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Bleed with you

Since I kinda introduced this plot already, having children of the moon as Playable characters, to keep it cannon to twilight, most would travel in pairs or possibly small packs, I can give strength, speed, and what all other statistics, (currently I was thinking Underworld esque since it's extremely vague in twilight, basically, beating heart, body relies on blood to function...ect)

9/9/2014 #31 Report

I was thinking Iris could get bitten and changed into a vampire. Her power could be siren singing

9/14/2014 #32 Report
Bleed with you

So, are we in the forum doing something for all Hallows eve?

10/8/2014 #33 Report

Since Iris is a siren vampire (siren because of her gift) she has two mates and she has to try and handle that...

12/14/2014 #34 Report
Deleted accountlosiento

Won't be on for a week.

1/4/2015 #35 Report
Deleted accountlosiento

I was wondering since barely anyone is on. Pause it and wait till spring or summer. Then restart everything new characters ect.

3/5/2015 #36 Report
Bleed with you

Guess who's back from boot camp successfully, I'll be on as soon as I can again

3/7/2015 #37 Report
Deleted accountlosiento


3/8/2015 #38 Report
Deleted accountlosiento

I will be on when I can work is killing me lol I will be on later day erm after 2 lol

6/17/2015 #39 Report
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