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Roleplay 3
M BlushingButtercups

"I want sweeties." Cor mumbled.

"I hate to sound sick, but if anyone of those kids hurts my little girl..." Sharon licked her lips. "I'll drain them"

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Alice checked out the door and then nodded before sending Rosalie out and the music starting up. Alice followed her and Jazmin right after her, dropping little rose petals as she went. Mariana took a breath and smiled over at Elena. "Nervous?" Elena asked, smiling back at her and Mariana nodded a bit. "Don't worry, your groom is too," Elena told her as the started to walk down the aisle too. Mariana then looked forward to Devon and smiled brightly at him as they came down, her nerves disappearing.

"He looks a bit nervous..." Joaquin started to whisper back and then the music started and the bridesmaid came and before Jazmin and then Elena and Mariana. Elena looked surprised to see him and he looked down, not meeting her gaze, but after she handed Mariana off to Devon she came and sat by him anyway. He squeezed Malikas shoulder lightly and kept his eyes on the ceremony.

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Tanya laughed throwing her head back before looking back down at her again. "Can't? Or won't?"

Frederick nodded, turning to look at her and resting his head on his hand. "Yeah... I'm sure none of you are actually trying to make it uncomfortable... But you do. And I don't blame you directly, you should know that."

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M BlushingButtercups

Devon watched Jaz walk down the Isle feeling proud and giving her a little wave. He looked ahead and then saw Mariana, he froze for a second and smiled.

"I know right?" Malika saw Elena and glanced at him, but before she could ask Mariana came out.

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A Sofie Clearwater

"No baby girl." Clara kissed her hair.

"No need, love. She can handle them herself." He smiled

"Dadadadadadadada!" Brooklyn yelled.

Jackie nodded. "I'm still sorry." She whispered

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Mariana smiled warmly at him as she handed her bouquet off to Alice and took Devon's hands and smiled even wider.

Elena didn't say anything to them, just crossed her legs and sat nicely as Jazmin came over to sit beside her. She smiled an picked her up, placing her on her lap.

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