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1) It starts many years after Edward left Bella. Bella is a vampire and living with a guy. Cullens and Bella meet again in high school or college. Rose and Alice see bite marks on Bella body but Bella uses her power and hides them. Bella and Edward get invited to a party and Edward asks Bella not to go. Bella says that if he is afraid that she will hurt to see him with his distraction he doesn't need to worry. Edward says that he is trying to save her virtue. Bella saw it too late to it. Alice meet Bella next and ask about her life. Alice sees a vision of Bella coming to party with some other guy and Edward coming with someone else. When Alice comforts, Bella tells her that she had moved on and so should Edward. In the party, Bella comes with a guy and flirting with him. Edward leaves and Bella change her appearance. They talked and Edward kisses her & tells her that Bella forgot to charge her scent. Bella comes to Cullens house and tells them about her power. Cullens realize the bite marks were real and ask her what happened. Bella tells them she did it to herself.

2) It is twilight/pretty little liars. While Cullens went hunting Alice decide to stay babysit, Bella. Alice finds Bella's pics with some girls and asks her about. During this time, Cullens come back and Bella tells them about her life in rosewood - How horrible people were there. Her parents wanted her and her sister to be perfect. Bella was kissed by two her sisters boyfriend. She was even raped. When Bella finds he is pregnant she runs away to Paris. She gives birth to a dead baby. After a while Bella comes back to rosewood, only to find her family gone. I think it was called my ugly little secret but I'm not sure.

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