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RP 35 Epic

Wow it's been a long since i made oon of these... hi everyone have fun and such you kow what you should ad shouldn't be doing by now

Until further notice you guys, the RP is going to be on break because unfortunately it is just becoming too much to handle. I'm very sorry for the short notice but it was a decision i needed to make on my own. There is a possibility of it coming back but i need time. Thank you. -Anna

7/7/2011 . Edited by Jetisr, 7/23/2011 #1 Report


Jayden: *He snores loudly, unable to hear her.*

Lily: "Lily Connors. And yourself?"

7/9/2011 #2 Report
M Jetisr

Marcus: Whoa, hey, Con. *chuckles*

Ace: Why are you sleeping out here? o.O

Shaun: Hey, Val..

7/9/2011 #3 Report
M Jetisr

Leigh: Jayden! *whacks the side of his head*

7/9/2011 #4 Report

Jayden: *He wakes up slowly.*

"What? Huh?"

7/9/2011 #5 Report

Pheonix: Pheonix Umbra

Con: hi hot stuff *giggles*

Maila: i was.. hiding

Valerie: HI *smiles excited*

7/9/2011 #6 Report

(Get on your damn RP, Flounder. ;) Let's try and save it, before it D-I-E-S.)

Lily: *She nods.*

"Wow. That's a very unique name, Pheonix. Not something you hear everyday."

*She laughs.*

"Well, it's nice to meet you."

7/9/2011 . Edited 7/9/2011 #7 Report

Pheonix: you too flower child *smiles*

7/9/2011 #8 Report
M Jetisr

Leigh: Get off me!

Marcus: O.O Con!

Ace: From your ex?

Shaun: *grins* I was wondering if you.. er, wanted to go with me somewhere.. *blushes*

7/9/2011 #9 Report

Con: sorry i forget washingtonians arent as flirty as new yorkans

Maila: his sister

Valerie: sure *jumps up and down since he cant see*

7/9/2011 #10 Report

Lily: *She laughs.*

"Uhm .. Flower Child?"

Jayden: "Make me. You move, I'll pick my nose and touch you.."

"He slowly moves his finger to his nose, showing Leigh that he's not bluffing.*

7/9/2011 #11 Report

Pheonix: yup *nods*

7/9/2011 #12 Report

Lily: "What is that supposed to-"

*She stops, suddenly understanding. She blushes in embarassment.*

"Oh. Nevermind, sorry."

7/9/2011 #13 Report

Pheonix: *chuckles*

7/9/2011 #14 Report

Lily: *She rolls her eyes.*

7/9/2011 #15 Report

Pheonix: *smiles* my nickname makes no sense

7/9/2011 #16 Report

Lily: *She raises an eyebrow.*

"Well, what is it?"

7/9/2011 #17 Report

Pheonix: PhePhe *chuckles* my sister gave it to me

7/9/2011 #18 Report
M Jetisr

Marcus: Are you drunk?

Ace: Why? What's she doing?

Shaun: Great, um... tomorrow, 7?

Leigh: O.O Jayden!! That's gross!

7/9/2011 #19 Report

Con: um.. maybe

Maila: she was her talking about her babies and what not

Valere: yes yes sure

7/9/2011 #20 Report

Jayden: "It's getting closer..."

*He says slowly, as his finger approaches his nose.*

"Now, make me food, or I'll touch you with it."

*He grins at Leigh.*

Lily: *She laughs.*

"Wow, what a nice nickname.. Who's your sister? Would I know her?"

7/9/2011 #21 Report

Pheonix: not likely we just move her a couple weeks ago.. her names Emma but she goes by her middle name Constantize or Con for short

7/9/2011 #22 Report

Lily: "Oh. I used to date a guy named Eric Constanteniescu. Nobody liked saying his last name, though."

*She laughs.*

"So, are you liking Washington?"

7/9/2011 #23 Report

Pheonix: so far so good

7/9/2011 #24 Report
M Jetisr

Marcus: *smells the air* o.O You're not.

Ace: What's wrong with that..?

Shaun: Great! *grins* I'll see you then..

Leigh: I'll tell Dad!

7/9/2011 #25 Report

Lily: *She laughs and nods in understanding*

"That's good. Where did you an Emma move from? Did you live close?"

7/9/2011 #26 Report

Jayden: "He can't hear you .. Now, make me a sandwitch, woman."

*He gets up and takes her arm, dragging her into the kitchen.*

"You may start, Slave."

7/9/2011 #27 Report

Pheonix: nope New York

Con: nope *chuckles* ruin my fun

Maila: its just uncomfortable seeing her right now thats all

Valerie: OK *grins widely* bye Shaun

7/9/2011 #28 Report

Lily: *She gapes at him.*

"Awesome! So, you've seen the Empire State Building?"

7/9/2011 #29 Report

Pheonix: uh no not really

7/9/2011 #30 Report
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