

(you guys, look at this and DIE laughing...


Dylan: Well, uh... *shuffles slightly*

4/4/2011 #4,983 Report

Kelsey: *smiles and pulls away* So.. Where does this leave us? *bites her lip*

4/4/2011 #4,984 Report

Iz: Oh my God *She whispers and pulls him into her arms* I'm so sorry, sweetheart *She strokes his hair gently, her eyes frightened*

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A finna

Cecelia: Jedidiah are you ok? *hugs Lily* It's gonna be ok

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A finna

Will: *clings to her, his face burried in her shoulder*

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Natasha: *sighs walking on the beach*

Haven: *At a random store actually byeing something*

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We All Need A Nap

Deven:wats wrong

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M Jetisr


Jethro: I don't know. *smiles slightly*

Jedidiah: Wh... where are we?

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Ever; *takes a step back* Z-Zayn?

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(Hey Finna is Kristie with all the other kids yet?)

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(LOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Wow, Ed, put on a few pounds much?)

Izzie: *Closes her eyes tightly* It'll be all right, Will, she'll be all right. We'll find her. I promise. *Kisses his head, and keeps stroking hair*

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Lily: *hugs back* We're all gonna DIE!!


Kelsey: *bites her lip, nodding* *sighs* I should go now.. *takes a couple of steps away, waves*

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A finna

Dylan: Nothing's wrong *shrugs*

Cecelia: I don't know where we are. I haven't been able to figure that out

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M Jetisr

(finna, you need to make RP 19.)

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We All Need A Nap

Deven:*nods* so wat now

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M Jetisr

Jethro: You don't have to go.

Jedidiah: *stands up and looks around*

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A finna

(yeah, she's with the other kids now)(Lol, I don't even know how I found that, but I had to post it)

Will: *his tight tense with worry as he hugs her close*

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M Jetisr


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