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Talk About It :P sounds gay, huh? xD

lucky duck! you saw The Woman In Black!! ;o i want to see it so badly! is it any good? the trailer looks great but they always lie..

no school tomorrow :DD

2/19/2012 #31 Report

YEAH it was amazing!

and SAME NO SCHOOl tomorrow, back on tuesday though :( getting me glasses tomorrow!

2/19/2012 #32 Report

cool! i get them... next week? i think so.. & awesome! i have to go watch it soon... did you know??? that the actor that played James Potter (Harry Potter's dad) in the Harry Potter films, also played Daniel Radcliffe's role in the 1989 version! like father like son, right? :D

aaah! i have a new one-shot! it's called "Danny's Favorite Cookies" it's a Host fic. you know, The Host. Stephenie Meyer's other novel. if you haven't read it, you have to! right now! and then read my fic :D it's a pretty thick book. like 700 pages. it's easy though. it's so awesome! it's about these creepy, friendly aliens that take over the world :D

also, if you have not read The Hunger Games... GO DO IT RIGHT NOW!!! (Maggie, this is for you!) the movie comes out March 23! i can't wait! aaaaaaaaakkkkkk!!!!


2/19/2012 #33 Report
A Lily Rose Marie


3/25/2012 #34 Report
Stormy Feather

Hey guys, Just in case you want to see the REAL Quileute History and see the actual language here's the official website:



3/27/2012 #35 Report
A Lily Rose Marie

Kk im feeling sooo much better

4/15/2012 #36 Report
Lia Lights

my best friend is mad at me and I don't know why.

4/15/2012 #37 Report
Stormy Feather

I kinda feel like I am a burden to my family and like I am a failure.

4/30/2012 #38 Report
Lia Lights

I am being stalked in my school an it's scaring te crap outta me! I'm about to get a restraining order on this kid like no lie! Help me please!

5/4/2012 #39 Report
Stormy Feather

Duuudddeee so I swear my family thinks I am crazy.

5/7/2012 #40 Report
Stormy Feather

Ok so my mom bought some Salmon filets like a week or so ago and I really wanna eat it but I dunno how to cook fish let alone Salmon. Since Salmon is a delicate fish to cook with anyway. Salmon is the only fish I will eat. I kinda wish I had some money that way I can order some salmon straight from La Push. XD. That shtuff is awesome!!

I'll just eat some shellfish XD

5/8/2012 #41 Report
Lia Lights

I did a forum on three types of vamp books and nothing sad.

5/8/2012 #42 Report
A Lily Rose Marie

Im a bad person

7/14/2012 #43 Report

Today I'm going to MO

8/15/2012 #44 Report
A Lily Rose Marie

Im free!!!!

8/16/2012 #45 Report
A Lily Rose Marie

I miss my mom

10/1/2012 #46 Report
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