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A Lily Rose Marie

Fill out this OC application a moderator will review it and either accept or deny it. Try to make sure there is an equal number of male and female OC. Also, if the number of OC's gets to big. I will shut it down, until we have enough canon character as well.


Basic Statistics



Birth Date:



Current Residence:



Siblings (describe relationship):

Mate/Imprint/Significant Other:(describe relationship):

Pack/Coven status:



Physical Characteristics:




Eye Color:

Hair Color:

Glasses or contact lenses?

Skin color:

Shape of Face:

Distinguishing features:

How does he/she dress?


Habits: (smoking, drinking etc.)



Style (Elegant, shabby etc.):

Greatest flaw:

Best quality:

Emotional Characteristics: You can choose to omit some of these questions; however, you must answer at lest 4 of them.


Introvert or Extrovert?

How does the character deal with anger?

What does the character want out of life?

What would the character like to change in his/her life?

What motivates this character?

What frightens this character?

What makes this character happy?

Is the character judgmental of others?

Is the character generous or stingy?

Is the character generally polite or rude?

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A Lily Rose Marie

First Name: Chala

Middle Name: Knechele

Last Name: Volturi/ Cullen

Place of Birth: Volterra

Age: 16

Date of Birth: March 4, 1995

Apperance: ( it varies I change it alot)

Eyes: Golden Brown/ Hazel

Hair: Brown with streaks

Personality: Loud, Crazy and Full of spunk. Can be a bitch. Super Flirty. Very Fun to be around

Likes: Music, Parties, Dancing, Reading, Sports, picking on older brothers, Winning

Dislikes: Being alone, being single, being lectured, Lossing

Strength: Arguing, talking her way out of things, flirting

Weaknesses: being quiet.

History: Cauis Volturi cheated on his wife with a human, and she had Chala, until the Volturi learn to eat only animals they sent Chala to Forks, and she loved it so much she came back every summer, no she has moved to Forks and adopted by Carilse.

Species: Hybrid

Boyfriend: Single

Power: A sponge can copy any power she comes in contact with. Doesn't take it but copy.

Coven: Volturi and Cullen

3/25/2013 . Edited 3/25/2013 #2 Report
A Lily Rose Marie

First Name: Rosabella

Middle Name: Aliesme

Last Name: Cullen

Place of Birth: Unknown

Age: 2

Date of Birth: Unknown

Appearance (links accepted too): Her faceclaim is Princess Leonor Of Spain



Personality: Bubbly and she is a curious babygirl

Likes:Anything that includes chocolate or sweets oh and the park

Dislikes:Staying in house

Strengths: Her powers can heal aswell

Weaknesses:She is curious and sometimes gets in to trouble

History: Babygirl of Rosalie and Emmett Cullen if it's okay



Power/Color: Controlling the elements Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit

Pack Status/Coven Status: The Cullen Coven

3/25/2013 #3 Report

Approved by Short-and-Adorable

First Name: Makenzie

Middle Name: Samuel

Last Name: Roth

Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan

Age: 13

Date of Birth: June 12

Appearance (links accepted too): 5'0. Usually wears boy clothes and has dark brown hair, almost black, up in a ponytail and bangs. Wears black-rimmed glasses even though she's a vampire

Eyes: Crimson red

Hair: See appearance.

Personality: Makenzie is the sort of unenthusiastic kid who liked to watch clouds. She preferred not to get involved in "troublesome" activities, pretending to be busy to avoid responsibility. She also does not like fighting, deeming it, as she does to most things, "troublesome". She is fully aware of this side of her personality. However, when duty calls, Makenzie has a strong moral compass and sense of commitment towards her comrades. Even though, by her own testimony, she lacks bravery, she will sacrifice herself and face almost certain death, for the sake of her friends and/or guards without a second thought.

Likes: Korean music, swearing in Korean so people don't understand her, Demetri (her crush)

Dislikes: Metal music, getting made fun of, having "blond" moments,

Strengths: The darkness.

Weaknesses: Her size.

History: I'll write it out later.

Species: Vampire

Mate/Imprint: None

Power/Color: She can extend her shadow on any surface (even water) and as far as she want as long as there is a sufficient area. Once it comes into contact with a target's shadow, the two merge and the target is forced to imitate the user's movements.

Pack Status/Coven Status: Volturi Guard

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A Lily Rose Marie

Thunderbird2's OC Character

Approved by Short-and-Adorable

First Name: Matthew

Middle Name: None

Last Name: Vince

Place of Birth: Phoenix, AZ

Age: 22

Date of Birth: "December 12" (He has no memory of his real birthday, including birth year, since becoming a vampire. This is only the day he changed.)

Appearance (links accepted too): He wears a pair of jeans and red checkered button up with hiking sneakers; sometimes, black dress pants, pea-green dress shirt and dark dress shoes.

Eyes: Red

Hair: Light brunette naturally highlighted blond

Personality: Obessive-compulsive tendencies is surprisingly unpredictable with his newborn urges to drain of any desireable human is within reach, but this rarely happens ( think about what happened with James, you'll understand) and enough to probably prompt the Cullens Coven to be alert when he is around Bella. Matt's level of self-control deems him sane enough to join the coven even though it is questioned. Other than this, he is quiet and can rather hot-headed when dealing issues (ex. Bella's prescene at their house and knowledge of the vampire world).

Likes: Carlise, Emses, Jasper, hunting, deer, moose

Dislikes: Bella (not a shocker!), Laurent, Victoria, Jasper's empathic abilities

Strengths: Running away is nearly impossible with Matthew's obsession with scents, making sneaking up on him difficult if he recongizes it.

Weaknesses: Matthew is gullibable enough to be led into traps with a scent he finds desireable enough to chase after if it can drive into an frenzy.

History: Matthew was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but raised in Seattle as far as he can tell. In human terms, his death has gone unsolved and was temporarily labeled as a missing person's case, police gave up the search around the port and have now declared him dead. Most of the memories from his earlier life are sketchy because of the flash backs that randomly pop up from time to time, including when attacked as a human.

Species: Vampire - New Born

Mate/Imprint: No one

Power/Color: Matt could best be described as dog with its bone. Once he catches a scent that peaks his curiosity, he will never let it go until gets to the source. With the reminder of the Cullens, this urge is kept in check for the most part, especially around humans. In other words, he is a tracker.

Pack Status/Coven Status: Cullens

3/25/2013 #5 Report
A Lily Rose Marie

sissyfaith's characters

APPROVED BY Short-and-Adorable

First Name: Riley.

Middle Name:Grace.

Last Name:whittlock

Place of Birth:her home in Houston Texas.

Age: 13

Date of Birth:October 19 1999

Appearance (links accepted too): long dirty blonde hair that reaches her butt usually braided she wears her cowgirl hat an boots every where she goes. she's 6'6


Hair:dirty blonde

Personality:sarcastic,cunning, can get away when needed,funny, sweet, evil when needed, when angered can be extremely mean, stubborn, hyper.

Likes:reading, playing guitar/piano, singing, music:(example: Carrie Underwood Miranda Lambert, the all American rejects, AC DC.) her little bit of friends

Dislikes:vampires, an lots of other stuff.

Strengths:running, fighting

Weaknesses: her paws are to big.

History:Riley's mother Allison was born in la push she moved to Texas to her away from it all an she met Riley's father Jason (a hybrid she didn't inherit any vamp geans she's a shifter) an Allison died giving birth to Riley her father raises she had horses an friends till she phased all that was ripped away from her when her father took her to la push for some help an they killed him immediately she phased to help him but they tackled her an demanded her to phase back when she did Leah have her an extra tank top an shorts witch she happily put on then demanded why they killed her father they told her he as a leech an how did she phase she told them all she knew about her mother that she was a shifter an that she moved away an that she died during child birth an her father as bringing her here to see if somebody could help her. (that's the end)

Species:shifter -werewolf-


Power/Color:black with white spots

Pack Status/Coven Status: no pack yet:)

First Name: Andrew

Middle Name:Michael

Last Name: William

Place of Birth:la push


Date of Birth:1998

Appearance (links accepted too):coal black hair that covers his eyes an He's Russett skin 6'8 has both dimples. slim.



Personality:sarcastic, funny sweet,stubborn, caring,

Likes:running with Riley, books music an lots more things.

Dislikes:vampires, running into trees, rap music among other things.

Strengths: running fighting

Weaknesses: paws are to big

History:Andrew was born in la push to a happy family with stories of wolves an come ones he grew an phased when his mother was murderd in front of him by a vampire. (I'm so not good with happy histories i how this works)he phases an with the help of the pack kills him.

Species:werewolf -shifter-


Power/Color:silver an gray an black

Pack Status/Coven Status: nopack

3/25/2013 #6 Report

First Name: Mary

Middle Name: Ann

Place of Birth: A Little town just outside Washington

Age: 6 and a half.

Date of Birth: January 6, 2005

Appearance (links accepted too): 43.imageshack.us/img843/6607/tek5139348a5d8a497976 52.png

Eyes: brown eyes with some speckles of green on them

Hair: almond brown hair

Personality: playful, caring, lovers animals and likes to be with people. Shy around new people.

Likes: animals, to pass time with people who like her, walk around.

Dislikes: bad people who hurt others and people who judge only by apperance.

Strengths: surviving on her own

Weaknesses: if she thinks someone is nice she owuld trust completly on him/her

History: Doesnt remember much about her life as she was born in an orphanage where her mother left her, unable to take care of her, went to a few foster homes but all of them gave her back. Escaped one of her last foster homes taking with her camping stuff to try live in the forest. Wasnt sure she would even survive in her own for a week but lived like that for a few months. Lives now around forks and La Push where people at stores give her some food. Wishes to find someone that takes her in.

Species: Human

Mate: none yet

4/24/2013 #7 Report
Aila Paje

First Name: Claire

Middle Name: Victoria Bella

Last Name: Nightingale

Place of Birth: original birth: Venice, Italy rebirth: New York

Age: appears 18-20 actually is 149 years old

Date of Birth: February 6, 1854

Appearance (links accepted too): Pale skin, almost white with hints of peach and silver. Wine colored lips and flawless features, rather soft, oval face with flowing features. A tiny beauty mark near her right eye is the only mark on her clear skin. She wears black, red and purple mostly, and being rather wealthy, she prefers designer clothing, not too flashy but not drab. Sometimes, while in sunnier places she wears Volturi-like clothing so she blends in to the black of the night while hunting.

Eyes: Red

Hair: Black, shiny, falls in tight, Italian curls down to her waist

Personality: Mysterious, a little cold and appears to have no heart. But inside, which she only shows to those who are close to her, she is kind, delicate and caring but strong and loving.

Likes: human blood, shark blood, running, swimming, hunting, singing, Italy, the countryside of America, other vampires, history, children.

Dislikes: Any other type of blood other than human (except shark), climbing, heights, humans, white.

Strengths: Swimming, smell, hearing

Weaknesses: climbing, fighting, resisting human blood, jumping from heights,

History: She was raised in a normal, Roman Catholic home in Venice, Italy. She enjoyed boat rides and swimming at night. One night, while she was getting ready to go for a swim, she heard soft splashes. She saw figures rising out of the water, coming towards her she couldn't see them well and was more curious than she was scared. One of the figures beckoned to her, flashing perfect, white teeth. She stepped back and the smile vanished. Then she saw his eyes. The two figures rushed at her, one distracting and the other catching her. He smelled heavenly and his flawless features made it impossible to fight back. He fed, wracking her with pain. She screamed and someone heard her, coming out of their house, scaring the vampires away. The person who came thought she had died, as she was still and white. He gave her over to the morgue from which she escaped, only feeling hunger for blood. Her first meal was a farmer in the country, a drunk whose blood stung her throat. After a long time, she grew lonely, always giving herself to her senses, never really being civilized. That's when she decided no longer to hide in caves or sewers, she became a nomad, looking for a suitable coven that fit her tastes. She has thought about the Volturi, and deliberates daily on seeing them.

Species: Vampire

Mate/Imprint: none as yet

Power/Color: she can see the past through objects. (for example, if you were to give her a knife, she could tell you if it were used for murder or cooking and all about the maker and user. Or if you gave her a shirt, she could tell you where it last was and the previous owner(s) of it.)

Pack Status/Coven Status: none as yet

5/2/2013 #8 Report
Maeve Donovan

First Name: Shelby

Middle Name: Avalon

Last Name: Merrick (first and last name taken from the show Higher Ground)

Place of Birth: Iowa

Age: 15 almost 16

Date of Birth: July 12, 1997

Appearance (links accepted too): 1089_1.jpg?cache=1263164583

Eyes: blue

Hair: blonde

Personality: sassy, smart, she can be sweet and loving, but not often, tough

Likes: music, writing

Dislikes: running, gym

Strengths: singing, reading/writing/spelling

Weaknesses: running

History: she was born before her parents were married, they got married when she was 5 months old. Her father started abusing her before the age of 2.

Species: hybrid [but she aged like a human]

Mate/Imprint: none at the moment/wanting someone

Power/Color: orbing (can turn into sparkly dust)

Pack Status/Coven Status: none at the moment

Twilight High

5/13/2013 . Edited 5/13/2013 #9 Report

Hey(: Are you still excepting OC's? Well here's mine! First Name: Spencer Middle Name: Marie Last Name: Clarke Place of Birth: Hollywood, California Age: 17 Date of Birth: April 12 Appearance (links accepted too): Leighton Meester Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Dark Brown/Black that's not curly and not straight. Just inbetween Personality: Spencer is known as very sarcastic. She's spunky but has a heart of gold. She's not labled mean unless you hurt anyone close to her Likes: Werewolfs, Books, Shopping, Animal's Dislikes: Cherrys, People killing animal's Strengths: Reading & Math, Lying Weaknesses: Losing someone close to her, Any sport History: Spencer grew up in Hollywood, California where she lived with her Mom, Dad, Older brother and little sister. Her parent's never fought although her brother, Cameryn, never got along with them. They moved to Fork's, Washington because of her Dad's job Species: Human Mate/Imprint: Seth Power/Color: She doesn't have a power. But she's a really good liar Pack Status/Coven Status: Neither

5/19/2013 #10 Report
Beginning Again

First Name: He has gone by many names, but we'll call him Shade for now. (Symbolic of a very large portion of his existence)

Middle Name: N/A

Last Name: N/A

Place of Birth: A small village that is now known as New Orleans.

Age: 3 million.

Date of Birth: sometime in 27987 BC(before Christ)

Appearance (links accepted too): He has a very pale complexion, and his skin is so old it literally looks like paper! It has a translucent texture that is far clearer than Aro, Marcus and caius's, though still not completely see through. He's very tall, and looks to be about 40 years of ager. (he was 42 when he was turned)

Eyes: Blood red, sometimes black.

Hair: Black

Personality: The few who have encountered this old being describe him as quite like an old willow tree, not just because he smells of willow roots and ginger, but because his personality and physical appearance are frail and not easily seen through yet so clear, it's as if they're simply translucent!He doesn't talk much. He's been around so long, he finds verbal communication to be...outdated and feels that the physical voice should be preserved for truly admirable statements, heartfelt advise and meaningful confessions, rather than mindless communication. While he's not verbal all the time, he communicates his thoughts and things he feels need to be said through other things, like body language, hand motions, and the occasional word or two, but it's rare to hear more than three or four sentences out of him. He speaks many languages quite fluently, due to his elongated time on this plane. He believes quite strongly that each being has a soul, from the smallest of ants to the most feral of moon children, and that includes himself. As well, he believes there is a place somewhere far from here where that soul rests at peace when the host has passed into ash and Earth, though whether a true all knowing, all seeing, all ruling God exists he has yet to decide and will not decide until he visits the place he is said to reside. Many may think that he would rather be dead now, but he can't find it in himself t wish that. While he's experienced quite a lot in his time on Earth, there's always been something missing. He longs to experience love, and is sure that once he has felt that for some time, and knows the feeling of loving and being loved in return, he may truly be ready to move on. His political standing is quite similar to Marcus's, although very different at the same time. Due to his early years of rampage, anger and destruction(refer to the 'short' history), he is very much against anything or anyone who morphs into a hungry, feral, murderous creature like the children of the moon, no matter the fact that they only become that once a month. He also has no trust for creatures who can change form at will, and finds them very peculiar and mischievous (the Quileute wolves). He also has one belief that has a string resemblance to Caius. His hatred for blunt disrespect and intentional harm make him against rule breakers of any form, and his distaste for the flavor and less enhancing qualities of animal blood make him a human drinker, though he would not take the Volturi's side if the decided the wanted to wreck war on someone.

Likes: Dark, hidden places, small groups, to be around people (especially after so long alone), reading, and children.

Dislikes: Blunt disrespect, intentional harm, violence, and animal blood.

Strengths: Wisdom, knowledge, understanding, mercy, patients, and his power. (see bellow *points to the power section*

Weaknesses: Human blood (he still struggles to control the urge, after 3 million years and it has to do with a very large part of his past) and the standard vampire weaknesses

History:(he doesn't remember much of his life, and the parts he doesn't are indicated with -the part of his life he doesn't remember-) -Shade was born to a loving family sometime in 27987 BC. He was born to a family who resided in a small village in what is now referred to as New Orleans. He grew up working for his father, hunting game for food, and speaking in a language made up of ticks, clicks, and a sort of humming buzzing sound. His mother, who was not necessarily named at the time and was more often referred to as or 'tick, click buzz' , each person having their own assembly of ticks, clicks, and buzzes depending on their status in the tribe. His father, known as 'tick tick buzz click buzz tick click' was a very respected member of 'society' in their village, as he was depended upon for food, shelter and clothing. The women were to cook and take care of the children until the children were old enough to fend for themselves, this was believed to be 12 or 13 at the time. He grew up in this atmosphere, believing it was the only way to live, and other ways were simply barbaric and hindered by biases.

When he was 15 years of age, his older sister, 'Tick Click' was beaten to death by one of the enemy tribes and eaten as a sacrifice to their 'God'. He was furious, and assembled an army of the strongest men and women to attempt to overthrow this tribe, but as the tribe was much bigger than their small group of 16, they lost many lives and those who survived returned with heavy hearts and quite a few broken or dismembered limbs. They were apes, baboons, he used to think. Taking what they wanted and leaving what was not appealing. He had big plans to destroy those people who took his sister and many of his beloved siblings and tribe members, but nature took it's course before he had the chance and whipped out that entire nation in a large tsunami.

Many years passed and he continued on doing his duties. When he was 42 years of age, and getting quite close to requesting to be sacrificed in a ritual killing for their own Lord's, who to this day remain unnamed, he was out carrying hand woven baskets of fish with the women, children and elderly when the man who beat and cooked his sister attacked them, though his strength and agility were far greater. He quickly and quietly killed off each of the women, children and other elders until only Shade was left. It's said that he was turned quickly, but that was not the case. He was tortured endlessly and mercilessly for the attack on the man's people, and when he finally had dealt enough pain and suffering, Shade felt the searing pain venom laced teeth digging into his flesh.-

After three long days of silence and darkness, Shade awoke, his memories of his human life fading quickly. Not understanding what or who he was, he lashed out and went on a rampage, leaving many dead and mangled in his path. Many hundreds of years later, he'd finally grown tired of the anger within him and went into hiding. He came out from time to time and traveled to a new location, but only recently (say 1 or 2 hundred years ago) he came out for good, feeling the urge to murder and destroy had completely diminished many, many years prior, and feeling able to control himself. Shortly after he emerged from his hidden state, he went in search of one who could be his presentiment, of sorts. Someone who could communicate easily with others and share with them information when Shade did not feel the need to speak. After much searching and nearly a hundred years, he found a man named Alexander. Alexander was fairly old, nearly one thousand years and very well versed in the way of communication, in fact it seemed to be a specialty of his. This proved to be very useful to Shade when Alexander learned his signals and communication strategies that did not involve verbal interaction.

After some serious thought, the two have made the equal decision to pursue a friendship with the Volturi, they feel quite strongly that Shade's gift may be of some use to them, no matter the limits it holds. (NOTE: He did NOT witness the birth, life or deathof Christ. During this time, he was quite lethal and in his darker days, and didn't waste his time with little towns like the one where Jesus was born, and therefore he heard about the crucifiction from a second hand party)

Species: Vampire

Mate/Imprint: He had a brief relationship in the midst of his rampant years with a woman named Estelle, but it didn't last long and he killed her as soon as he got bored.

Power/Color: He has many abilities that he has acquired over time, but only one stands out as a 'power' per see. His ability to sense ones status (i.e. Vampire, Human, Child of the Moon, or shifter) simply by looking into their eyes. He describes this experience as a sort of enlightenment, or sudden knowledge. He looks into their eyes, and it's as if an image is transferred from their brain to his own. This is, of course, with limits. As he can only look into one set of eyes at one specific time, it can only work on one person. It also takes minutes, sometimes reaching ten and fifteen, before he truly knows what it is that's been transferred to his mind through this gift.

Pack Status/Coven Status: N/A(nomad)

First Name: Alexander

Middle Name: N/A

Last Name: Maior (meaning 'the elder' in Roman)

Place of Birth: Rome, 1,000 years ago.

Age: 1,000

Date of Birth: Roughly 996 years post Christ.

Appearance (links accepted too): Ashy blonde hair that only goes down to his shoulders, tall and thin yet muscular. His skin is similar to Aro, Marcus and caius but looking a bit younger.

Eyes: Red

Hair: Blonde

Personality: Alexander is quite the likable one. He gets along with many types of people, and is best known for his years in Germany teaching the young children to communicate. He loves the sound of the human (or, sometimes not so human) voice, and believes it should be used for great things. He also enjoys helping those who cannot communicate verbally find other ways of communication, that's how he met Shade.

Likes: To be around and talking to people, Mozart, and wide open spaces.

Dislikes: The word of mouth being put down, no matter the form

Strengths: Languages ad the standard vampire strengths.

Weaknesses: The standard vampire weaknesses

History: He was turned by a man named Julius, named after the great Julius Ceasar, and left to fend for himself, his life before that is unknown to him and all who know him, he lived most of his life as a nomad until he came to Germany, where he stayedto help the people in a small village learn to communicate better.

Species: Vampire

Mate/Imprint: He does not have a mate.

Power/Color: N/A

Pack Status/Coven Status: N/A (nomad)

5/24/2013 #11 Report

First Name: Alexandria "Alex"

Middle Name: Rose

Last Name: Moorse

Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington

Age: 17

Date of Birth: January 12, 1996

Appearance (links accepted too): Alex is a really lanky girl and quite tall for her age. She has fair skin with freckles dotted the areas from her cheekbones to the bridge of her nose. She wears black eyes rectangular glasses.

Eyes: Alex has dark brown eyes.

Hair: Alex has dark brown hair that reaches right below her breasts. Her bangs are uneven and parted towards to right. She usually has one small braid on the right side of her face.

Personality: Alex is a hardworking girl who has goals in her life and plans to reach them. However, although she is a generally motherly and kind person, Alex is a perfectionist, very self-conscious, and is often on her toes and jittery. Alex is usually indecisive. hesitant to do anything but with enough trust, she can turn out to be a great friend who always has your back.

Likes: hanging out with her friends, music, having fun, laughing, telling stories

Dislikes: having to pick sides, having to fight, having to be a peacekeeper

Strengths: motherly, kind, intelligent, correcting people

Weaknesses: Alex tend to be a bit of a know-it-all, indecisive, awkward, and jittery. For a human, she has above average athletic abilities. But, barely average for a hunter.

History: Alex is a descendent of a line of hunters. Hunters are a neutral race that simply watch over using above average skills. They are meant to kill whoever threatens the peace. Alex was the first hunter for quite a few generations. Alex went to school and lived her life as a normal human up until the age of 15, when her abilities and jittery-ness began to really appear in her everyday life. At this coming-of-age moment, a hunter is meant to start training. However, being the only hunter in the past three or so generations meant that no one could train her. Thus, Alex moved to Forks to live a a distant family friend, who was a barely trained Hunter.

Species: Hunter- a slightly above average human

Mate/Imprint: Single, but is it alright if she has a crush on Jacob?

Power/Color: Alex is slightly (not by much) quicker, more accurate, and stronger versus an average human. She excels in sharpshooting.

Pack Status/Coven Status: N/A... Unless you count her as a Hunter-in-Training?

(Feel free to nitpick at my OC. Alex is a new OC, and I appreciate any criticism, but not flames. Is making a new species/subspecies too Mary-Sueish or big? Thank you for any and all input :))

5/28/2013 #12 Report
Amber-dancing in the rain

First Name: Amber Middle Name: Maxine Last Name: LaMontagne Place of Birth: New Orleans, Louisiana Age: 17 (physical) 101 (actual) Date of Birth: 1912 Appearance (links accepted too): look up Amber Heard in Criminal Minds on Google search Eyes: blue Hair: blond Personality: sassy, sweet on occasion, smart Likes: books, reading, Jasper Dislikes: running, loud noises Strengths: fighting, climbing, reading Weaknesses: spelling, talking History: born in 1912 Species: vampire Mate/Imprint: none (though she dated Jasper) Power/Color: she can make inanimate things move and/or speak Pack Status/Coven Status: Cullens?

5/31/2013 #13 Report

First name: Sebastian "Bas"

Middle name: Reinhardt

Surname: McCulloch

Place of birth: Texas

Age: 21

Date of birth: June 21st

Appearance: htt p: //4. bp. blogspot. com /_iNSQe8NA9RQ/THGZTyq1ETI/AAAAAAAALs0/ Umv64grdzz0/ s1600 /gaspard_ulliel. jpg

Personality: Laid back most of the time, with an appreciation for the finer things in life that clashes with his pragmatic upbringing which tends to shine through when he's feeling cruel.

Likes: Boundaries, jokers. Dislikes: Nosey people.

Strengths: He's good at figuring people out. Usually has a genuine inking for helping people.

Weaknesses: His cruelty can come out when he's feeling antsy, and he doesn't really differentiate between friend, enemy and bystander when he's like that. His hypocrisy. His friendships, especially one with a young wolf which ended up with her turning and trying to kill him (in 1953). He's still not quite over that one.

Species: Vampire.

History: He grew up on a ranch, and "died" at the beginning of the nineteenth century in World War One. He was turned by his commanding officer, and was used as a mad killing machine that the commander would release on German camps. He was eventually found by the Volturi, and the commanding officer was killed. He was able to be released because he had not revealed the vampire secret to the world. He became a solitary nomad.

Power/Colour: He can blow fuses and make electrical things mess up.

Mate: None.

Coven status: Is a lone wolf, so to speak, so he is his own leader.

6/11/2013 . Edited 6/11/2013 #14 Report
Graham Humbert's Shoelace

First Name: Lillianna ( Lily)

Middle Name: Jadlyn

Last Name: Cullen née Robinson ( Formally Olivér and Denali.)

Creator: Maria

Place of Birth: Houston, Texas. Moved to France, Paris when she was five.

Age: 17 ( Vampire age: 174)

Date of Birth: 1816

Eyes: Golden/ honey, turns black when hungry or lustful. Originally emerald green

Looks like: ru-te-hairstyles-with-wave-hair-for-women-trendy-2 92x411-pixel.html&ei=hB-7UcKHJ8nKhAevz4HYCw&bvm=bv.47883778,d.ZGU&psig=AFQjCNEI90umKlLkza2xkpxTLSOlvcXFgw&ust=1371304011771647

Personality: Cold at first, happy, sarcastic, smart, funny, sweet, can be very vengeful, very stubborn, quiet, can be hyper, curious, imaginative and bubbly.

Likes: Reading, chatting with Jasper and Peter, annoying Emmett, playing pranks with Emmett, dissing Edward and drawing.

Dislikes: Edward, shopping with Alice, Mike Newton, Volturi, gossip, human food, angry Esme...

Strengths: Combat skills/ strength, running, very good at lies, Psychic electrokinesis ( Can electrocute people except Jane, in self defense.)

Weaknesses: Jane's power, her love for others, people she loves dieing, her ability to see the people she loves deaths ( Sort of like Alice's power.), falling in love and people finding out about her past.

History: Lily moved from Texas when she was five. She didn't particularly like Paris as people were suffering from poverty, in 1832 she decided to help with the French Revolution by pretending to be a boy and fighting, the end result was bad as she took a bullet to the chest in order to save a friend, she was found on the brink of death by Maria who changed her into a vampire. In 1863 Maria came across Jasper Whitlock and changed him, Lily had taken an interest in Jasper because, during his change he never screamed and she was attracted to him, when he woke up he had natural fighting skills and Maria told Lily to train him. Lily's love for Jasper grew stronger, but she found out he had loved Maria and her unbeating heart had shattered, a month later Lily went out for a walk and came across Peter Smith (Whitlock), she changed him after finding him almost dead, he immediately grew attracted to her and she to him, they spent almost a year 'together' until Jasper realized his feelings for Lily, Peter and Lily broke of their friends with benefits idea because Peter had found his true mate Charlotte they had parted friends. Jasper and Lily were secretly together and in love, until Jasper decided not to kill anymore newborns therefor creating a battle between himself and Maria who had tried and failed to kill Lily, Jasper became enraged and had killed Maria, Maria's remaining followers were killing newborns and Jasper had told Lily to run off because if she had died he would never forgive himself, she had agreed by replying '' We were never true mates, but I will always love you Jasper, remember that.'' and Jasper had kissed her for the final time, and he watched horrified as she fought against a newborn and believing she was dead, when she was actually found by Tanya Denali. She had lived with the Denali's for about a year when she decided she didn't want to kill humans, as a result the Denali's left without her. She had traveled for a month when she had found her true mate Ceallach Robinson, they had married and lived happily, until James and his coven had found them and killed Ceallach out of spite, a vengeful Lily had fled and found the Cullen's who had taken her in as one of their own, Jasper arrived with Alice and was generally shocked when he had seen Lily, he had hugged her and said '' I missed you so much.'' Alice had looked on jealously and asked what was going on between them Lily explained her story to the Cullen's and Jasper felt sorry for his ex- partner/lover who had tried so hard to find love and when she had finally found it it was torn away from her. Alice asked Lily how she felt about Jasper and she replied '' I'll always love Jasper, he was my first love, and you can never stop loving your first love. When I found Ceallach I knew he was my true love and mate, I felt happy again, but he was torn away from me, I know I'll never love again, Peter and I ended on good terms but it still hurt a little, and when Jasper told me to run I felt my world end, I thought he'd died. Then I met Ceallach and my world healed, most of my romances ended badly, so I built an emotionless wall and I'm never going to let myself fall in love again, it hurts to much.'' When she met Bella, she wasn't very fond of her, but she grew to love her as a sister and friend, when they had gone to fight Victoria Lily had said to Edward '' You can have Riley, I need to kill Victoria. For Ceallach.'' Edward had agreed and let her kill Victoria in which she hissed to Victoria '' How did it feel when Jasper, Emmett and I ripped James to shreds? That's how I felt when you killed my mate. Now I'm going to kill you and I'll do it slowly.'' the Cullen's and Quilettes had watched on fearfully as they'd never seen the vicious side to Lily, and she had gotten her revenge by ripping Victoria apart very slowly. She felt sorry for Bree Tanner and commented '' Her life was taken to soon.''

Species: Vampire.

Mate: Ceallach Robinson ( Deceased.), had a short romance with Peter Whitlock, had a crush on Jasper Whitlock who had returned the feelings and they fell in love.

Power: Psychic electrokinesis, her strength and her ability to see the people she loves deaths

Coven Status: The Cullen's ( Originally in Maria's Army and the Denali Coven.)

Loyalty's: The Cullen coven, Bella, the Whitlock's, Maria ( Formally) and the Denali's ( Formally)

6/14/2013 #15 Report

First Name: Evangelina, Ina for short

Middle Name: Skylar

Last Name: (she forgot her last name...)

Place of Birth: Seattle

Age: 24, but was 15 when changed

Date of Birth: 31.1.199o.

Appearance : Pale milky complexion and eternal beauty like all vampires possess.

Eyes: dark red

Hair: shoulder-lenght dark brown

Personality: open-minded and friendly. She always says what she thinks and has no problem with speaking her mind. Always up for fun.

Likes: reading good books while listening to music on headphones, stargazing, meeting interesting new vampires...

Dislikes: being lied to

Strengths: usual vampire abilities. sadly, she doesn't have any special talents, since they are so rare.

Weaknesses: she is still struggling with her thirst a lot, so she doesn't spend much time around humans.

History: she was a part of Seattle Newborn Army. When she accidentally found the truth about sun, she fled. She hasn't been mentioned in TSSLoBT because she was long gone when Bree joined in.

Species: vampire ;)

Mate/Imprint: *shakes head*

Power/Color: Nope.

Pack Status/Coven Status: Was part of Seattle Newborn Army, but she didn't like it there at all. Now she is a nomad.

6/16/2013 #16 Report
Korra Ly

Name (First Middle Last):Lydia Elizabeth Twilight


Date of Birth:Decmber 15th 1802

Age: looks 19

Appearance (links are ok): tedIndex=5

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire):Controling the Elements only knows of the air element

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon):Vampire

Personality:She is patient but short-tempered, calm but rebellious, petty but noble, fearsome but affectionate, free spirits but fiercely territorial She also - not surprisingly - noted for a marked reluctance to make up their minds.

What makes her magnetic and commanding figures is the absolute loyalty and affection Lydia shows for those she loves. With a natural air of authority,Lydia easily earn the respect and admiration of those who love her in return.

While domesticated Lydia is quite happy among familiar surroundings, she is just as apt to fly off on an adventure at a moment's notice. Unpredictable and emotional, she can become quite fearless when standing up for herselve or others, and often hold definitive views on how to right the wrongs of society.

At work, Lydia shows natural leadership ability, but prefers to work alone

Friends:Tries getting along with everyone,but has screw enemy's

Imprint/Mate (If one):furture Mate- John Twilight

Short History (4-10 sentences):Lydia was some how born from two vampires,and grew. When Lydia was younger her parents gave her a good childhood,she had friends,and John. Lydia was surround by older vampires,and that made her hate humans somehow. John was the only person she liked the most.

6/22/2013 #17 Report
Sofie Clearwater

First Name: Alexis

Middle Name:Star

Last Name:Baker

Place of Birth:California

Age: 17

Date of Birth:Aug 12

Appearance (links accepted too): Long blond hair with green eyes. She is short and skinny and very pretty

Eyes: Green

Hair:Blond with red streaks dyed in

Personality:Kind, nice she's the kind of person willing to do anything for a friend. But she is shy as can be

Likes:Readig, writing, drawing

Dislikes:crowds, talking

Strengths: she is strong when she is needed to be for a friend

Weaknesses:she can't talk in front of people

History: She's a human looking for friends after her family died in a car crash




Pack Status/Coven Status:none

7/30/2013 #18 Report

First Name: Rachel

Middle Name: Elizabeth

Last Name: Nelson

Place of Birth: Cincinnati Ohio

Age: 17/21

Date of Birth: Feb 10

Appearance (links accepted too): /v/aishwarya-rai-with-curly-hairstyle-pictures/ais hwarya_raiwithsmallsoftcurls.jpg.html

Eyes: Gold

Hair: Wavy-curly a shoulder length hair

Personality: shy at first but is very energetic if you know her. She is nice, but she is a little selfish.

Likes: singing, being right, and music

Dislikes: bullies, human food, and people who act perfect

Strengths: making friends, understanding things

Weaknesses: trusts easily, can be selfish

History: She grew up in a happy home with parents who loved her and two siblings. She was middle class and got a lot of what she wanted. But one day when she went walking in the woods near her house and she was bitten. She felt the blood lust and as she was in a forest she saw some deer and drank their blood. She has been wandering around the US for a while now but she n misses her family.

Species: Vampire

Mate/Imprint: None yet

Power/Color: can control time

Pack Status/Coven Status: nomad for now

7/31/2013 #19 Report
Noel Madden

Real name: Korra Madden

Nickname: None

Date of Birth: May 28th 1997

Age (right now): 16

Appeared Age: 16

Origin (Place of birth): South Korea

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Species (Witches, Wizards, demons, casters, etc. count.): Hybrid

Appearance (Yes, webpages count): mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;docid=5ZHH-5F0ND2GIM&imgurl= (blue eyes instead)

Personality:On the surface Korra is fierce, independent, tomboyish, and pugnacious. However, beneath this tough exterior, she possesses a strong loyalty toward her comrades and an admirable compassion seen with family and friends. Her offensive battle style means that she is always quick to initiate or rise to a challenge and she is extremely quick witted and impulsive, especially in heated situations. her rash decisions often result in her accidentally insulting others.

Korra is tough, impatient, headstrong, sarcastic, and assertive, she also has a good sense of humor and enthusiasm, and a vulnerable teenage charm. Korra is impulsive and therefore has a hard time hiding her true feelings.

Hobbies: Adapted pro-bending.

Likes: Kind people.

Dislikes: Mean people and being bossed around.

Scent (Cherries, rosemary, lemons, etc. Be creative, please!): Smells like a combination of all four elements.

Occupation (Job or student or whatever): None yet.

Fur Color (If shape shifter or werewolf): N/A

Family: Noel is somewhat her adoptive mother

Coven/Pack: None

Talents: Bending the elements (as she calls it, it is in fact control them)

Special Abilities (Must go with your characters history): Bend the elements.

History: Korra's mother died giving birth to her. Her father took care of her. When she was four she discovered she could control water, earth and fire. Her father tried to stop her from using her power. Despite the opression upon her abiity, Korra kept training, even though she can't control air yet. She kept a positive perspective upon life. One day her father disappeared and she moved to town. Meeting Noel, she accepted to stay for a while.

Created by (Pen name): Avatar Korra in Action

-------------------------------------------------- -------------

Real name: Sarafina Smith

Nickname: Karma (given by Mufasa)

Date of Birth: December 21st 1918

Date of Change/First Phase (If a vampire, or Shapeshifter): December 20th 1946

Age (right now): 95

Appeared Age: 28

Origin (Place of birth): Africa

Race/Ethnicity/Nationality (Can be simple such as 'Caucasian' or 'black' or you can go into detail and say 'Irish, Welsh, Italian, Austrian, etc...): African

Gender: Female

Hair (color, style, length, etc…) Black, long and curly, usually tyed up.

Eyes (color, shape, etc…) Dark brown, circle shape.

Height: 5' 2.1"

Weight: Normal for someone of her age and size

Species (Witches, Wizards, demons, casters, etc. count.): Vampire

Appearance (Yes, webpages count): gs-african-women-must-change-by.html

Clothing Style: Typical African clothes

Personality: Gentle, kind, submissive, motherly.

Overall- Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist

Hobbies: Play instruments

Likes: Her family and soft scents

Dislikes: The Volturi

Favorite Possessions: Her potion books

Scent (Cherries, rosemary, lemons, etc. Be creative, please!): Pretty much like jungle

Occupation (Job or student or whatever): Makes potions

Fur Color (If shape shifter or werewolf): N/A

Family: Mufasa, Nala and Scar

Coven/Pack: Smith Coven

Talents: Making potions.

Special Abilities (Must go with your characters history): Being able to make her potions actually work.

History: Not much is known. She was the first born and is kind of the matriarch of the family. Her last boyfriend was abusive to her, until she accidentally killed him. She was changed after that, her desire to help others originating her ability.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Created by (Pen name): Avatar Korra in Action

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------

Name: Nadia Ivanov (adopted this one as her previous family was from Russia)

Physical age: 23

Mental age: 112

Date of birth: December 19th 1894

Date when changed (if vampire): December 11th 1917

Appearance: F%252Fwallpapersbest.net%252Fwallpapers%252F2012%2 52F10%252FAlessandra-Ambrosio-Brazil-Girls-Face-18 00x2880.jpg%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.crazygallery. info%252FAlessandra-Corine-Ambrosio-Tumblr.html%3B 2880%3B1800

Nationality: Russian/Brazilian

Personality: Caring, sweet, adventurous, nurturing.

Likes: Children, having fun, generous people, and her friends. Sing.

Dislikes: Inmature people, people who lie, dangers that do not make sense to risk

Weaknesses: Would do ANYTHING to protect them

Strenghts: Her friends

Life story: Nadia was born in Russia to a Brazilian father and a Russian mother. He takes after her father. She lived there until the Russian Revolution. Her parents changed her a few days earlier and then they moved to Brazil. Her parents didn't make it and she lives in Rio.

Abilities/Powers: Create illusions.

Species (everything is allowed): Vampire

Family: Rosaliya

Creator: Her deceased parents

Extras: N/A

Scent: Rosemary, mint and wasabi

Talents: Sing and play instruments.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------

Real name: Noel Madden

Nickname: None.

Date of birth:December 1st 1566

Age: 447

Appeared age: 30

Origin: Germany

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Black

Eye color: Crimson.

Species: Vampire

Appearance: hair/hairst yles-for-black-hair-2/

Perosnality: Kind, caring, compassionate, motherly. A little hyper. Hides a dark event of her past. She is also strong and is described by Lauren as "being made of steel". If you get her mad, stay out of her way. She doesn't like other people's suggesting things to her, especially if it is about finding a mate or how to raise Lauren.

Hobbies: Writing, painting. Singing and playing on her guitar.

Likes: Children, people of all species, as long as they are nice to her and don't dare to speak of anything related to Germany to her.

Dislikes: Anything related with Germany.

Scent (Cherries, rosemary, lemons, etc. Be creative, please!): Her scent is very soft and calming, she smells like strawberries.

Occupation (Job or student or whatever): She worked as a doctor before being deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Doesn't have a job now.

Family: Her family was murdered during the Holocaust.

Coven/Pack: None. She is a nomad.

Talents: Blending in.

Special Abilities (Must go with your characters history):Identify and torture people with their fears.

History: Noel was born to a strict Jewish family, she was born a hybrid. When she was 10 they emigrated to Poland. She got married to Lauren's father (a full vampire) and they had Lauren (who is a hybrid, more vampire than human). They lived there for centuries, until the World War II ecloded and the three (Noel, her husband and Lauren) were deported to Auschwitz -Birkenau in late 1941. In 1944, Noel and her husband were relocated to Bergen -Belsen. Her husband and Lauren's father was torn apart and burned in front of Noel a few weeks before liberation. When the Allies arrived they killed every SS member in the camp, then changing a very close to dying Noel, who was weak from the years living on a concentration camp. Through her change, all she thought about was hurting the ones who had hurt her and her family, originating her power: torturing people with their worst fears, until some beg for being killed. She has been alone after liberation, looking for Lauren, hoping she is still alive. She is a part of the Illuminati (a secret society) and killed half of them on her own. Today, 68 years later, (May 1st 2013) she learned her daughter was killed in Auschwitz.

Extras: She knows how to hack into any technology and drinks human blood. Known around the world as the Illuminati princess.

Created by (Pen name): Noel Madden

Reply 8/19 #45 -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------

Real name: Lenka Denali

Nickname: None

Date of Birth: December 4th 1941

Age (right now): In physical age, 4. Mental: 72 years

Appeared Age: 5 years.

Origin (Place of birth): Germany

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye color: Red (when after hunting), Black (when thirsty)

Species (Witches, Wizards, demons, casters, etc. count.): Immortal child

Appearance (Yes, webpages count):

Personality: Kind, bubbly, childish-like, sweet and innocent. Loves to have fun.

Hobbies: Read, paint and draw.

Likes: Her family and the Cullens.

Dislikes: Nazis or ex-Nazis.

Scent (Cherries, rosemary, lemons, etc. Be creative, please!): Cherries and strawberries. A very delicate and soft scent.

Occupation (Job or student or whatever): None.

Fur Color (If shape shifter or werewolf): N/A

Family: The Denali family and Noel. (Even though Noel doesn't remember)

Coven/Pack: Denali

Talents: Blending in

Special Abilities (Must go with your characters history): Changing her appearance. Developed this through her change, knowing she was too young to be a vampire. So she developed it to remain safe.

History: Lenka was born in Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1941, three days after Noel arrived. As soon as she was born, the soldiers took her from Noel's arms and raised her, hoping she'd fit for Mengele's experiments. A few days before liberation she was changed after being thrown in the gas chambers, being taken out and changed the last minute. A few years later she stumbled upon Kate and the rest of the Denali family, who hid her.

Created by (Pen name): Noel Madden

9/23/2013 #20 Report
Noel Madden

Real name: Calliope (last name unknown)

Nickname: Callie

Date of Birth: A few years after Earth was formed

Date of Change/First Phase (If a vampire, or Shapeshifter): Her change occured due to a gene muttation.

Appeared Age: 24

Origin (Place of birth): what is today India

Race/Nationality/Ethnicity: Indian

Gender: Female

Hair: curly and long black hair

Eyes (color, shape, etc…) Blue, green, or grey. they change depending on the light intensity. Indian shape.

Height: 5' 7''

Weight: normal for someone of her height

Species (Witches, Wizards, demons, casters, etc. count.): Vampire

Appearance (Yes, webpages count): dian-wedding-dresses-2011/&docid=BvZKySrNyRiu6M&imgurl= 12/Red-Indian-Wedding-Dresses-2011.jpg&w=500&h=750&ei=Cq68UZLCO-Wr7Abji4CYBQ&zoom=1&ved=1t:3588,r:47,s:100,i:145&iact=rc&page=6&tbnh=189&tbnw=144&ndsp=32&tx=65&ty=95

Clothing Style: Indian clothes.

Personality: Majestic, evil during one week every month. Flirty and seductive. Attracts people to her like a magnet

Overall- Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist

Hobbies: Make her own clothes, has a succesful shop in Forks.

Likes: Almost everything entertains her. Help people, sometimes. In every new moon, she is completely evil.

Dislikes: Annoying people

Favorite Possessions: Her bracelet she has of the seven chakras

Scent (Cherries, rosemary, lemons, etc. Be creative, please!): Smells like cooking fire.

Occupation (Job or student or whatever): Works on her own clothes shop

Fur Color (If shape shifter or werewolf): N/A

Family: None

Coven/Pack: None

Talents: Making clothes, luring people in.

Special Abilities (Must go with your characters history): Magic, mostly dark magic.

History: Not much is known about her life story. Her power comes from the agonizing pain she felt during her change. The pain almost consumed her, turning into the ability of performing dark magic. She is the first vampire ever

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Created by (Pen name): Avatar Korra in Action

9/23/2013 #21 Report
absent minded20

Real name: Marie June Isabella

Nickname: May

Date of birth: Oct. 8, 1847

Date of change: Jan. 17, 1861

Appeared age: 18

Origin: England

Race/Nationality/Ethnicity: English

Gender: Female

Hair: dirty blond, and wavy

Eyes: golden, black, and blue

Height: 5' 8''

Weight: Someone normal for her height

Clothing style: normal teen clothes, but she has a necklace her real mother gave her

Personality: Fun, Smart, Flirty, Loyal, and she doesn't hold grudges

Overall- Optimist or pessimist: optimist

Hobbies: hunting, school

Likes: Funny stuff, babies, clothes, books, music,

Dislikes: self-absorbing people, annoying people, bullies

Favorite Possession: her necklace

Scent: Watermelon

Occupation: student

Family: none

Coven: Cullens

Power: She can create whirl winds of emotions

History: Her mother committed suicide. She got her power from the pain she felt when her mother died, she can create a whirl wind of emotions

Sexual orientation: Straight

Created by: Jayfeathergal2020

7/12/2014 #22 Report
A Lily Rose Marie


7/21/2014 #23 Report
Korra Ly

First Name: Lin

Middle Name: Xiao

Last Name: Jie

Place of Birth:Taipei, Taiwan

Age: 25

Date of Birth: August 3rd, 1886

Appearance: 

Eyes: Her eyes are a very dark brown so they seem almost black.

Hair: Her hair is long and straight and she likes putting it and many different styles.

Personality: Lin is a very kind person and is very ambitious. She loves clothing and is your typical girly-girl, but she isn't afraid of hard work and can do anything as long as she has help. Lin is a big hopeless romantic and has been in several relationships.

Alert and Bright,Consistent,Flexible, Loves life,Extroverted. Bring out the best in others,Selfless,Warm,Hyper

Species: Vampire


7/22/2014 . Edited by Lily Rose Marie, 12/30/2014 #24 Report

First Name: Freya

Last Name: Stark

Place of Birth: London, England

Age: 18

Date of Birth: December 16th, 1286


Eyes: Ice blue (eyes are strange because of her special powers)

Hair: wild rose red from here --

Personality: Freya is a strong women. During the medieval ages, she was a princess/lady, but she never was a proper princess/lady. She loved to fight and loved to hunt with her friends

who were knights and her brothers. She still uses her bow and arrow and her sword from her human life. She still acts and talks the way she did during the medieval ages and she

remembers everything from her human life.

Likes: the forest, the colors green, black, silver, brown and red. she likes to hunt, fight, play music from her time, sing songs from her time. she likes books, playing medieval video games

like Oblivion, and likes to play World of Warcraft. riding horses like she did when she was human, nature. She loves castles, especially ones from the medieval times, and the dark.

she also likes animals

Dislikes: people making fun of the medieval times, cars, the modern style of houses, factories, the color pink, yellow, orange

Strengths: sword fighting, bow and arrows, hunting, singing, running, revenge

Weaknesses: losing the people she loves, self control, rejection

History: She was born to Clarissa and Nikolaus Stark. Only daughter, third oldest of five children-- Landon, 22. Mason, 20. Herself, 18. Renost, 15. Nikolaus II, 13. She was turned by Kate Denali on

December 23, 1304. She lived with the Denali's until 1864, and she lived on her own until 1942. In 1942, she went back to the Denali's and left again in 1998 to live with the Cullens.

Species: Vampire

Mate: Alec

Power/Color: She can control the elements- fire, earth, water, air- and she has the ability to see the future exactly the way it will happen along with possessing animals and other

vampires and humans.

Pack Status/Coven Status: Part of both the Denali Coven and the Cullen Coven. Currently living with the Cullens

7/28/2014 . Edited 8/8/2014 #25 Report
Deleted accountlosiento

First name:Faylinn

Middle name: Liluna

Last name: Hale

Place of birth:Unknown

Age: 16

Date of Birth: 3/16/1993

Appearance: She is 5'5 with a hour glass figure and a heart shaped face. She has her nose and tongue pierced. She has a tattoo of a fairy on her left ankle. She is often seen dressed in corsets and skirts plus stilettos. She wears the Cullen emblem as a tattoo on her neck.

Eyes: A mix of green and blues.

Hair: Mid back blong hair with pink and purple streaks.

Personality: she is withdrawn and a loner to outsides. To her family she is outgoing and way to energetic.

Likes: she lovea to be outside and drawing. With drawing she enjoys singing and dancing.

Dislikes: The wolves, chocolate and being called Squirt.

Strength: She is extremely smart and a great strategist.

Weaknesses: Alice. She can't seem to say no to her. She also can't stand the smell of roses when she smells them her powers go crazy.

History: Jasper and Alice where hunting one day when they spotted the body of a dead mother protecting a baby. Alice and Jasper where instantly drawn to the infant. They took her home and she was adopted by them sincrde she had no family. She grew up with Cullens and learned of her powers which scared her. She was put through hours and hours of training from her father. She finally mastered them and learned who plus what she was.

Species: Hybrid

Mate/imprint: Embry Call

Power/color: She can control water and fire.

Coven status/pack status: Adoptive daughter of Alice and Jasper.

7/28/2014 . Edited 8/10/2014 #26 Report
Bleed with you

(Ignore, read the rules wrong, I apologise)

7/30/2014 . Edited 7/30/2014 #27 Report
Bleed with you

First Name: Seth (goes by his middle name more so than not, called Crow by people that know him)

Middle Name: Michael

Last Name: Pierce

Place of Birth: Boston Massachusetts, USA


Date of Birth:07/18/1753

Appearance (links accepted too): average build, 6'0" hard muscled, tattoo of black wings on his back, easy on the eyes (slightly better than average looking), typically in athletic cut shirts, and shorts or jeans

Eyes: bright, deep blue

Hair: Black, kept short

Personality: Confident, reserved, quiet, wise

Likes: Nature, sparring/fighting, excercise, music, America (patriot, not supporting the government)

Dislikes: Morons, needles violence, big government, "Pop music" (It's not really music anyway)

Strengths: Strong, fast, intelligent, wise, experienced, loyal

Weaknesses: can be quick to anger, overly loyal, disconnected from the world

History: Born in Boston, shortly after he turned twenty he shifted for the first time, he participated in the revolutionary war, the exploration of the west, war of 1812, Civil war, reconstruction, World war one, he worked his way up in the world from returning from Europe after the first world war, he pulled everything out shortly before the collapse, then took to the woods once more, once the 1970s came he came back to the world watching the music scene, he entered the Olympic peninsula and tramped along the treaty line between the Cullens and the Quillites, when the greeting party from the Cullens arrived, they asked him if he knew where he was, he said he did, and it wasn't false, they asked him why he was there, he said, "I'll be damned if some pasty faced nit wit's are going to tell me I can't walk where I have been for the past two hundred years." More out of shock than giving up, they left him be. He purchased a small house in forks off of the treaty area.

Species: lycanthrope (shape shifter)


Power/Color: black, gray tips on the ears and tail

Pack Status/Coven Status:N/A

7/30/2014 . Edited 7/31/2014 #28 Report

First Name: Seraphina

Middle Name: Rose

Last Name: Chamberlayn

Place of Birth: London, England

Age: 16

Date of Birth: December 18th, 1384

Appearance: she has a curvy hourglass figure, she is 5'6 and pale. She has a bleeding rose tattoo on her neck, a Shakespeare quote (Hell is empty and all the devil's are here) on her right arm and a raven on

her right wrist. She wears black combat boots all the time and mostly wears the colors green, black, red, brown, and gray. She wears a lot of eyeliner and she has really long eyelashes. She wears

black nail polish. (some thing are of course changed from the pic. her hair is actually to her waist)

Eyes: Ice blue

Hair: Raven black and her hair reaches her waist and is pin straight

Personality: She is strong and she likes to joke around. She never really hung out with girls since she only had brothers. She can be a bitch sometimes and is told she has a cold heart. Seraphina is

depressed because of living alone for centuries.

Likes: Nature, traveling the world, the colors black, red, green, gray, brown; she likes music and singing. Owls and ravens, reading, and writing

Dislikes: rejection, being alone, being called worthless

Strengths: loyal, strong, fast, intelligent, wise

Weaknesses: rejection, easily angered, loner

History: She was born during the medieval ages to Lord Edwin and Lady Marissa. She has three brothers, Renost, Mason, and Jon. She was always an outsider and never was part of anything. She

enjoyed hunting with her brothers and one day she lost them, ending up in front of a stone house. Inside was a vampire named Lucius and he changed her. She left him once she was changed and

lived on her own. When she ends up in Forks, she is found by Jasper and Emmett

Species: Vampire

Mate/Imprint: Brady Fuller

Power/Color: She can control the elements and she is a mental and physical shield. Her eyes are ice blue because of her power to control water and ice.

Pack Status/ Coven Status: none yet

8/8/2014 #29 Report

First Name: Iris

Middle Name: Katheryn

Last Name: Whyte

Place of Birth: New York City, New York

Age: 16

Date of Birth: November 7th, 1998

Appearance: 5'4, she has a slim figure ( ) She has a pierced nose and it is a stud

Eyes: Chocolate brown

Hair: Long, waist length, brown hair, usually in braided pigtails

Personality: she is nice and shy. She is quiet and really innocent, but she can be strong. She has a huge imagination and she very caring

Likes: music, the beach, the sound of rain, fantasy books and shows, nature, night

Dislikes: yelling, spiders, getting picked on, her loved ones getting hurt

Strengths: singing, caring, her imagination, intelligent

Weaknesses: rejection, death, shy, quiet

History: She was born to Jackson and Mary Whyte in New York City, New York. She is an only child. Her parents were murdered one night while working at a bar when

she was fifteen. When she found out, she left New York City and went to Forks. She lives in a small stone house near the border of Forks and La Push.

Species: Human

Mate/ Imprint: Collin Littlesea

Power/ Color: N/A

Pack Status/ Coven Status: N/A

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