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Bella and Wolves (Twilight)

Hi! Please help me find these fantastic stories:

Bella/Sam -- Sam imprints on Bella and they fall in love. Sam is insecure in their relationship so when Edward returns, and he misinterprets a kiss and takes off. The imprint is destroying them both to be apart, and Bella is revealed to be pregnant.

Bella/Jacob -- Jacob is the alpha of the pack, and Bella is older. Bella does not meet the Cullens, just Jacob and he imprints on her. They have a fantastic relationship, but when Edward comes along he forms a strange connection with Bella, so that when Jacob attacks Edward - it hurts Bella. Bella and Jacob try to break the bond, and it somehow involves spirit walking. I can't really remember plot specifics but I know that Jacob has a favorite spot on the mountain that reminds him of his mother.


Bella/Sam/Jacob Triad

Sam sees Bella first, and is the first to imprint on her, and Jacob soon follows. The three engage in a romantic relationship but their is a big backlash within the tribe.

Thanks so much!!

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