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RP 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wrath of Carcosa

(idk lol) Kyle: Hi (gtg :L)

4/21/2011 #4,981 Report

Barbie: *slaps him* :O

Victory: A very bad thing

4/21/2011 #4,982 Report

(Heyyy :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D)

4/21/2011 #4,983 Report

( hi)

4/21/2011 #4,984 Report
M Jetisr

(Hey, Rachel!)

David: *to Isaac* *frowns* Isaac, what are you doing?

*to Angela* Will you tell me?

Marcus: *walk over to him* (Awww, :( Dang, bye, Josh.)

Jonathan: *frowns* What was that for?

Jethro: *sighs* Well, what are you going to do about it?

4/21/2011 #4,985 Report

Angela: why?

Isaac: playing

4/21/2011 #4,986 Report

(Helloo :D What is Victory? o.O :D)

Katy: *has just broken her heel* *:O* *mourning*

4/21/2011 #4,987 Report
B. Romes

(sorry, my power shut off on me)

Summer: Never mind... again....

4/21/2011 #4,988 Report
M Jetisr

David: *to Angela* *sighs* Nevermind.

*to Isaac* Why were you laughing?

*to Summer* Er... okay.

(To tell you the truth, I have no idea, lol. She's the Queen of Hell, if that counts as a species.)

Logan: *sees Katy and raises an eyebrow* What's wrong?

4/21/2011 #4,989 Report
B. Romes

Summer: Should I shut up about the cheerleading?

4/21/2011 #4,990 Report

Barbie: for not knowing who kim possible is!

Victory: im not really sure, but I think i should stop spending so much time up here

4/21/2011 #4,991 Report

Angela: * sighs*

Isaac: I'm putting water on my sand castle like a river and attacting the towns people

4/21/2011 #4,992 Report

(o.O That's awesome!! :D :D )

(Ugh. Don't you just hate it when your friends boyfriend tells you he's gonna break up with her? :\ :( )

Katy: Look at my shoe!!! *groans*

4/21/2011 #4,993 Report

(Victory is the undead queen of hell...... her species is unknown because she died about 5000 years ago and her heart still beats. she doesnt know what she is..... and neither do i XD)

4/21/2011 #4,994 Report
M Jetisr

David: *to Summer* Your choice.

*to Isaac* Well, that's cool.

Jonathan: Er... who is she?

Logan: Is that bad? *raises an eyebrow*

4/21/2011 #4,995 Report
B. Romes

Summer: OK, I'll shut up about it

4/21/2011 #4,996 Report

Barbie: go google her

Victory: it shouldnt be...... but it is *puts her hands in her head*

4/21/2011 #4,997 Report

(That's awesome :D)

Katy: *nods, quickly* I spent 5,000 dollars on these! *shrugs* Oh well.

4/21/2011 #4,998 Report

(yeah.. i got bored and she became queen of hell :D)

4/21/2011 #4,999 Report


4/21/2011 #5,000 Report
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