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I would like some help finding this story - thanks


I hope you can help me finding this story allthough I don't have that many details to go on. It's a Edward/Bella all human story.

The only thing I remember is from the last chapter/epilogue. Edward comes home and Bella is on the couch – either sitting with her arms around the knees or lying in a fetal position. Her body language shows her anxiety. Edward goes to her and asks her what's wrong. She tells him she's pregnant. Edward is a bit scared but happy about the news, but can see Bella isn't; therefore he hides his feelings and tries to be neutral instead. From here on I cannot remember any more details but it ends with Bella and Edward talking and they are both happy and scared about having a baby and decides to keep it. HEA.

I think both Edward and Bella have had a troubled past which is why they have doubts about raising a child.

I really hope someone can help me find this story – if not thanks for reading this post.


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