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Rules, Consequences, Things You Must Do Before RPing, and, How To RP. MUST READ!!!
A Lily Rose Marie

Twilight Mania Roleplay Rules( I hate rules so if I'm actually making it a rule. I want it followed)

1) You can curse.

2) Do not ignore people.

3) Fanfiction Rules state Forums have to be T Rated, so keep everything T Rated.( except if you on M Rated topic.

4) Violence is okay but no killing and no gruesome violence.

5) Follow guidlines in the Twilight Saga Book. Things mean things that don't happen in the book don't happen here unless approved.

6) ALL couples need to be approved by me. Flirting is okay, but no couples interaction until I approve.

7) Don't have real- life drama. If there is a problem PM me.

8) Don't post in the forum if I have not approved you unless, It under Character List telling me you want a character. All roleplayers have to be Approved by Emmett's Chica

9) Don't change Pen Name to much, It cause problem to change your name under Character List so much.

10) Message me or moderators before you change something or bring something new into the forum.

11) All members MUST fill out a Introduce Yourself before you start Roleplaying.

12) No stealing our roleplayers

13) No complete ramdomness unless it goes with story line

14) Stay in character

15) Listen to what our mods tell you.

16) Don't making people uncomfortable

17) You are allowed 6 characters.

- 4 canon

- 2 OCs ( All OCs must be approved by a Moderator)

- If you fail to meet character requirement I will not notify you wheN I remove you of the Character List.

18) ALWAYS Check In!

Rule-Breaking Consequences

We don't like rule breaks and there are not that many rules and they are not hard to understand, and we have consequences . Your offenses add up, after a week all offenses are erased and you have a clean slate.

Offense 1: A notification from a moderator.

Offense 2: Another notification from a moderator, possible temporarily Roleplay suspension. (Depending on severity)

Offense 3: Ask to stop one more time, and if the person refuses to listen then ask them to leave.


Is something that I hope I don't have to do. If someone is rude to all members of the forum/causing trouble and continuously breaks rules. To ban someone we look at everything you have done

Thank you(:

To show me you have read this post "I Agree" in this topic.

These are things that you MUST do before you start RPing.

1. Check the Character List and make sure your name is listed beside the character you requested.

2. READ THE RULES!!!!!!!!

3. INTRODUCE YOURSELF!!!!!!!! That is under the Indroduce Yourself topic.

And that's all!!!!!! Don't forget to read ALL the rules. They are important.

How To Roleplay

Go to the last page of the the roleplay and click reply in bottom right corner

So, use this format when you type. It's just neater that way and people can understand it:

Character Name - *actions* What your character says.


Paul - *smirking and walking slyly towards Jacob* You're not the Alpha here, pup.

Next post reply. Then refresh your page every minute or so to see what others have said.

Does that make sense? I hope it does. :) PM Emmett's ChicAwith questions.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxoPeople in Chargexoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxox ooxxoxoxox

President: Emmett's Chica aka Chala ( In Charge! Come to me about approving things and people, joining, and when you have problems with other people)

Vice President: Lexi-Volturi aka Lexi ( Second in Command. Go to her to for same reasons) WARNING: dont make her mad. :))))


TMP( Twilight Mania Police:)

Check-In Police:

If you read to this point add the following code to your " I Agree" post.

This code will change . Edward Sparkles

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Sparkling Amethyst

And trust me, people, I am very good at catching people that aren't following the rules. And I will contact you if you do. :)

10/17/2011 #2 Report
Bloody Valentine334

cool shit lol im a good rule follower

10/17/2011 #3 Report

I agree(:

12/11/2011 #4 Report

lol! i just read this for the first time since i've been here! we do this stuff all the time xDD

12/28/2011 #5 Report

lol @ dee !!

and i hope everyone does decide to follow these rules :)

1/15/2012 #6 Report

Sure... that's okay with me!!!

4/3/2012 #7 Report

Yes ma'am ;)

4/7/2012 #8 Report
Lia Lights

Cadet Airman Basic Oziys understands the rules.

4/21/2012 #9 Report

Agree to the terms

7/9/2012 #10 Report

I agree. Emperor have mercy on my soul.

7/15/2012 #11 Report

Hmm.. Never agreed to this. Oops. Now I do :)

7/23/2012 #12 Report

agree Vegas slots

7/28/2012 #13 Report

I agree~

7/28/2012 #14 Report
Maeve Donovan

I agree

7/31/2012 #15 Report
Scomiche Is Endgame


8/2/2012 #16 Report


8/6/2012 #17 Report

I agree!!*

8/9/2012 #18 Report

simple enought

8/20/2012 #19 Report
Sammi Writes

I agree

10/20/2012 #20 Report

I agree! :)

10/20/2012 #21 Report
Werewolf gurl97

I agree

10/29/2012 #22 Report
Deletet Account

I agree

1/5/2013 #23 Report

I agree Edward Sparkles!


1/15/2013 #24 Report

I agree!

If you read to this point add the following code to your " I Agree" post.

This code will change . Edward Sparkles

1/21/2013 #25 Report
Elsa the SnowQueen19

I agree!

1/22/2013 #26 Report

I agree.

1/25/2013 #27 Report

i agree

1/25/2013 #28 Report

I agree :)

1/27/2013 #29 Report

I Agree

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