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Introduce Yourself #2

Name? Maria

Age? Goodluck on finding out... (insert evil laugh here)

Something Odd About Me?: For real? I'm just a normal erotica reader. I can't write novels, but can definitely appreciate all works. :) happy reading and writing :)

12/14/2014 #31 Report

Name: Tara

Age: 17, turning 18 on the 22nd

Something odd about me: I have a very graphic memory

1/1/2015 #32 Report

name: roxanne age: 18 something odd about me: i can practically spend the rest of my life eating dumplings and nothing else!!! ;)

2/20/2015 #33 Report

Name: Alyssa

Age: 13

Something Odd About You: everything :3

3/31/2015 #34 Report
Deleted accountlosiento

Name: Loves

Age: Its a secrets

Something odd: Well certainly I have gotten a bad caffeine addiction and can't go without caffeine.

Welcome everyone!

4/1/2015 #35 Report

Name: Addict. Age: Eighteen Something odd about you: Well, I have a collection of over 500 selfies. Also, I think I need Rehab to overcome my fiction addiction.

4/12/2015 #36 Report

Name: Rosie :P

Age: 13

Something Odd About You: I like to say shut up to anything that pisses me off. For example *locker won't close* Me: SHUT UP! *phone won't load* Me: SHUT UP! etc.

4/13/2015 #37 Report
Deleted accountlosiento

Name: Loves still!

age: Sercet!

odd: coffee.... I still love it

6/10/2015 #38 Report
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