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A Lily Rose Marie

Hey Yall

This is for long chatting conversations! So, long conversations will not be in the middle of the roleplay.


-Emmett's Chica

11/25/2011 #1 Report
A Lily Rose Marie

Isa it is okay. You are fine. Im just letting you know. WAY to many people ars getting pregnant

11/27/2011 #2 Report

i just founf something out that is totally coincidental

11/27/2011 #3 Report
A Lily Rose Marie


11/27/2011 #4 Report

yeah i agree but i still feel bad about not asking

11/27/2011 #5 Report
A Lily Rose Marie

Something is really getting on my nerves

11/27/2011 #6 Report

what ?

11/27/2011 #7 Report
A Lily Rose Marie

Isa please dont feel bad

11/27/2011 #8 Report
A Lily Rose Marie

I will tell you later in a pm

11/27/2011 #9 Report

when i was born my parents were gonna call me Zoe Rebecca Rachel, but decided against it and just called me Zoe Rebecca and I was reading breaking dawn the other day and thought wow that would have been really ironic if the did call me that

11/27/2011 #10 Report

okay hey guys hold on my nose is bleeding

11/27/2011 #11 Report
A Lily Rose Marie

Yea zoe that would be ironic

11/27/2011 #12 Report

Are you okay Izzy?

11/27/2011 #13 Report

im back um its just from me being so sick all the time and all the medacashin some times my nose bleeds and its weird it never used to tell i got so sick

11/27/2011 #14 Report

oh right is it just sickness of something else

11/27/2011 #15 Report
A Lily Rose Marie

Isa did you get my pm?

11/27/2011 #16 Report

um no it is a sickniss, and yes i got it i replyed

11/27/2011 #17 Report

okay Get well soon :)

11/27/2011 #18 Report

thanks Becks !

11/27/2011 #19 Report
A Lily Rose Marie

Get well, you guy wanna go back and roleplay?

11/27/2011 . Edited 11/27/2011 #20 Report

yeah but pm me back and i have a coupel queshtions to so

11/27/2011 #21 Report

What is it Becks?

12/2/2011 #22 Report

Whats going on?

12/2/2011 . Edited 12/2/2011 #23 Report

right cause i'm a nosey little devil I've just had a look at NMU-B's forum and one it doesn't make any sense what so ever and there on there 220th role play already....I mean what the hell

12/2/2011 #24 Report

Yeah but they have like 20 people posting in a minute and they finish an RP in 2 days....

12/2/2011 #25 Report

oh and gracefulwhispers plays like two character in that forum

12/2/2011 #26 Report

(but most their Roleplays only have 1 in it, because they didn't start again when everything got 'deleted')

12/2/2011 #27 Report

its so weird though they have like weirdly strict rules as well like you have to be on the forum every day to play a cullen or wolf...where as this one is more carefree and happy go lucky

12/2/2011 #28 Report

On average we finish an RP in 4-5 days. 6 days at most. And we have like 6-7 people that get on everyday, if the people we recruited actually RP-ed we would catch up with them a lot quicker

12/2/2011 #29 Report

I have another PM from NMU-B asking me to join her forum, it's getting annoying....

12/2/2011 #30 Report
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