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Favorite spells?
A scarletfireblaze

Yes, this forum is Wizard101 best school forum, so I'm sticking to the topic, which I wish I had made broader. Anyhow, what is your favorite spell? I'm going to put a bunch spells I like:

Fire: Fire Dragon (Phoenix and Meteor Strike are also pretty cool)

Balance: Ra (Have you guys seen that thing? Wow! So mad I can't unlock that spell with training points!)

Myth: Medusa (Some kid used it on me...geez...)

Death: Skeletal Dragon DEFINETELY. (That spell rox, even though it knocked me out. That was embarrassing.)

Life: Gnomes! (That spell does so much damage and is so cool, yet makes me laugh more some unexplainable reason. Also knocked me out...this time my cousin did it to me, which is WAY more embarrasing, since I know her. But she's a level 68 people! And what am I? Level 18! Couldn't she at least go easy on me? *pouts*)

Ice: Woolly mammoth (I like it 'cause...it's cool and the evil snowman spell irritates me...the mammoths crush it! :D)

Storm: Sirens (really cool...from Zafaria right? I think so...does anyone know the answer to that?)

Okay, I said my opinions, but it's only me! What about you guys? I really hope to get some good answers here!


7/24/2012 #1 Report
Sir Viper II

Fire: Fire Dragon

Balance: Chimera and Hydra

Myth: Ortherus

Death: Scarecrow

Life: Gnomes

Ice: Woolly Mammoth

Storm: Triton

9/30/2012 #2 Report
Dovahkiin the Imperial

Mines are:

Balance: Judgement, Ra, Hydra, Chimera, Spectral Blast

Fire: Fire Dragon, Fire Bird

Ice: Snowman, Ice Colossus

Myth: Warhorn

Life: Natures Wrath, Centaur

Death: Scarecrow

Storm: Triton, Lightning Bats, Storm Shark

3/15/2013 #3 Report
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