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Looking for a story

Hello! I'm looking for any and all stories about the Cullens becoming human again. One specifically were all the Cullens are human except Edward and Alice. I want to say the were "killed" by the Volturi but come to find out they weren't. I think it was a J/B. Thanks

8/12/2014 #1 Report
Princess lost within darkness

i'm look for something like that bella finds a human rose and emmett with a baby and bella falls for a human jasper because aro has special powers to punish vampires for doing wrong

8/12/2014 #2 Report

Yes that' sounds like it!! Hopefully we can find out a title!

8/12/2014 #3 Report
Princess lost within darkness

i have asked for it on facebook fanfic hunters pack so maybe someone will know it there

8/12/2014 #4 Report

Awesome thanks!

8/12/2014 #5 Report
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