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Hello, um well I'd like to present to you the story that I am currently working on.

Name: Only Human

Rating: T mainly for any cussing and violence in this

Genre: Mystery/ Action

Characters: Bella, Edward, Seth, Alice

Summary: Ever had your world suddenly change? Has your strength ever been questioned? Have you ever wanted to prove yourself? Bella has spent her whole life living a lie, now she must step up to her name and prove herself. The one problem, she must go from a normal teen to a spy in less than one month and her mentor will do anything to prove her wrong and have her fail. Failing is fatal.

Status: In progress

8/16/2014 #61 Report
Bleed with you

I've got a story I'm working on if you all want to check on it, (not twilight or twilight related, it's Halo)

Name: Dog Pack

Rating: T-M Violence, language, blood, gore

Genre: Sci-Fi

Characters: Noble 6 (B312) Kat (B320)

Summary: ODSTs, you know them, you may hate them, but they are our last hope, you will listen to a soldier from the 72nd division 319th squad and hear his tale of what happened on Reach, as Noble team fought to stall the Covenant, ODSTs fought to the death for every last inch of ground that the Covenant took.

Status: In progress/ on hold (currently looking for ideas on continuation following Halo: Reach's story it'd be about the same time (give or take a few days) as Exodus

8/17/2014 #62 Report
find me at blodreina

This story is a collab with DoYouKnowWhatStarsAre.

Title: Perihelion.

Rating: T, M in later chapters for graphic torture.

Genre: Romance/Angst.

Characters: Alec, Jane, OC, OC, Jasper, many other OCs, Aro.

Summary: Alec and Saoirse used to have it easy. It used to be so damn simple. And then everything was ruined.

Status: In progress.

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