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Is it just me or is this weird seeing the number stack up? RP 30!
A finna

I love you guys!

6/6/2011 #1 Report
Wrath of Carcosa


6/6/2011 #2 Report

( here)

6/6/2011 #3 Report
A finna

Gabe: Good point *pulls up at the airport* We're here. where's his cage?

Seth; *laughs a little* Why do I have the feeling you're gonna be eating most of it?

Will: *glances over at her* Yeah? *sees the body* Oh my god, not another one. *stops the car and jumps out*

6/6/2011 #4 Report
Aunt Bran

(Wow! That took me by surprise!)

Leah: *sighs* I'm sorry, Bailey. But there are good things about it. You can run like the wind, and you'll be very strong.

6/6/2011 #5 Report
Death Grips


6/6/2011 #6 Report

Bailey: * has tears drip down her face and acidently changes* great!

6/6/2011 #7 Report
A finna

(what, AJ?)

6/6/2011 #8 Report
Death Grips



"Probably cause i am man, come on! i'll drive!"

*Runs over to his truck*


*Starts sorting through his candy bars*

"I can't toss out the snickers, They're the best ones. AH! the baby Ruth's can go, ew."

6/6/2011 #9 Report

Izzie: Will?! *Jumps out of the car also*

6/6/2011 #10 Report
Death Grips

(I wanted to be first D:)

6/6/2011 #11 Report


Angel: its in the back

6/6/2011 #12 Report
A finna

Will: stay back, Izzie. there's been another killing. *his voice low as he looks down at the mangled body trying to to puke*

6/6/2011 #13 Report
Aunt Bran

Leah: Okay, honey, don't panic. But remember you just shredded your clothes. If you run home, you can phase back and get something to wear. Do you need me to go with you?

6/6/2011 #14 Report
Death Grips


*takes a bite of his snickers bar*

"Snickers... You my only friend."

*Takes another bite*

6/6/2011 #15 Report

Bailey: * still in wolf form* yes but what about your son? * forgets that she is a wolf and writes it on the sand so Leah can read it*

6/6/2011 #16 Report
A finna

(I'm sorry, AJ :(

Seth: *chuckles and gets in the car* I'll bet my truck could beat yours

Gabe: *pulls it out* Come on, Firefox, in you go

(Josh, you still here?)

6/6/2011 #17 Report

Izzie: *Stands frozen in the road, her face a chalky white* Will- *suddenly a black car comes speeding towards her, far over the limit, and rams into her, unable to stop so suddenly*

6/6/2011 #18 Report

FireFox: *hides in Angel's shirt, really close to her boobs*

Angel: come on FireFox, its just a cage *tries to get the pup out her shirt*

FireFox: *clinging to Angel's bra* (XD)

6/6/2011 #19 Report
Aunt Bran

Leah: It's okay, Bailey. If you need me to go with you, Finn can come out of the water till I get back. Okay?

6/6/2011 #20 Report
Wrath of Carcosa


6/6/2011 #21 Report
Death Grips


"Ooh! I doubt that. *Car stalls. Embry starts it up again* Don't let that discourage your fear for my truck, I am more then positive it could beat your truck... just not now..."


*Starts to clean his gun listening to his Ipod*

6/6/2011 #22 Report
A finna

Will: *his scream of warning comes a moment too late as he sprints over to her* Izzie??? Izzie!

6/6/2011 #23 Report

Bailey: * writes on the sand again* If your sure, I just can't remember how to phase back

6/6/2011 #24 Report
A finna

Gabe: O.O your dog is a perv *tries to pull him off*

Emma: *walking with Keith into Disneyland* (would you like me to get on fb?)

Seth: *chuckles* Wanna take my truck, since mine happens to be running?

6/6/2011 #25 Report

Izzie: * unconscious on the road, her arms, legs, and head bloody and scratched. A large gash cuts across her thigh*

6/6/2011 #26 Report

(brb dinner)

6/6/2011 #27 Report

Angel: your telling me...

FireFox: *buries his face in her boobs*

Angel: o.o *somehow gets FireFox off her *

6/6/2011 #28 Report
Death Grips


"No that's- *Stalls again* Sure, yeah. Let's take your truck *Laughs*"

6/6/2011 #29 Report
A finna

Will: *scoops her gently up in his arms* Izzie? Izzie, speak to me! (Is the car still there?)

6/6/2011 #30 Report
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