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O.O RP 25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
M Jetisr

Whoo!!!! Keep it up guys, RP 25!!!

5/1/2011 . Edited 5/1/2011 #1 Report


Vivian: *growls quietly*

5/1/2011 #2 Report
M Jetisr

Richard: *sighs* Yeah... a few days ago.

5/1/2011 #3 Report

Vivian: *frowns* I f*cking hate poachers.

5/1/2011 #4 Report
M Jetisr

Richard: Me too, they kill millions of birds each year, and no one does anything to stop them.

5/1/2011 #5 Report

Vivian: *nods* I'm going to poach them. See how they like it.

5/1/2011 #6 Report
Aunt Bran

(Night, guys -- see ya tomorrow)

5/1/2011 #7 Report
M Jetisr

(Awwww :( Okay, night, Leah!)

Richard: That makes us no better than them. *frowns*

5/1/2011 #8 Report

Vivian: I know. But it makes me feel better.

5/1/2011 #9 Report
M Jetisr

Richard: *sighs* But it doesn't do anything about the problem.

5/1/2011 #10 Report

(Hellooo? Ish I a loner today?)

5/1/2011 #11 Report
M Jetisr

(Nope, lol. Hey, Simon!)

5/1/2011 #12 Report

(GIBBS! Yay!)

5/1/2011 #13 Report
M Jetisr

(:D I'm most probably going to be on for another 3 hours or so.)

5/1/2011 #14 Report

(That's fine.)

Iolanthe: *walking through the forest, lost*

5/1/2011 #15 Report
M Jetisr

(Just checking, has finna approved her?)

(And that's the second werewolf :D)

Marcus: *running patrol when he sees her, recognizing her scent* 'Oh, crap, another one.' *phases back behind a tree and pulls his clothes on, walking into her line of sight*

5/1/2011 #16 Report

(Yepperdoodles. She even helped with the werewolf stuff and awesome, now she wont be a loner.)

Iolanthe: *looks him over and raises her eyebrow at him.* "Shapeshifter?"

5/1/2011 #17 Report
M Jetisr

(Yep, lol, Cloey is the other werewolf. I'm thinking of creating a werewolf as well...)

Marcus: *nods* Werewolf?

5/1/2011 #18 Report

(Sweets and you should. They could have their own pack and called themselves Mutants...that's actually a stupid idea, don't listen to me.)

Iolanthe: *nods.* "Human for the time being. Are you from La Push?"

5/1/2011 #19 Report
M Jetisr

(Freaky... I had the exact same idea, lol.)

Marcus: *nods* Yeah, lived here all my life. Where are you from?

5/1/2011 #20 Report

(Nice...now I can't say it's stupid or I'll be offending you.)

Iolanthe: "Romanian. I thought you would have guessed that from my accent." *smiles.*

5/1/2011 #21 Report
M Jetisr

Marcus: *chuckles* I'm guessing that you're pretty old, and I've noticed that accents disappear for some people, or are replaced by new ones, so I wasn't certain.

5/1/2011 #22 Report

Iolanthe: "Never call a woman old." *laughs.*

5/1/2011 #23 Report
M Jetisr

Marcus: *laughs* You don't look old, so therefore, you aren't old, physically.

5/1/2011 #24 Report

Iolanthe: *smiles.* "Time to move on. I am Iolanthe, you are?"

5/1/2011 #25 Report
M Jetisr

Marcus: *chuckles softly* Marcus White. Nice to meet you, Iolanthe.

5/1/2011 #26 Report

Iolanthe: "I knew a Marcus once. He use to kidnap child who went into the forest at night."

5/1/2011 #27 Report

( Holy f*cking sh*t! I think we have a Carpenter Ant infestation in my house! I've seen 8 huge black ants in my room, in the past 20 minutes... O.o I'm afraid to sleep..)

5/1/2011 #28 Report
M Jetisr

(O.O Damn... that is bad, squish them!)

Marcus: *frowns* What? What is it with this name? *shakes his head in frustration*

5/1/2011 #29 Report

Iolanthe: "I take it you dislike your name."

5/1/2011 #30 Report
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