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Julliette Rose

Julliette Rose is PRESENT!

6/16/2015 #1,051 Report
A Lily Rose Marie

Here for the day!!

6/16/2015 #1,052 Report
Deleted accountlosiento

Here will be all well erm when I am not working lol

6/17/2015 #1,053 Report
Julliette Rose

Present and accounted for!

6/17/2015 #1,054 Report
Deleted accountlosiento


6/18/2015 #1,055 Report
Julliette Rose

checking in for the day. unfortunately, I'm grounded. So please don't kick me out f I don't get on every day.

6/19/2015 #1,056 Report
Deleted accountlosiento


6/19/2015 #1,057 Report
Julliette Rose

I'm here. But I'm working tonight.

6/20/2015 #1,058 Report
Julliette Rose

Warning, I will be gone this weekend, just thought I'd tell you in advance. Have a great day!

6/20/2015 #1,059 Report
A Lily Rose Marie

Here all day i think

6/21/2015 #1,060 Report
Julliette Rose


6/22/2015 #1,061 Report
Julliette Rose


6/23/2015 #1,062 Report
Julliette Rose

Here, but going to work at ten o'clock eastern time.

6/25/2015 #1,063 Report
Julliette Rose

Here. But replies will be slow. I'm at work.

6/26/2015 #1,064 Report
A Lily Rose Marie

Here all day

6/26/2015 #1,065 Report
Julliette Rose


6/27/2015 #1,066 Report
A Lily Rose Marie


6/27/2015 #1,067 Report
Julliette Rose


6/28/2015 #1,068 Report
Julliette Rose


6/29/2015 #1,069 Report
Julliette Rose


6/30/2015 #1,070 Report
Julliette Rose


7/2/2015 #1,071 Report
c h r o n o r o m a n t i c

I'm here? haha

11/8/2016 #1,072 Report

There is a forum. Originality thrives here, for in our Twilight universe, Bella Swan does not exist. Our roleplay, of which you can participate in as a canon character or an OC, takes place during New Moon.

Our forum is small and young. The vast majority of canon characters have yet to be claimed, so if you're interested, get here fast and grab who you want!

We offer many characters, from the Uley and Black pack, Volturi, Guard, and other vampire covens, werewolves, you can even make your own hybrid OC!

Come and see us!


Fondly, Frei

Click here!

11/22/2016 #1,073 Report

hi I'm here

1/28/2017 #1,074 Report

if your a vampire than im a ware wolf

1/19/2018 #1,075 Report

Hey! Ive never role played before so... Yea if you guys wanna help me that would be great so anywho .. I will be role playing as Bella (ik everyone role plays as her but hey, i like her) soooo HELLO .

3/11/2018 #1,076 Report


10/3/2018 #1,077 Report
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