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Help me please

Im looking for a story that was all human. Edward and Emmett live with Carlise and are cousins I think and they move to a new town Carlise meets Esme and they marry Alice is her daughter. In it James is also Edward and Emmetts cousin but he is like nuts Edward tells Bella a story how he tortured a cat once. I remember Victoria being a part of it. James ends up somehow beating jacob to a pulp.In the end the whole gang moves to new york i think bella wasn't allowed to go at first but Charlie and Renee lets her go in the end. There was a sequel too. I remember in the sequel they still lived in new york emmett owns a restaurant and there is a hurricane were they all stay in the restaurant. Edward and Bella have twins so do Esme and Carlise. During the hurricane Victorias son is with them who ends up being James's son also and everyone is worried because of the trouble they had during the first story the end up adopting him because Victoria ends up dead. Please help sorry my description isn't the best

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