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Introduce Yourself!

1. Lisa

2. Isa

3. Victoria

4. She is part of the American Nomads. Her mate is James. She first came into the story in Twilight. She helped her mate, James finds Bella in Phoenix where he lures Bella to a ballet studio by making Bella think that he has her mother. In New Moon, Victoria asks an old friend and member of the Denali Coven, Laurent to bring Bella to her. Instead Laurent is killed by Jacob and the other Quilleuttes. In Eclipse, Victoria creates an army of newborn vampires to try to get her revenge on Bella and the Cullens.

5. So far she has no history in the roleplay.

6. I have a book that has information on about how each vampire was created, including Victoria but a friend of mine is borrowing it right now. I will add more to this section when I get the book back.

7/18/2012 #61 Report
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Hey, I'm Charlotte, but I prefer to be called Lottie. I will be playing Jasper Cullen. Awesome to be rp'ing with you guys Xx

7/24/2012 #62 Report

1. Anastacia (Anna-stacy-ah)

2. Annie, Lil Anne, Triger (Anyone who's been with me during target parctice) Angel, or A...my fav being Annie :)

3. Chelsea

4. She's with the Volturi

5. Nothing, yet

6. um....nothing, yet, again

7/25/2012 #63 Report
Maeve Donovan

1. Spencer

2. Spenc, middle name Taylor, crazy maniac

3. Bree Tanner

4. She was killed in Eclipse, but she's my fav Twi charactor so I asked Emmet's Chica if I could be her

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1 rebecca

2 becky becca

3 carlise, jessica 2 oc will vountri and sarah swan

4 leader of cullens, bellas human friend

7/28/2012 #65 Report

1. Name (first only, please): Rain

2. Any nicknames you have (Please don't give a lot of personal information, like age or something like that): Rainy, RC.

3. The name of your Character: Kuro Lluvia

4. History about your character in the books: The average girl, who finds out something she shouldn't.

5. History about your character in the roleplay so far: Pretty average, but she keeps on finding stuff out that kinda freaks her out.

6. Anything else about your character that you want to tell everyone: She's a normal human... For now.

7/28/2012 #66 Report

Hi. my names michelle and i dont have a nickname. I play angela. she's shy and a bookworm. she's bellas friend and likes the cullens.

8/6/2012 #67 Report
Sammi Writes

Hi! My name is Samantha but everyone calls me Sam or Sammi. I will be playing Embry Call and the American nomad Peter.

Embry is one of the best friends of Jacob Black and a shape shifter from the Quileute reservation in La Push, Washington. No one knows who his father is but because his mother was from the Makah reservation it was assumed he was either the son of Billy Black, Joshua Uley or Quil Ateara, though it was more likely to be Joshua Uley because he was known for running around with different women while he was married to Sam's mother. Embry is one of the last unimprinted wolves.

I also play Peter who was changed by Maria during the Southern Vampire Wars where he befriended Jasper Whitlock *later Hale* and met his mate Charlotte. Jasper let Peter and Charlotte escape after Jasper was ordered to kill the useless newborns and Charlotte's name came up. Peter came back 5 years later and rescued Jasper from Maria and they travelled together for a while before Jasper met Alice. He and Charlotte occasionally visit the Cullens and are there when they need assistance. He is a human drinker who it's assumed only feeds on criminals.

10/20/2012 #68 Report

Hey guys you may call me Gracii and I love to roleplay! :)

I roleplay as Kim, Jared's imprint. She's a bit shy when you first meet her and has been in love with Jared, being unnoticed by him until he imprints on her. Kim used to attach Jared's last name to the end of hers when she would write in her diary. She takes the werewolf aspect in stride and the two are always together.

10/20/2012 #69 Report
inactivated since July 2014

1. Caitlin

2. Cakes:)

3. Alice Cullen.

4. Alice Cullen (Born Mar Alice Brandon) is the adopted daughter of Carlisle and Esme, and wife of Jasper Hale. Alice's early history is very vague, as she remembers nothing of her human life and woke up alone as a vampire. It is eventually revealed that she was born around 1901 in Mississippi and was kept in a asylum because she had premonitions. ALice was changed by and old vampire who worked at the asylum in order to protect her from James, a tracker vampire who was hunting her. After doing some research, Alice found her grave and discovered the date on her tombstone matched the date of her admission to the asylum. Through her research she additionally found she had a younger sister named Cynthia, and that Cynthia's daughter, Alice's niece, was still alive in Biloxi.

12/8/2012 #70 Report
Deletet Account

Hello,my first name is Dia,but I feel uncomfortible to be called that by people I only know from the internet,so please call me Diva. I'll RP as Heidi. You know,the girl who makes 'Tourist Tours' in the Volturi castle. Well...the tourists end up as food. Well,Heidi isnt mentioned much in the twilight Saga,which is quite a pity I think,because her character is in My opinion really interesting. That's all...Bye!

1/5/2013 #71 Report

Name: Cloe

Nicknames: Angel, Cloe Jasper lover

Name of character: Leah Vanessa (oc) and Cenera (oc)

History of them in books:

Cenera is not in the books. She is a immortal child that was created by another immortal child. She has been on the run from the Volturi for 400 years. She has traveled from coven to coven looking for somone to take her in but no luck coz no one wants to get on the Volturi's bad side

Vanessa is not in the books. She is Marcus' and Didyme's child when they were human. She was accused of being a witch, and she was. When the town went to burn her, Aro stopped them and turned her along with his sister Didyme and Marcus. Since then she has been on the hunt for werewolves. She is a trainned hunter and often is called "Red Ridding Hood" because she wears a red cloke when hunting. Is is very cuning, alot like Caius, but she is alown. She needs a mate( was hopping somone would play her mate. I would like him to be Half wolf half Vampire to give it a intresting relashonship)

Damon is like any other vampire. He likes to feed on young people. He grew up in London with his Perents. They were both rich but also both True Werewolfs. When he went out, he meet a beautiful vampire. She made him one of her. But he ran. Being a hybrid he can control his transformations. He has known of Red Ridding Hood for a wile and wishes to meet her. He comes to Volterra to ask to join the Volturi, Covering his other side

History so far ; Cenera has been taking in by Nessie.

Vanessa has returned back to Volterra to be with her family. She wishes to find a mate and have children. She and Demitri are getting close

Damon: Has gone to the Volturi and has fallen for Caius' Daughter

Notes : Cenera is small and cute, but everyone thinks of her as a danger, Nessie is the first not too

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Elsa the SnowQueen19

1. Rania

2. Just call me Rania

3. Hannah Elizabeth Cullen

4. Hannah is the daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen. She was born shortly after Renesmee even though Esme was pregnant before Bella. Imprintee of Seth Clearwater. Now physically 16 years old...

1/23/2013 #73 Report

1. Kay

2. None

3. Avery

4. None, cuz she's an OC.

5. History: Avery is the daughter of Rosalie and Emmett. Her middle name is Isabella because Bella satiated her thirst for a child long enough when she gave birth to Renesmee. It was also her way of sort of apologizing for being so mean to her. Rosalie adores her because she had always wanted a child. Emmett thinks of her more as his playmate. She was born on May 13th, (insert whatever year the roleplay is on).

6. She's little. I really don't know. LOL

1/25/2013 #74 Report

1. Amber 2. any form of amber 3. Rosalie Cullen and Aeryn 4. i don't.remember rose's history 5. None so far 6. Aeryn has a slight southern accent

1/25/2013 #75 Report

Name: I'd rather go by my author's name (Shakaka)

Nicknames: Shak, Shaka

Character: Leah Clearwater

History (in books): Is the only known female shapeshifter in history. She is daughter to Harry and Sue Clearwater and older sister to Seth Clearwater. She was dating Sam Uley until he imprinted on her second cousin Emily Uley. She has deeply unsettled issues: a broken heart, which causes her to be angry, bitter and short-tempered (although she has slightly forgiven Sam and Emily when she understood the imprinting) and uses the pack's mental connection to torture them about things they would rather not think about. She is overprotective of her little brother. She is very loyal to her pack. She phases for the first time in New Moon and meets Bella as part of the pack in Eclipse, where she fights the newborn army. When the packs split in Breaking Dawn she goes with Jacob and becomes his Beta. She doesn't like any of the Cullens, but is less hateful toward Rosalie because she understands the unhappiness of never having a child.

History (in roleplay): unsure

Character (extra): Leah is described as being beautiful in an exotic way with perfect copper skin and 'feather-duster' eyelashes. She is 5'10" tall with her sleek black hair in a pixie cut (to keep her coat short when she phases). In her wolf form she is a smallish grey wolf, physically the smallest in the pack (possibly due to her gender). She is known to be the fastest in the packs.

2/1/2013 #76 Report
We All Need A Nap

  1. Jasey

2. JoJo

4. Rachel black and Demetri

5. Demetri is in the volturi and is a tracker and Rachel is pauls imprint

2/5/2013 #77 Report

Hi, my name is Makenzie, nicknames include: Kenz and Kenzie. I roleplay Demetri, he's an expert tracker for the Volturi. He's very elegant and reasonable. Demetri gets along with alot of the other guards but mainly hangs out with Felix. He used to be apart of the Egyptian coven.

2/17/2013 #78 Report


1. Mia

2. Mama Mia, or Madhatter Mia:)

3. Peter Whitlock

4. Turned by Jasper Whitlock, and was in the Vampire Wars with him. Met his mate Charlotte in the wars too. They both ran away after orders for Charlotte to be killed by Jasper, and later returned for him too. Basically Jasper's brother by everything except blood:)

5. Peter is crazy. Bottom line insane, he took a huge leapk across that line. He doesn't care about humans, or manners, or anything else except Jasper, and his mate Charlotte. But he is EXTREMELY HILARIOUS!!:) and slightly perverted:)

6. His powers are that he "Just knows shit" :)

2/18/2013 #79 Report

1. Name (first only, please): Tess

2. Any nicknames you have (Please don't give a lot of personal information, like age or something like that): TessyBear and TwilightPrincess

3. The name of your Character: Rosabella Aliesme Cullen

4. History about your character in the books:

5. History about your character in the roleplay so far (optional): She is Rosalie and Emmetts little babygirl

6. Anything else about your character that you want to tell everyone: Her powers can heal aswell as other things and she is a very curious little child.

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