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Favorite boss?
A scarletfireblaze

I know this may not belong in favorite school category to some people, but to me it does. What's your favorite boss? Since I'm only level 18 and haven't experience that many, but I, for some reason unbeknownest to mankind, favor Lord Nightshade, though Lady Blackhope is a close second.

8/9/2012 #1 Report
A scarletfireblaze

Does anyone here even LIKE Krokopatra? For some reason she irritated me...a LOT!

8/9/2012 #2 Report
Sir Viper II

Young Morganthe... and her Wolly Mammoth... *shivers*

9/25/2012 #3 Report
Sam Francisco

Nightshade was my favorite

12/12/2012 #4 Report
Dovahkiin the Imperial

Nightshade is definitely cool in my opinion. I did find Krokopatra annoying, that B***. She made us go all the way to Marleybone and go on a goose chase.

I also like the Harvest Lord and Krokohotep. I also liked fighting the Four Ravens of the Coven in Grizzleheim, only all together, they were annoying separate.

Besides Krokopatra, the Grendels or just Jotun in the place under Northguard in Grizzleheim were so freakin hard, over 8000 health points. I needed to buy three level 80 minions to fight them.

3/15/2013 #5 Report
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