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Introduce Yourself #2
A Lily Rose Marie

These are the Introductions of all the active people. Please introduce yourself with this format.



Something Odd About You:

3/25/2013 #1 Report
A Lily Rose Marie

Name: Chala

Age: 16

Something Odd: I'm a badass but I'm also really uber sensitive.

3/25/2013 #2 Report



Something Odd About You: I get very hyper sometimes and say things even I don't understand lol

3/25/2013 #3 Report

Name: Makenzie

Age: Can't say -3-

Something Odd About You: I'm quiet around people but in my mind, I've killed you three times......too much?

3/25/2013 #4 Report

Name: Can't tell

Age: Can't tell

Something Odd About You: Book worm!

3/25/2013 #5 Report

Name: Aaron Hail Age: 17 Something odd about me: I can touch my noice with tounge

5/13/2013 #6 Report

Name : Elouise

Age : 27

Spmthing Odd About You : I live in my own little world but don't worry everybody knows me there :)

5/21/2013 #7 Report

Do you mean nose? :)

5/21/2013 #8 Report

Name: Pure

Age: Younger than your grandparents

Something Odd About You: My nickname is Pure, because of my penname, but I love cussing and making crude jokes.

5/29/2013 #9 Report


Age: 16

Something odd: I'm shy in the real world, but I love reading and writing online.

5/30/2013 #10 Report

Name: Destiny

Age: 16

Something Odd About You: Nothing really, I'm very fluent in sarcasm!

5/30/2013 #11 Report

Name- Liz

Age- Rather not say

Interesting Fact- I listen/hum/hear music in my head, music constantly. I like all music (Except those without words)

5/30/2013 #12 Report

Name: Bella (No really it is...)

Age: 13

Something odd about you: I row.

6/2/2013 #13 Report

Name:Joan Age:13 Something Odd About You:I'm shy and quiet but in my mind I'm a rebel

6/22/2013 #14 Report

Name: Please call me dippity or pjp. Age: I don't like revealing personal info. Something odd about me:I'm Indian, I was born in Australia and was raised in america

7/8/2013 #15 Report
Sofie Clearwater

Name:Sofie (or Andie or Ally or Star)

Age: 18 in 11 days!!!

Something odd about you: I really am addicted to Disney music

7/30/2013 #16 Report

Name: Desiree

Age: is just a number

Something Odd About Me: I dream of having my personal sniper so that I could just nod my head at his direction and the next thig you'll know that jerk is dead

10/14/2013 #17 Report
imagination writings

Name: Nashare Age: 17 Something odd about yourself: I love escaping reality, by just simply closing my eyes and pretending I am somewhere in twilight or somewhere else, (does that make me weird?)

12/14/2013 #18 Report
We All Need A Nap

Name: jo

Age: 1900997.....we'll say 16 for short

Somethibg odd avoyt yourself: i always keep germ-x abd refuse to use public bathrooms

Something cool about me: I'm funny, and not modest about it at all

7/9/2014 #19 Report
absent minded20

Name: pen name: Jayfeathergal2020 real name: Shyanne call me Shy Age: 13 An odd thing about me: myiy pupils are diffrent sizes

7/10/2014 #20 Report

Name: Rose

Age: 13

Something odd about you: I get more hyper the later I stay up

7/24/2014 #21 Report
Bleed with you

Name: Schuyler (I go by Sky)


Something Odd About You: I'm nutty, plain and simple, I change my name on my profile every month to a different song title or verse

7/30/2014 #22 Report

Name: Alex Age: 16 Something odd about you: I have a tendancy to fall in love with or get attached to a character in a book. And I hate people who hate literature without even bothering to read the thing.

7/30/2014 #23 Report

Name: Shakaka, Shak or Shaka (whichever you prefer.)

Age: Changes every year...

Something Odd About You: Something, everything, and nothing. Who knows.

7/31/2014 #24 Report
Deleted accountlosiento

Name:Anna Age: 18 Something odd about me: I am a huge cat lover and have 1 cat who a named her. My cat is a male.

8/5/2014 #25 Report

Name: Bree (nickname) Age: Over 18 Something odd: I work with race horses and yet I dislikes horses. I also like to collect leave and turn them into art.

8/6/2014 #26 Report

Name: Maaji

Age: 17

Something Odd: I'm a quiet but pretty cool person to know. I'm a people person

8/17/2014 #27 Report

Name: H. D. Williams (H. D.)

Age: 26

Something Odd About You: I tend to laugh at really appropriate times (like funerals :-() I don't mean to!

8/30/2014 #28 Report

Name-u cn call me black(due to people always shortening my penname)...age-rather not disclose tht but i will say sophmore yr in college...some odd-there r alot of things odd about me

9/8/2014 #29 Report

Name: Alex Age: 24 Anything Odd About Me: I'm autistic.

11/17/2014 #30 Report
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