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End of Summer Fair

Aeryn*caresses his face still on the phone*

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Deleted accountlosiento

Faylinn: *Squeals and smiles.* Sounds fun lets go! I...ummm...my dad minda ran me here. *A blush appears on her face.*

Alice : see you when you get here.* she hangs up and kisses Costellos head. She Puts Costello to bed and bites her lip. The vision stabbing at her heart.*

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Aeryn:ill be home soon alice*hangs up*

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Bleed with you

Embry: I've got my bike *jestures to the bike sitting in the parking lot that's slightly beat up but clean and workable*

Wolf: *Watches the girl between the collar of his jacket and the brim of his hat as he'd walk past the vehicle*

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Aeryn*grabs aidan's hand*come on*starts towards the Cullen house*

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Deleted accountlosiento

Camerlia: *Sniffles and takes a shakey breathe she doesnt need. She lefts her head and her eyes are are glowing a dark red. She quickly pulls out of the parking lot and speeds off not caring about who are whats I her way. She nust waits to escape the pain. *

Faylinn: *Smiles.* Ok lets go! *She says and skips off to his bik. She smiles at him.*

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Bleed with you

Aidan: *Follows Aeryn*

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Aeryn*walks into the house pulling Aidan with her*Have a sit babe.*points to the couch*Alice?

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Bleed with you

Embry: *Smirks and places the helmet on her head before kickstarting the bike*

Wolf: *side steps the car as it blows past him but runs down an alley before scaling a building and running along the roof tops to follow her vehicle*

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Bleed with you

Aidan: I'll stand for now

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Aeryn*nods at him*Alice I'm home!

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Deleted accountlosiento

Alice: *Throws a vase past Aeryns head.* FUCKING WOLVES!

Carmelia: *Speds off and smashes her car into a tree.* Son of a bitch.*She hisses out as she kicks the door open. She gets out and sees a little girl come running over. She doesnt breath so the blood wont get to her.*

Little kid: Miss are you ok?

Carmelia: *Smiles and bends down she pats the mid on the head.* I am fine now go head and go home there are scary things out her at night. *She smiles and watches the little girl. She follows her to make sre she gets home safely.*

Faylinn: *Gets on behind Embry and wraps her arm around Embry. She has a huge blush on her face at the moment.*

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Aeryn:Alice what's wrong?

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Bleed with you

Aidan: *watches the vase fly past him then turns to the one who threw it*

Wolf: *drops to ground level as he follows her*

Embry: *smiles then rides off* Your house first or straight there?

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Deleted accountlosiento

Carmelia: *Glares as she sees a guy hit the little girl and the little pased out. She runs at him and pinns him against the wall.* YOU SICK BASTARD I WON'T KILL CHILD BUT YOU I WILL KILL HAPPILY. *She hisses out angerly and slams her fangs into his neck using her hand to cover his mouth so he can't scream. She finishes and discards the body like its trash making it look like a mugging gone wrong. She picks up the child and kisses her forehead.* Lets get you to a doctor.* She says as she walks off towards a ER.*

Faylinn: Go straight there I dont wanna go home. *She tightens her hold on him and lays her head on his back.*

Alice: I was having a vision of Faylinn and Anabel then it went blank. I think she went to La Push again those fucking wolves are trying to steal my baby.

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Aeryn*leans back against Aidan*Alice they aren't trying to steal her,she's probably with Embry and you know he's not gonna try anything and if he does something of his might burn

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Bleed with you

Aidan: Hate to correct you, but those wolves are shape shifters, there's a huge difference between us and them

Wolf: *checks the man's pulse being sure he was gone before following the vampire again*

Embry: *Nods and rides to the beach*

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Deleted accountlosiento

Carmelia: *Rings the botton for the ambulance service entrance and places the girl. Pulls paper and pen from here purse and scribbles a quick note about finding her a good home. She outs 3k in the girls pocket and lays the note on her as she disappears in the shadows. She slumps down the wall and looks at the stars.* Its been year Paul did your find your imprint? I wish I could talk to you but I am the monster you hate and hunt down. *She laughs bitterly.* I wish I never came here you warned me. What happens I come and get stalked by a vampire who kills my friends then tortures me mental before he changes. I hate that your right. *She sighs.*

Faylinn: *Smiles and realizes her is extremely warm. She shrugs it off and enjoys the ride.*

Alice: ugh same thing there mutt. I know I am scared shes my angel and I don't want her to grow up. I am not ready.

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Aeryn*reaches up behind her and puts her hand on Aidan's cheek*

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Aeryn:Alice please be nice. You know she's going to grow up and you and I both know she's safe. I know your not ready but it will happen.

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Bleed with you

Wolf: *continues to follow the woman then stops, and leans against a tree some yards away*

Embry: *Parks the bike in a parking lot beside the beach*

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Bleed with you

Aidan: *stands still*

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Deleted accountlosiento

Carmelia: *Stands and looks around.* look I can smell you please just leave me alone I am in no mood to deal with werewolves or vampires. *She begins to run off as fast as she could.*

Faylinn: Oh we are here yay tim to swim .*Takes off the helmet and pouts knowing her hair is messed.*

Alice: I know ok she I basically only 4 how...ugh its hard Aeryn and Costello he misses her what do I do?

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Aeryn:yes but she looks older She could remember or you can ask her to babysit costello maybe shed at least remember him*shrugs*Alice this is Aidan,Aidan this.is Alice

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Deleted accountlosiento

Alice: mayb...oh hi aiden.

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Deleted accountlosiento

(Its late ya'll and I am heading to bed night.)

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Night loves)

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Anyone still here?)

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Deleted accountlosiento

(Hey anyone up?)

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