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8/7/2011 . Edited 8/7/2011 #1 Report
A Lily Rose Marie

First Name: Chala

Middle Name: Knechele

Last Name: Volturi/ Cullen

Place of Birth: Volterra

Age: 16

Date of Birth: March 4, 1995


Eyes: Golden Brown/ Hazel

Hair: Brown with streaks

Personality: Loud, Crazy and Full of spunk. Can be a bitch. Super Flirty. Very Fun to be around

Likes: Music, Parties, Dancing, Reading, Sports, picking on older brothers, Winning

Dislikes: Being alone, being single, being lectured, Lossing

Strength: Arguing, talking her way out of things

Weaknesses: being quiet.

History: Cauis Volturi cheated on his wife with a hispanic/black human, and she had Chala, until the Volturi learn to eat only animals they sent Chala to Forks, and she loved it so much she came back every summer, no she has moved to Forks and adopted by Carilse. Her ex is Alec Volturi.

Species: Vampire

Boyfriend: Single

Power: A sponge can copy any power she comes in contact with. Doesn;t take it but copy.

Coven:Volturi and Cullen

8/7/2011 . Edited 10/3/2011 #2 Report

First Name: Lucas

Middle Name: Unknown

Last Name: von Hellen/Cullen

Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Age: 21

Date of Birth: 10 June 1990

Appearance (links accepted too): 6'6, Athletic Muscular Build

Eyes: Gold

Hair: Black Mid-Long Straight Hair

Personality: Quiet, a bit of hot-headed, fun loving, somekind of a fatalist

Likes: Training, Movies, Video games, Fighting, Parties, Being cool

Dislikes: Brash and cocky people, not being able to eat human food, the Volturi

Strengths: Loyal, Physical Power, Confident

Weaknesses: Short fused, and his past

History: Lucas was the son of John and Maria von Hellen the son of a well-known businessman and a lawyer he had many privileges as a child. He lost both of his parents in a massive house fire. He himself escaped and survived but always blamed himself that he couldn't save them. He had severe wounds so he was taken to hospital. The doctor that was treating him was a vampire (no not Carlisle). His wounds only got infected and he was about to die. The doctor offered to save his life by turning him into a vampire. Not wanting to die Lucas accepted. He thanked the doctor for saving him but blamed himself for being a coward and not accepting his fate. He ran off but he didn't feed on humans since he didn't want to hurt them. He passed out and woke up to Volturi guards who took him to Italy. There Aro said that he would be useful to him but he did not need him right now. From this moment Lucas hated the Volturi too who saw others only as tools nothing else. He heard about Carlisle Cullen and his family who were feeding on animal blood and wanted to join them.

Species: Vampire

Mate/Imprint: Heidi

Power/Color: Fireproof, Pyromaniac and Arsonist

Pack Status/Coven Status: Cullen

Lucas von Hellen has been approved

-Emmett's Chica

9/29/2011 . Edited 11/1/2011 #3 Report

Twin 1: Gabrielle Bonnie

Twin 2: Annabelle Fleur

Last Name: Delis Delacour

Place of Birth: Paris, France

Age: they're 11 but look 16

Date of Birth: February, 29, 2000

Appearance (links accepted too): www.tattoodonkey.com/poizen-industries-moto-dresas-scene-girls-dresses-herecomesthegirls/herecomesthegirls.co.uk*attitudeclothing*Pink_Scene_Girls.jpg/ (Bonnie is the bottom one and Annabelle is the top one.)

Eyes: electric blue (i love this eye!)

Hair: changes because its often dyed but is currently hot pink

Personality: They're super hyper & happy. Very emotional and have an easily triggered depression. Hates feeling negative feelings. All the energy and happiness has a downside. They have this thing where once a month they stay locked in their rooms crying and screaming all day. When they comes out their a bright happy person again. (idk what its called but its real and it happens to me...) They're also very optimistic.

Likes: Nature,bright colors, adventure, mischief, parties, weed and happiness.

Dislikes: Negativeness

Strengths: Can cheer anyone up. They love nature so much they can communicate with animals.

Weaknesses: Can be a bit insecure.

History: They were born in Paris. Their mother was a thrill-seeking human and their father was a mad scientist vampire. He often experimented on them to try and give them powers. Their mother was killed after she got into some trouble with the Volturi after being reckless. Their father provoked the Volturi so they would kill him too. They were 4 years old when this happened and they didn't remember anything. They traveled as nomads for a while before learning that they had a long lost cousin, Heidi. They went to Volterra, seeking their only family. Aro wanted their powers and invited them to join. They were about to when they found out that Heidi had moved to Forks. They ran away to find their cousin and answers to their past since Aro refused to tell them if they did not join.

Species: Vampire Hybrid

Mate/Imprint: None yet

Power/Color: They have a twin mind communication thing that allows them to talk to each other through their minds. They were born with this power. As a result of her father's experiments, Bonnie can turn invisible and Annabelle can fly. Since they are very optimistic, they reflect all negative powers like Jane's pain illusion and Chelsea's family untier thing.

Pack Status/Coven Status: None yet

Approved by Emmett's Chica

10/18/2011 . Edited by Lily Rose Marie, 11/6/2011 #4 Report

First Name: Aaron

Middle Name: Francis

Last Name: Evans

Place of Birth: New York

Age: 17

Date of Birth: 1870

Appearance (links accepted too): 6 ft 2, Muscular build

Eyes: Green

Hair: Spiky Brown Hair

Personality: Fun-loving, Polite, Gentleman, Quiet

Likes: Good people, nature, exploration

Dislikes: Being lied to

Strengths: Extremely experienced in vampire fighting

Weaknesses: Physical power

History: He was born in NY to a poor family. His father died in a tragic accident and he grew up with his mother. His mother was murdered when he was 7, and he grew up alone. He was changed by an unknown vampire when he was 17 and spent his entire life as a nomad.

Species: Vampire

Mate/Imprint: None yet.

Power/Color: Psychokinesis

Pack Status/Coven Status: For now, he's a nomad.

Approved by Emmett's Chica

10/23/2011 . Edited by Lily Rose Marie, 11/6/2011 #5 Report

First Name:Natasha

Middle Name: Unknown

Last Name:Joyner

Place of Birth:New Hampshire


Date of Birth: 8/11 year unknown ( but she is very very very old and powerful)

Appearance (links accepted too): a little tallker then nessie body that can stop traffic blond hair color changing eyes

Eyes: blue/gry/green gold

Hair: blond

Personality:care free, fun, funny, an amazing persone, cares about others, kind, HYPER, ect

Likes:harry potter, rain, the outdoors,


Strengths: can see the future bbut its not limated and forms bonds with people and can see everything about them

Weaknesses:how much she cares for others

History:her mother passed when she was born and she was left to her vampire father Aro

Species:hafling like nessie and chala

Mate/Imprint: swiches

Power/Color:future bbut its not limated and forms bonds with people and can see everything about them

Pack Status/Coven Status: just her and sam sometimes nessie

Approved by Emmett's Chica

10/27/2011 . Edited 3/9/2012 #6 Report

First Name: Hannah

Middle Name: Amelia

Last Name: Clearwater

Place of Birth: La Push

Age: 21

Date of Birth: 21/7/90

Appearance: Pale yet slightly tan skin, tall, skinny, very small muscles, considered hot and looks 17.

Eyes: Dark brown with specks of gold

Hair: Black

Personality: Sarcastic, loyal, funny, not easily angered yet when angry - blows up, doesnt cry.

Likes: Food, family, pranks, sports, reading.

Dislikes: sappy things, people who mess with her family or friends, boring work.

Strengths: Can think of witty comebacks and doesnt get irratated by a lot.

Weaknesses: Gets mad if someone insults friends or family.

History: Was born to Harry and Sue Clearwater and is Leahs younger twin taken when she was 3 by a vampire who'd heard of her power. Lived in bad conditions with bad vampires for 10 years before she finally escaped and met a nice vegetarian couple. Lived with them for a while before they were killed by newborns and she searched up her family and decided to head to La Push.

Species: Wolf

Mate/Imprint: none yet

Power/Color: Pure white fur and stronger than average wolf, has vague idea of whos a good or bad person and has power of telekineses that comes to every 10th wolf from something that happened to the first 10th wolf while fighting a Cold one.

Pack Status/Coven Status: New to Jakes pack.

Approved by Emmett's Chica

10/28/2011 . Edited by Lily Rose Marie, 11/6/2011 #7 Report

First Name: Blaire

Middle Name:Chrissie

Last Name: Styons

Place of Birth: Age: 17

Date of Birth: June 16

Appearance (links accepted too):

Eyes: Blue/Black/Silver

Hair: Deep red/purple

Personality:Sarcastic, Happy, Random, Outrageous

Likes: Reading, Laughing, Celery with peanut butter (when she was human)

Dislikes: being wrong, serious people, the smell of fish

Strengths: Speaks Italian and Russian.

Weaknesses: Is vulnerable after using her power.

History: Blaire was born in San Francisco in 1972. She had a little sister called chloe who is 15 and an older brother who died when he was 14. She was an orphan. On December 24th, 1984 Blaire was walking past an alley when she was dragged in and sexually assualted then stabbed 5 times. She was then found by a vampire named Christian Pafal. He changed her because he loved her at first sight. When she didn't love him back, he let her go. The first few years she stayed away from human contact but eventually she came back to kill the men who assualted her and find her sister. Her sister was put into the system and adopted to a good family. She roamed america until she decided to sttle down in Port Angeles. She is vegetarian.

Species: Vampire


Power/Color: can change her appearances at will can even turn human( her eyes turn silver at first). Telekinesis.

Pack Status/Coven Status: Nomad

Approved by Emmett's Chica

11/5/2011 . Edited by Lily Rose Marie, 11/6/2011 #8 Report

First Name: Anthony

Middle Name: Jacob

Last Name: Cullen

Place of Birth: Cullen's house, forks, Washington

Age: stops aging when he looks eighteen

Date of Birth: 18th November 2011

Apperance: Looks alot like edward

Eyes: Green

Hair: Bronze Coloured

Personality: Mischevious

Likes: Lexi, tormenting July

Dislikes: getting tormented by July and Lucy, anyone who treats his sisters badly

Strengths: loves his family

Weaknesses: shy around new people

History: born on the 18th november (the day breaking dawn came out in the cinema :D ), Anthony grew up really fast and looked seventeen when he was only a month old. Was orginally imprinted on by Haylee but told her to break the imprint when he fell in love with Lexi, July's twin sister.

Species: Half Vampire/human


Power/Color Telekinesis

Pack Status/Coven Status: Cullen Coven

Approved by GhostNightbringer

11/19/2011 . Edited by Left4Death, 12/10/2011 #9 Report

First Name: Persephone

Middle Name(s): Athena Hestia.

Last Name: Turner Clearwater.

Place of birth: Forks, Washington. (In the cullens home.)

Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin.

Eyes: Blue.

Hair: Blonde.

Age: 14 Days old.

Strength: Actual strength.

Likes: Josh Turner, Randy Travis, Scotty Mccreery.

Dislikes: Rebeca Black, Justin Beiber, and Selena Gomez.

Species: 25% human, 25% vampire, 50% shifter.

History: Leah and Damon Turner's daughter. 14 days old.

Imprint/Mate: William Black.

Approved by GhostNightbringer

11/19/2011 . Edited by Left4Death, 12/10/2011 #10 Report

First Name: Sylvia

Middle Name: Jessica

Last Name: Platt

Place of Birth: A dich on the side of the road in england

Age: 190

Date of Birth: 21st April

Appearance (links accepted too): Pale and thin like a gymnist

Eyes: Dark gold

Hair: Caramal

Personality: Shy but if you get to know her she is a really nice caring girl

Likes: Her bigger sister Esme and her mother

Dislikes: Her father, were-wolfs

Strengths: Running (She's faster than Edward) and fighting.

Weaknesses: Her love for her friends and Ethan

History: Syliva was a quick born her mother didn't make it to to the doctors in time. Slyvia grew up with her mother and sister whom she was quite attaced to, after Esme left to live with Charls her father beat her and her mother tried to help but she got beaten as well, one day when she was 20 her father beat her at the river with his bealt and a lone vampire canged her and she found out his name was Ethan and he was her mate untill a shape-shifter nearly killed him she ran off then returnd 2 days after to find Ethan. She later killed the wolf who nerly killed Ethan

Species: Vampire

Mate/Imprint: Ethan

Power/Color: She can make you do things at random times like she would make Ethan stop when he was running.

Pack Status/Coven Status: Her and Ethan

Approved by GhostNightbringer

11/20/2011 . Edited by Left4Death, 12/10/2011 #11 Report

First Name: Ethan

Middle Name: Andre

Last Name: Mathews

Place of Birth: Unknowen

Age: 210

Date of Birth: 1st of June

Appearance (links accepted too):

Eyes: Dark gold

Hair: Dark caramal

Personality: Funny kind and very friendly

Likes: Slyvia and her sister

Dislikes: Slyvia's father, and were-wolfs

Strengths: Fighting

Weaknesses: His love for Slyvia

History: His mother and father hated him because he was clumsy andwas always breaking things so when he was 19 they took him to a medow and beat him until they thought he was dead and they left him to die, but James changed him and convinced him to join his coven but 110 years later he found Slyvia and he fell in love with her and changed her and they ran away from James and his coven to creat their own coven but Ethan was nerly killed by a shape-shifter thenhe wounded the wolf who ran off and then he waited for Slyvia for 2 days then she found him and they killed the wolf who nerly killed him.

Species: Vampire

Mate/Imprint: Slyvia

Power/Color: He can make it rain at random times or when he's crying

Pack Status/Coven Status: Him and his mate

Approved by GhostNightbringer

11/20/2011 . Edited by Left4Death, 12/10/2011 #12 Report

First Name: Christian

Middle Name:Xavier

Last Name: Pafal

Place of Birth: England, 1395

Age: 25

Date of Birth: December 30th

Appearance (links accepted too):

Eyes: Light blue/Gold/Black

Hair: Brown/black

Personality:Funny, Caring, Easygoing, Kind

Likes: Reading,Writing, Drawing, listening to and creating music

Dislikes: Nothing really

Strengths: Fantastic Pianist

Weaknesses: Can't bear to see anyone hurting, bad fighter

History: Christian Pafal was born in 1395 to a rich family in Winchester. At the age of 5 his father died in a carriage accident. Christian then became the man of the house because neither his mother nor three sisters could do it. In 1420, Christian was sent to london to collect his aunt because she was coming for a visit. On the way there, his carriage was attacked by several men. They killed the driver and dragged Christian out of the carriage and into the middle of the forest. There they beat him into unconsious and left him to die. Three hours later, a coven of vampires came across him. One of them took pity and decide to end his life. She bit him and drank his blood till only a drop was left and then left. What she didn't realize was that a drop of blood was left and a drop of venom as well. Christian's heart didn't give up and after 4 days of excruciating pain, Christian became a vampire. For 20 years, Christian searched for the vampire who changed him but could never find her. Christian kept the image he had of her in his head and wandered through the countryside, drinking the blood of cows and horse. In 1492, Christian was one of the first people to go to America with Columbus. He stayed in America for the rest of his life. In 1793, He found out that the girl who changed him was killed by the Volturi because she had created an immortal child. Christian was so sad he didn't hunt for a year. Afterwards he attacked a young women and her family, killing all of them. That brought him out of his funk. He then decided to do something and became a doctor. He travelled around America, much like Carlisle and his family, helping people in need. In 1984 he came across Blaire, who was identical to the girl who changed him. He instantly fell in love and changed Blaire, hoping she would love him back. When she didn't he was heart broken but he let her leave. Since then he has wandered through Washington until he decided to settle down in Forks.

Species: Vampire


Power/Color: Can instantly transport himself anywhere in the world as long as he knows where it is.

Pack Status/Coven Status: Nomad

Approved by GhostNightbringer

11/24/2011 . Edited by Left4Death, 12/10/2011 #13 Report

First Name: Viola

Middle Name: Esme

Last Name: Hale McCarty Cullen

Place of Birth: Cullen House

Age: New Born

Date of Birth: 27th November 2011

Appearance (links accepted too): Small and cute.

Eyes:grey to brown

Hair: Blonde

Personality: jokey/feisty

Likes: Tulips, Jokes, Pranks, outdoor games, art.

Dislikes: liars, traitors.

Strengths: Fiercely Loyal.

Weaknesses: Anger problems.

History: Rosalie and Emmett's first Child

Species: Vampire Human Hybrid.

Mate/Imprint: Single

Power/Color: Sees Auras and feels certains vibes of people.

Pack Status/Coven Status: Cullens.

Approved by GhostNightbringer

11/27/2011 . Edited by Left4Death, 12/10/2011 #14 Report
J.C. Conner

First Name: Cassidy

Middle Name: Joleen

Last Name: Conner

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois

Age: 19

Date of Birth: February 19,

Appearance (links accepted too):

Eyes: Blue


Personality: Quiet, shy, depressed sometimes

Likes: Drawing, writing

Dislikes: Negative people


Weaknesses: Anger, easily trust people

History: Moved from Chicago with her parents. Was attacked by a vampire when she was 12.

Species: Werewolf

Mate/Imprint: Single until she meets Embry

Power/Color: Controls life

Pack Status/Coven Status: Jacob Black; Cullens

Approved by GhostNightbringer

11/27/2011 . Edited by Left4Death, 12/10/2011 #15 Report

First Name: Damon

Middle Name(s): Crawford Marion

Last Name: Turner

Place of Birth: Charleston, South Carolina.

Age: 34

Date of Birth: Nov. 20, 1977.

Appearance: Bigger than most men, muscular. 6'11 in height. 210 in weight.

Eyes: Sea blue.

Hair: Dark Brown.

Personality: Laid back, gets along with others, gets things done.

Likes: Pizza, Josh Turner, Family Guy, South Park, American Dad, The Cleavland Show, Allen Gregory, The Simspons.

Dislikes: Negativity.

Strengths: His family, friends.

Weaknesses: Family, friends.

History: Damon was born in Charleston General Hospital on November 20, 1977. He was born to Josephine Camille Crawford and John Otis Turner. His elder brother, Thomas, and his wife, were vampires. Damon was a hybrid mixed. His mother died from vampire venom, from his cousin, Katherine Greene. And his father, lord knows where he went.

Species: Vampire/Shifter.

Mate/Imprint: Leah Clearwater.

Powers: Controls water and fire.

Pack/Coven Status: Male Alpha in the Charleston Carolina wolfpack.

Approved by GhostNightbringer

11/28/2011 . Edited by Left4Death, 12/10/2011 #16 Report

Character 1: Damon Salvatore

Character 2: Stefan Salvatore

Place of Birth: Rome, Italy

Date of Birth: 8th December 1840 - Damon, 17th March 1843 - Stefan

Appearance: Damon - 6 ft. 3 tall, Stefan - 6 ft. 2 1/2 tall

Eyes: Damon - Light blue, Stefan - Dark brown

Hair: Damon - Black, Stefan - Light brown

Likes: Damon - Human food, drinking, human blood, parties, things to go his way, football. Stefan - Animal blood, being in a good company of friends, human food, drinking, football

Dislikes: Damon and Stefan - Liars, traitors, cowards

Strenghts: Damon - Vampire fighting, physical power, speed, superior senses. Stefan - Tactical advantage, sharp thinking, superior senses, intelligence

Weaknesses: Damon - Past memories, short tempered. Stefan - Feeling guilty about the past

History: Damon and Stefan were born to Giovanni and Maria Salvatore in Rome. Their family was wealthy and they had many privileges. They met the vampire Katherine Pierce and fed from her blood. One day their parents mysteriously disappeared and they moved to America in 1860. Damon was serving as a major in the Confederate army, he was the very best there. Damon got shot by mistake while they were returning to camp he then awoke as a vampire and learned that Stefan was shot as well. He then took his little brother with him and they went looking for Katherine. When Damon learned that Katherine had other lovers he killed her and then they moved to Forks then and ordered the building of the Salvatore Boardinghouse and has lived there ever since.

Species: Half-human half-vampire hybrid

Mate/Imprint: Damon - Natasha Joyner. Stefan - Hannah Clearwater

Powers: Damon - Mind Control. Stefan - Emotion influence

Pack/Coven Status: They are by themselves but they side with the Cullens

Approved by GhostNightbringer

11/28/2011 . Edited 12/10/2011 #17 Report

First Name: Lucy

Middle Name: Elizabeth

Last Name: Daniels

Place of Birth: England, Uk

Age: 18

Date of Birth: 15th June 1993

Apperance: tanned, around 5ft 8, shoulder length hair, a petite frame...

Eyes: Brown with a hint of green but go blue when using her power

Hair: Brown with a hint of gold

Personality: kind, and slightly mischevious

Likes: listening to music, writing, singing

Dislikes: people shouting, people not trusting her and treating her like a kid...

Strengths: her powers

Weaknesses: gets hurt easily..

History: born in 1993 Lucy Daniels, comes from the United Kingdom, she doesn't remember much of her past and is always trying to find her parents....the only family she knows she has is her cousin Jared... Has a daughter with Nicklaus called Sydney Aries Blackwood

Species: human/werewolf (shapeshifter) her fur colour is brown with golden highlights

Mate/Imprint: Nicklaus Blackwood

Power/Colour: can heal and calm people and control Electricity

Pack Status/ Coven Status: The Blackwood Pack

First Name: Daniella

Middle Name: Louise

Last Name: Daniels

History: Lucy's evil twin sister, looks likes her and pretends to be her they were seperated when they were five years old..

Mate/Imprint: none...

Pack: Mason lockwood's pack..

Colour/Power: Grey wolf with specks of brown fur..

Approved by MidnightsWhiteWolf

11/29/2011 . Edited 2/15/2012 #18 Report

First Name: Alexis

Middle Name: Madison

Last Name:unknown

Place of Birth:unknown

Age:not exactly sure but somewhere in her teens

Date of Birth:unknown

Apperance: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jennaishavingtroublebreathing/4317031099/

Eyes: Topaz, sometimes onyx

Personality: Mysterious, Relaxed, Friendly, Lovable

Likes: Nice People

Dislikes: Snots, Brats

Strengths: Powers


History: Was born somewhere unknown and can't remeber too much about her past. She remebers being turned into a vampire at the age of 17. Her parents treated her badly, so when she became a vampire she ran away from home and never came back.

Species: Vampire


Power: Sends mental messages, Move objects with her mind, Can sense vampires and werewolves, and still discovering more

Coven Status: After she ran away from home she joined the Denali coven but then ran away from there and is not currently in a coven

Approved by GhostNightbringer

11/30/2011 . Edited by Left4Death, 12/10/2011 #19 Report

First Name: Matthew

Middle Name: Joseph

Last Name:unknown

Place of Birth: Europe

Age:somewhere around 18 or 19

Date of Birth: June 1st, 1901

Apperance: Bronze-Golden hair, Average weight, Soft hair, Snowy white pale skin

Eyes: Topaz, sometimes onyx

Personality: Easy going, Kind, Respectful, Loving, Caring

Likes: Secretly July Cullen, Nice people, Animal Blood

Dislikes: Snobs, Bitches, Brats

Strengths: Powers


History: July and Matthew were always bffs. Then one day July disappeared. (this was when July joined the Cullens) Tanya didnt tell Matthew where she went and Matthew grew depressed and thought she died. There destiny is to meet sometime soon.

Species: Vampire

Mate/Imprint: Imprints on July

Powers: Sends mental messages, Can send pain through people

Coven Status: Denali but doesnt really like them

Approved by GhostNightbringer

12/1/2011 . Edited by Left4Death, 12/10/2011 #20 Report
Beethoven Not Mozart

First Name: Serena (sir- eh - nuh)

Middle Name: Elizabeth

Last Name: Unknown

Place of Birth: Barcelona, Spain

Date of Birth: September 13, unknown year

Age: Looks to be about 13 or 14

Appearance: Wavy black hair that end at her waist and has purple hightlights, about 5'6", very pale skin, tends to attract a lot of guys.

Eyes: Seems to change from a medium grey to a sapphire blue

Likes: Secretly Alec, human blood (but refrains from it), reading, writing, new languages (although is fluent in nearly all of them), coffee, and pillows.

Dislikes: Bugs of any kind

Attitude: Very shy when you first meet her, but warms up to you and is then out going. Is very kind and compassionate, but can also get blunt and slightly even controlling. Not often, but it does happen.

Strength: Powers

Weaknesses: Really annoying obnoxious people. Her mental disorder. (A rare disorder where she is two people. Not bipolar, more like she can go from being Serena to her un-named sister. Will learn more about that later) Confusion

History: The long lost daughter of Eleazar and an unknown woman before Carmen came along. She had been wandering around the world for years before coming to Forks and picking up on Eleazar and Carmen's scents.

Species: Vampire Human hybrid

Mate/Imprint: None yet

Powers: Intellectual, can add or take away memories and smartness from anyone, human vampire or wolf, and see into their past from the moment they were born.

Coven Status: Denali

Approved by GhostNightbringer

12/2/2011 . Edited by Left4Death, 12/10/2011 #21 Report

First Name: Daphne

Middle Name: Vendetta

Last Name: Madrosc

Place of Birth: Paris, France

Age: 17

Date of Birth: October 30, 1990

Appearance (links accepted too):

Eyes: bluish grey...?

Hair: long, white blond

Personality: smart, witty, bipolar, sarcastic, secretive, reserved, mysterious,

Likes: killing, blood, coffee, chocolate, action, blood, cookies, reading, art, listening to music, blood, revenge, fighting, plotting & scheming, blood, violence, adventure, messing with people's minds, confusing people...

Dislikes: not having her way

Strengths: martial arts/fighting

Weaknesses: cookies are her kryptonite :D

History: Her mother was a witch, her father a vampire. They were killed by a vampire when she was one. She was raised by her grandmother until she died by casting a too powerful spell. She's been in the army, marines, navy, air force, secret service, CIA, and she lived with the Volturi for a while. Eventually, she finds out that she's Marcus's daughter...

Species: witch/vampire hybrid

Mate/Imprint: none

Power/Color: spells & witch stuff...

Pack Status/Coven Status: none

Approved by GhostNightbringer

12/3/2011 . Edited by Left4Death, 12/10/2011 #22 Report

First Name: Noelle

Middle Name: Claire

Last Name: Black

Place of Birth: Forks, Washington.

Age: 3 days old.

Appearance: Fair skin, small yet bulky.

Eyes: Golden Brown

Hair: Blonde curly.

Personality: Bouncy, smart, energetic, shy.

Likes: Josh Turner, Scotty McCreery, Warrant, AC/DC.

Dislikes: Bullies, Rebecca Black, Justin Beiber.

Strengths: Family.

Weakness: Pain.

History: Born at Renesmee's and Jacob's cottage. Daughter of Will Black and Percy Turner.

Imprint/mate: None.

Species: 50% Shifter, 25% human, 25% vampire.

Approved by GhostNightbringer

12/3/2011 . Edited by Left4Death, 12/10/2011 #23 Report

First Name: Kayla

Middle Name: Louise

Last Name: Parker

Place of Birth: Forks, Washington.

Age: 16

Date of Birth: 18 March 1994.

Appearance (links accepted too): Average height, quite tanned, Skinny, Very pretty, Smooth skin.

Eyes: Green.

Hair: Long, Light brown.

Personality:Flirty, Bubbly, Cheerful but can turn into a bitch if she needs to, Emotional, but sweet.

Likes: Books, Running, swimming, people.

Dislikes: School, Work, Cats.

Strengths: Running, Friends.

Weaknesses: Vampires.

History: Lived in forks with her parents. They were murdered by vampires and she moved into her aunts house in La Push, And phased.

Species: Wolf.

Mate/Imprint: None yet.

Power/Color: Light chocolate brown.

Pack Status/Coven Status: --

Approved by GhostNightbringer

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First Name: Nicklaus

Middle Name: Rainier

Last Name: Blackwood

Place of Birth: Volterra, Italy

Age: 840 (But looks 18)

Date of Birth: 7 January 1171

Appearence: 6 ft 3, very muscular body, smooth skin and quite handsome

Eyes: Sea blue

Hair: Blonde, spiky hair

Personality: Sarcastic, loyal, gentleman, a good person, looks ruthless and powerful

Likes: Good people, family, friends, loyal people

Dislikes: Volturi, Aro, evil people

Strenghts: Fighting, physical power, intimidating

Weaknesses: No weaknesses known

History: He was found on the streets by Didyme and turned into an immortal child and he grew up in Volterra. He was like a brother to Nat and they grew up together. He later became a vampire/werewolf hybrid and Aro tried to kill him numerous times but Nat stopped her father. Didyme also stopped her brother and Aro killed her one day for which Nick hated him. He then left Volterra and moved in Gatlinburg where he has a giant mansion and an entire legion of men and women under his command. He is the only person that Aro fears from

Species: Human/Vampire/Werewolf hybrid

Mate/Imprint: Lucy

Power/Color: Increased strenght and speed. Can phase into a werewolf, his fur color is obsidian

Pack Status/Coven Status: He lives by himself with his servants. He serves nobody but sides with the Cullens

Approved by GhostNightbringer

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First Name: Pandora

Middle Name: May

Last Name: Jackson

Place of Birth: a old wearhouse in texas

Age: 17 but looks to be btween 18-20

Date of Birth: Apirl 2nd, 1994

Appearance (links accepted too): but with longer hair and black and bluer eyes

Eyes: soft baby blue

Hair: Wavy long Black hair that goes down to her lower back and makes her eyes stand out

Personality: doesn't like to depend on people she thinks she can do everything her self, she likes to pull pranks even though she knows better, she is strong willed and idepened but still likes to flirt

Likes: Books, swimming, jokes/pranks, children

Dislikes:people that ask to make questions, serious situations

Strengths:lovely, srong willed, good baby sitter

Weaknesses:comforting people

History: Mother got raped by a vampire and took the plan b pill so she didn't even think she was pregant until pandroa was moving around and there was a good sizedbaby bump she run away scared but loved the child calling her pandora becauseshe could tell she was going to be gifted. Pandora ripped her way out killing her mother that she tried to save (she has venom). she sat by her mother's body until another vampire happed to come along and raising her like his own she stayed with him and grew strong and strong willed so when she was fully grown and he made a move she fought and got away and has been wander since.

Species: vampire/human hybrid

Mate/Imprint: none yet

Power/Color:Ability Nullification ~ The ability to override another vampire's ability. By doing this, they are unable to use it.

Pack Status/Coven Status: none

Approved by GhostNightbringer

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First Name: Jensen

Middle Name: Otis Michael

Last Name: Turner

Place of birth: Damon Turner's villa in Greece.

Age: 17, looks 32.

Date of Birth: August 18, 1984

Eyes: Emerald Green

Hair: Dirty Blonde

Personality: Rough and Tough, softie really.

Likes: Rock and Roll, Kids, Classic Cars.

Dislikes: Snots, Brats, and everything associated with the satanic cult

Strengths: Friends, Mind crushing thoughts.

Weaknesses: Family

History: Jensen's mother was the maid in Damon Turner's villa. Damon had always liked the housekeeper and decided to sleep with her. When the housekeeper found out she was pregnant, she tried to kill herself. Damon saved her baby, and Named him Jensen because it's his favorite name.

Imprint/Mate: None yet.

Species: Shifter/hybrid/human.

Pack/coven status: None.

Pending approval

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First Name: Josh

Middle Name: Travis

Last Name: Nichols.

Place of Birth: Charleston, South Carolina.

Age: 17

D.O.B: Nov 30, 1994

Personality: Likes everybody and everything.

Hair: Dark Brown.

Eyes: Chocolate Brown.

Likes: Everything and anything.

Dislikes: His Enemies

Strengths: Faith

Weakness: Family.

History: Born in a ditch, South Carolina Native was born a werewolf.

Imprint: Noelle Black

Species: Werewolf.

Pack/Coven Status: Charleston South Carolina Wolf Pack.

Pending Approval

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A Lily Rose Marie

No more OCs until Roleplay 15 it is abosuletely to many

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(chala since you approved the baby lexi was having i need to make an oc for her. hope you dont mind. i hope you approve her :))

First Name: Cassandra

Middle Name: Marie

Last Name: Cullen

Nickname: Cassie, Cass

Place of Birth: Forks Hospital

Age: 1 Day

Date of Birth: Decemeber 17th, 2011

Appearance (links accepted too): Currently- then- (something close to tht) then- (but with blue eyes) (and these pictures aren't perfect but good enough)

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Gold Bronze

Personality: Lovable, Caring, Unpatient, Adorable, Friendly

Likes: Spending time with family, Meeting new people

Dislikes: Nasty People

Strengths: Powers but didnt discover them yet


History: Born on December 17th, 2011. Parents are Anthony and Alexis.

Species: Half Vampire/Half Human

Mate/Imprint: None yet

Power/Color: Can send emoctions through people, Her emoctions may go to objects (for example- if she gets mad she might end up having something flying across the room or a lightbulb going out)

Pack Status/Coven Status: Cullen

12/17/2011 #30 Report
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