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The mods can yell at me for doing this later, but I made RP 26 because none of them are here.

(hi Josh)

(MY BROTHER JUST ATTACKED ME, SAYING HE WANTED TO EAT ME... O.o I had to stay still while he sniffed my face)

Victory: *softly stroking his cheek* you really are though

Barbie: *smiles and keeps kissing him*

5/17/2011 #4,981 Report

Louis: * nervous* LLLouis

5/17/2011 #4,982 Report

Kybecca: *silence*

Tiffany: *somewhere*

5/17/2011 #4,983 Report

Hazel: "Seventh of October." (I don't do the year.)

5/17/2011 #4,984 Report
Wrath of Carcosa


(Because he's suicidal...and a depressing character...and I've no idea what to do with him *shrugs* Nothing happens to him)

5/17/2011 #4,985 Report
A finna

Hannah: *shrugs* Your fur is the wrong color. It should be pink. Ooooh, i could dye it!

Dylan: *snorts* But what if I don't want to get you them?

5/17/2011 #4,986 Report
Wrath of Carcosa

Kyle: *also somewhere* (he should introduce her to Heinrich xD)

5/17/2011 #4,987 Report

(Aha, thats fine.... I can't remeber his... XD I'mma go check...)

Greg: June 21st 1994

5/17/2011 . Edited 5/17/2011 #4,988 Report

Eve: Hello Louis I'm Eve and this is Andrianna

Tad: well i could transfer 800 dollars into your account, dye your hair, fill your gas tank with sugar, slash your tired hot wire your car OR paint it a neon pink

5/17/2011 #4,989 Report
A finna

Emma; *turns visible* You're a mom!!!!!!!!!!!

(well, that's up to you, Josh)

5/17/2011 #4,990 Report

Audrianna: * smiles*

Louis: its.. nice to meet you

5/17/2011 #4,991 Report
M Jetisr

Jethro: I'm not, honestly. *blushing*

Jonathan: *smiles, still kissing her*

David: *jumps back in fright* PINK?!?!?

Heinrich: *sees Kyle and grins, running to him and hugging him tight* Kyle!

5/17/2011 #4,992 Report

Tiffany: *dresses more like a 20 year old then a 30 year old* (lolz he should tell her first about his relationship so she isn't too shockedXD)

5/17/2011 #4,993 Report

Toccara: *starts whistling*

Hazel: "So are the questions back and forwards, or do you ask twenty then I ask twenty?"

5/17/2011 #4,994 Report
Wrath of Carcosa

(-.- I never said I WANTED to kill him...o.O deja vu moment haven't I discussed Liam with someone else before?)

Veronica: o.O HOW DID YOU KNOW

Keith: *attacks Blaine*

Blaine: *girly scream* (LMFAO I just pictured a baby attacking his face)

5/17/2011 #4,995 Report
A finna

Dylan: On second thought, I'll get you your food *rolls his eyes as he stands up*

5/17/2011 #4,996 Report

Victory: *kisses him softly* you are (i feel like making her sing a song to him)

Barbie: *kissing him still* *moans softly* I love your lips

5/17/2011 #4,997 Report
Wrath of Carcosa

(lol but its more fun this way Qira xD)

Kyle: *hugs back* Heinrich! I missed you!

5/17/2011 #4,998 Report

Tad: yeah never mess with a prego chick with a craving

Eve: well do you live around here maybe i can take ya home

5/17/2011 #4,999 Report

Greg: Back and fourth, so your turn.

5/17/2011 #5,000 Report
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