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witch is better?

I think this froum needs to start some were so why not witch school is better thing. Ok?

Mine 2 personly favs are life and Myth. But I like death a lot to because that type os student seem stronger some how.

what do you think?

3/12/2012 #1 Report
Naomi Hansen

It's a cross between Ice and Death for me. Ice has some of the best health and resistance to all spells, not to mention that they have the only non-absorb shield that protects against Balance (which is a wonderful plus in PvP matches), while Death has really awesome attack spells, some of which have the added bonus of replenishing your health at the same time, and they have Feint and the coolest color schemes out of all of the schools.

6/10/2012 #2 Report
Firestorm Nauralagos

@NaomiScarlet: *High fives* Death is awesome!! XD

6/24/2012 #3 Report
Naomi Hansen

…So I'm Naomi Scarlet now? :3

6/24/2012 #4 Report
Firestorm Nauralagos

@Naomi: .... Oops. I could have sworn there was a plus sign there... Sorry! I meant "Naomi and Scarlet"

6/24/2012 #5 Report

Life and fire.That all i have to say.

7/20/2012 #6 Report
A scarletfireblaze

I really love fire and balance (my primary and secondary schools) but death is really cool an dhas nice spells. I think fire has the best spells, but of course I'm biased. balance has some awesome spells too. I think if I ever get to the point where I have become level 60 without a membership (that really could take a while) I might have death as my third school. Very doubtful though.

7/21/2012 #7 Report
Firestorm Nauralagos

@Scarlet: You don't actually have to be level 60 to have a third school. I've already almost finished my third school (storm) and I'm only level 51.

7/22/2012 #8 Report
A scarletfireblaze

Yeah I know. I just want to get to at least level 30 before I start to think about it...I'm level 18. I know all you guys are like WAY higher leveled than me, but I don't have a membership, and it is so hard to level up when you run out of quests that you can do. I level up completely on battles, so it's really boring. I'm playing this game without spending any $$$$, so...


7/24/2012 #9 Report
Firestorm Nauralagos

@Scarlet: Wow! You've gotten to level 18 without a membership??? That takes dedication!!! I got to level 12 before giving up! XD

7/24/2012 #10 Report
A scarletfireblaze

Thnx. I already spent $34.99 on a lifetime membership for another game (I think it costs more to have a yearly membership for W101!), so I'm spending anymore $$$$ for a little while.

7/25/2012 #11 Report
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