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RP 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelsey: *runs a hand through his hair, kissing him, urgently*

4/17/2011 #4,981 Report

Victory: who said you wanted to, you'd be too annoying to go to heaven and god would just push you off a cloud and send you down into hell

4/17/2011 #4,982 Report
M Jetisr

Logan: *chuckles* So, you're stuck here.

Jethro: Who said God was that cruel?

4/17/2011 #4,983 Report

Keegan: *slides a hand up the front of her shirt and kisses her back with the same amount of passion.*

4/17/2011 #4,984 Report

Victory: who said good girls go to heaven?

4/17/2011 #4,985 Report

angela: how about this I want to walk to see my brother, on the way back I will ride in the wheel chair

4/17/2011 #4,986 Report

Kelsey: *moans quietly, smiling* *lifts his shirt up, slightly*

4/17/2011 #4,987 Report
Aunt Bran

Sue: *smiles at David* Well, you have a good attitude, David.

Daniel: Wow! I'll be having nightmares about that!

(Hey, Kayla)

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M Jetisr

Jethro: What's that supposed to mean? *raises an eyebrow*

Logan: *chuckles* You think you can manage it?

4/17/2011 #4,989 Report

Keegan: *sits up and quickly pulls off his shirt then goes back to kissing her.*

4/17/2011 #4,990 Report

angela: I want to walk to see my brother though

4/17/2011 #4,991 Report

Victory: What do you think its suppose to mean?

4/17/2011 #4,992 Report

(Sorry Kayla, Hey! :))

Kelsey: *runs a hand over his chest, kissing him*

4/17/2011 #4,993 Report
M Jetisr

David: *smiles* Thanks, but I don't think so.

Marcus: *laughs* I'm sure you will. Maybe I'll go back to school. It would be fun.

Logan: Do you really think you can do that?

Jethro: You're just mad because I stopped you from getting a deal.

4/17/2011 #4,994 Report

angela: yea what are you so worried about?

4/17/2011 #4,995 Report

Victory: actually no I'm not, I could have gotten that deal at any time i wanted

4/17/2011 #4,996 Report
M Jetisr

Logan: *chuckles* You could permanently harm yourself by doing that.

Jethro: Then try. Try to make a deal with me.

4/17/2011 #4,997 Report

Keegan: *groans, deepening the kiss further and grabs her hips with a tight grip.*

4/17/2011 #4,998 Report

angela: * chuckle* how I am not going to hurt myself

4/17/2011 #4,999 Report

(You know whatsawesome)

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