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The pick-up line game
Stormy Feather

Do you have a defibrulator? Cause my heart stopped when I saw you

5/10/2012 #31 Report
Lia Lights

Girl: do you think I'm pretty?

Guy: No, I think your a beautiful Goddess.

5/11/2012 #32 Report
Lia Lights

Guy: Excuse me but, do you have headphones?

Girl: Um... no. Why?

Guy: I want to drown your voice in my head.

5/16/2012 #33 Report
Lia Lights

Guy: hey baby

Girl: hmm?

Guy: thanks for marrying me.

5/21/2012 #34 Report
Lia Lights

Guy: do you have a rocket?

Girl: no why

Guy: I want to take you outta this world.

5/24/2012 #35 Report
A Lily Rose Marie

Awww corny but sweet

7/14/2012 #36 Report

Twilight one :)

Edward: My sister can see the future, so let me clue you in. It's me and you.

And this is a pretty funny Emmett to Rosalie one.

My brother may prefer brunettes, but I know blondes have more fun…

7/18/2012 . Edited 7/18/2012 #37 Report

The craziest pick-up line I've ever heard:

I wanna check you for ticks-Brad Paisley

7/18/2012 #38 Report
A Lily Rose Marie

Are you a magnet cause I'm attacted to you

8/16/2012 #39 Report
Maeve Donovan

Girl: *swiming and sees a boy drowning* *pulls him to the shore* *preforms CPR*

Boy: *wakes up* Am I dead?

Girl: No, why?

Boy: Because I see an Angel

Girl: *frowns, slightly confused* Huh?

Boy: I see an Angel, and its you.

10/20/2012 #40 Report

"Are you a parking ticket?"


"You've got fine written all over you."

2/1/2013 #41 Report

Hahahaha, once my boyfriend told me, "hey baby, there's some numbers missing on my license plate, can I have yours?" lol,

2/18/2013 #42 Report
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