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Roleplay 3
A Sofie Clearwater

We made it almost to 200 pages on Roleplay 2 so it is time to move to number 3! Continue as always :D

3/31/2014 #1 Report

Mariana shook her head and stood to wash out her mouth and brush her teeth as it seemed like she was done.

4/2/2014 #2 Report
M BlushingButtercups

Devon crossed his arms, leaning against the wall and watching her. "I'll steal blood bags from the hospital, you wouldn't even need to kill anybody." he told her gently.

4/2/2014 #3 Report

Mariana continued to shake her head as she turned and leaned against the sink. "No quiero, Devon..." Elena came back, she had been listening from the kitchen. "Mariana, you get too weak as it is. You may not survive anyway, are you going to eliminate all possibilies of your survival?" Mariana looked at her with tear filled eyes again, shaking her head fiercely.

4/2/2014 #4 Report
M BlushingButtercups

Devon sighed in relief, glad to have Elena there. "Do we have blood in the house, or should I go fetch her some?" He asked looking at Elena.

4/2/2014 #5 Report

Elena shook her head. "I do all my own hunting, but the hospital will be your best bet. And put it something she won't be able to see it... it'll help. I'll tell her what I told you earlier." Mariana chewed on her lip, still shaking her head a little.

4/2/2014 #6 Report
M BlushingButtercups

Devon gave her a nod. He walked over and kissed Mariana on her cheek. "I'll be back." he whispered and turned to go. (Brb gonna eat)

4/2/2014 #7 Report

(Okay, I have to go play my piano solo here soon anyway, wish me luck :-) Mariana turned away, still fighting with out actually fighting. Elena came over to her and took her hand, leading her downstairs. She wanted to look at her face again as she explained everything she had told Devon before.

4/2/2014 #8 Report
M BlushingButtercups

(Good luck & have fun c:) Devon sneaked into the local hospital. He managed to get several bloodbags and jumped out from the window just before a nurse walked in. He headed back to the house and put the blood in the fridge.

4/2/2014 #9 Report

(Thanks! It wasn't as bad as yesterday's performance so... Yeah)

Mariana was still arguing with Elena in the living room about the blood. Elena stormed into the kitchen angrily and started doing dishes furiously.

4/2/2014 #10 Report
M BlushingButtercups

(That's good!) Devon turned to Elena after closing the fridge. "Is she still being stubborn? " He asked with a sight.

4/2/2014 #11 Report

"Aside from injecting an IV I don't know how were going to get her to give in," Elena growled, dropping a few plates onto a towel to dry and then stepping away from the sink, leaning against it, looking at the ground.

4/2/2014 #12 Report
M BlushingButtercups

"What does an IV do? is that a safe option?" Devon stepped towards her, placing a hand on her shoulder and knowing the stress she's going through.

4/2/2014 #13 Report

"It would inject it directly into her blood stream..." She sighed. "It's more used for drugs, but they can use it to keep humans hydrated... An unless she decides to rip it out its safe..." She pursed her lips and shook her head. "Why did she have to turn out so much like me?" She muttered under her breath before going back to the living room.

4/2/2014 #14 Report
M BlushingButtercups

Devon bit his lip, not really liking the IV option at all. He followed her into the livingroom all the while trying to think of another optoon.

4/2/2014 #15 Report

Mariana glared out the window with her legs pulled up to her chest, not looking at either if them. Elena sighed and went to crouch in front of her. "Rosie, Por favor..." Mariana shook her head, closing her eyes.

4/2/2014 #16 Report
M BlushingButtercups

Devon stood where he was, he could see her reflection in the mirror and knew that she wasn't happy.He'd hoped that she might listen to Elena since she knew her better. He turned to the kitchen and grabbed the bloodbag, he poured it into a cup and walked out to them. "Mariana...you might not care much about yourself, but atleast do this for our baby." he said gently, trying to guilt trip her.

4/2/2014 #17 Report

Mariana frowned and bit her lip, angry that he threw that low ball at her. She stuck her arm out to take the cup, still glaring and not looking at any of them. Elena sighed. "You're acting like a child," she muttered, standing again. She glanced a grateful glance at Devon though for getting her to cave, even if it was grudgingly.

4/2/2014 #18 Report
M BlushingButtercups

Devon gave her the cup, he held back a smile. "Thank you Mariana." he glanced at Elena, giving her a quick thumbs up.

4/2/2014 #19 Report

Mariana muttered a few names under her breath in Spanish as she brought the cup to her lips and then downed it in seconds, the sweet smell drawing her in. She bit her lip, unhappy with how easy it was. Elena held back her smile as she took the cup and went to fill it again.

4/2/2014 #20 Report
M BlushingButtercups

Devon sat down next to her, he couldn't help but smile. It secretly pleased him to see her enjoy the blood so much. "How was that? good huh?" he asked.

4/2/2014 #21 Report

Mariana frowned but she couldn't helped watching the door to the kitchen anxiously. "I dont want to talk about, " she muytered.

4/2/2014 #22 Report
M BlushingButtercups

"I was serious about what I said before Mariana, if you don't do this the baby dies. You can't just drink one, you need loads and this needs to keep going until you give birth." Devon explained.

4/2/2014 #23 Report

Elena came back out of the kitchen and gave the cup back to Mariana. "Just because I accept it, doesn't mean I like it. Idont want to talk about it, " she muttered.

4/2/2014 #24 Report
M BlushingButtercups

"Okay I'll shut up now." Devon watched her, he knew how much she hated this and started feeling a bit more sympathetic towards her.

4/2/2014 #25 Report

Mariana drank the second cup slower, trying not to think about where it came from. Her expression was pained as she couldn't help but worry about where the person was now who she was feeding from. She finished it and put her hand to her stomach, reminding herself silently why she was breaking her rule.

4/2/2014 #26 Report
M BlushingButtercups

Devon held his hand out for the cup, he thought she had enough for now. "Are you feeling better?" He asked her gently.

4/2/2014 #27 Report

"Well I don't feel like I'm going to throw it back up," Mari muttered. "As long as I don't think about what it is," she gagged a little and shook her head. She wrapped her arms around herself tightly. "Devon, I'm cold," she said softly, trying not to shiver.

4/2/2014 #28 Report
M BlushingButtercups

Devon picked her up carefully. He took her to her bedroom and placed her on the bed, putting the covers on her." There you go." he smiled and then walked to the heater, putting it on pretty high so she got warmer faster.

4/2/2014 #29 Report

Mariana smiled a little, feeling tired. Elena appeared in the doorway, her brow creased in worry. "She needs to rest anyway... I don't think she's fully recuperated from her late night when you got here," she said quietly as Mariana yawned, only confirming her point.

(sorry, my phone died)

4/2/2014 #30 Report
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