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A Sofie Clearwater


5/15/2014 #1 Report
M BlushingButtercups

Austin glanced at her. "Should we just give her one?"

Sharon smiled proudly. "I guess she can." she checked the time. "Should I take them today?"

5/15/2014 #2 Report

Tanya winced a bit, the noise louder and shrilled than she had expected and then she sighed.

Frederick nodded again at her, turning to kiss her hand. "I know you are."

5/15/2014 #3 Report
M BlushingButtercups

Devon listened to the priest, holding tightly onto her hand and not keeping his eyes off her. "Devon Vega...do you take Mariana De la Vega to be your wife?" he grinned. "Hell yeah, I do." he turned and asked Mariana the same question.

"Who's she, one of your exes?" Malika whispered in his ear, watching Elena carefully.

5/15/2014 . Edited 5/15/2014 #4 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

"No.. here, eat this." She gave her a fruit gummy strip.

"You can." Jameson nodded.

Brooklyn giggled. "Ma da."

Jackie kissed his jaw.

5/15/2014 #5 Report
M BlushingButtercups

Cor grinned and took it. "Thanks" Austin unlocked the house.

Sharon kissed his cheek and got up. "I'm taking your car." she smirked and went inside.

5/15/2014 #6 Report

Mariana didn't look away from him either and laughed a little at his answer. When the priest asked her her answer came without hesitation. "Of course I do."

Joaquin shook his head, leaning down to whisper in her ear. "Long story, but I'll tell you later, promise."

5/15/2014 #7 Report

Tanya smiled a bit then, raising her eyebrow at her. "Both of them?"

Frederick smiled a bit and placed his finger under her chin, tilting her face up slightly and kissing her softly.

5/15/2014 #8 Report
M BlushingButtercups

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss your bride." Devon reached for her and kissed her eagerly, not caring about the audience.

"You better" Malika nodded and clapped for them along with everyone else. "Okay...let go the girl." She grimaced, looking away from them.

5/15/2014 #9 Report

Mariana kissed him in the same fashion, running her hands through his hair and pulling him closer until she heard Joaquin tell them to get a room and which point she pulled back, grinning like a fool and giggling softly as she touched his face. "Te amo..."

Jazmin grinned happily and jumped off Elena's lap, running over to them and pulling at Devon's pants, demanding to be picked up.

5/15/2014 #10 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

Brooklyn nodded. "Ma, Da!" Josh smiled.

She pushed herself close, enjoying the taste.

5/15/2014 #11 Report
M BlushingButtercups

Devon picked Jazmin up, smiling brightly at her. "Look at you!" he kissed her cheeks.He put an arm around Mariana and held Jazmin in between them as people took pictures.

Malika got up, pulling Joaquin up too. "Time to party." she grinned.

5/15/2014 #12 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

Clara carried herto the house.

"Don't wreck my car!" He called.

5/15/2014 #13 Report

Tanya laughed and shook her head a bit. "I think they're talking... They'll be back in a bit."

Frederick held her close to him, deepening the kiss slightly.

5/15/2014 #14 Report

Mariana smiled for all the pictures and kissed Jazmin's cheek before people started filing back out and she smiled over at Jazmin and Devon. "Shall we go to the reception hall? We can ride together this time." She teased lightly.

Joaquin chuckled and led her out to the car. "That it is... Plenty of dancing."

5/15/2014 #15 Report
M BlushingButtercups

Cor jumped off and began running to the garden. "Mummy I want to swim.!"

Sharon took the kids to school, coming back an hour later. "I broke your car by accident."

5/15/2014 #16 Report
M BlushingButtercups

Devon laughed and took her hand, putting Jaz in her seat and getting in. "How do you feel Mari? " he grinned.

Malika got in, turning to him. "Who was that girl then?" She asked.

5/15/2014 #17 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

"No baby, you need to rest. And eat." She said.

Jameson groaned

Brooklyn babbled angrily.

Jackie brushed her fingers along his jaw.

5/15/2014 #18 Report

Mariana grinned at him, reaching over and holding his hand after he had gotten in. "Amazing... I don't think I've ever been so happy."

"Woman, first of all... And it's Mariana's mother. She all but told me she didn't want to see me again before I left Barcelona," Joaquin told her, starting the car.

5/15/2014 #19 Report
M BlushingButtercups

"I ate!" Cor complained, punching the floor.

Sharon crossed her arms. "I'm ever so sorry." she smirked.

5/15/2014 #20 Report

Tanya sighed and sat in a chair with her, sitting her on her lap.

Frederick nibbled on her bottom lip.

5/15/2014 #21 Report
M BlushingButtercups

Devon kissed her hand. "You'll be happier on our honeymoon." he grinned and parked the car by the reception.

"Oh she's the one who kicked you out..." Malika remembered now and nodded. "I'm going to introduce myself."

5/15/2014 #22 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

"Cori! That is not acceptable behavior. You need to eat and then take a nap. You were just in the hospital and now you need to relax." She said

"What did you do?" He asked, deadly calm.

5/15/2014 #23 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

Josh sat on the counter, watching. Brooklyn glared up at her.

Jackie moaned softly

5/15/2014 #24 Report
M BlushingButtercups

Cor lay on the ground, screaming. "No!"

"I went in reverse and smashed it into a wall..." Sharon shrugged. "Oh well!" she smiled.

5/15/2014 #25 Report

Mariana laughed as she got out and got Jazmin, going into the building where Alice had already darkened the lights and had animal blood in solid cups so they couldn't see through them. Rosalie came over as soon as she saw them and took Jazmin from Mariana, smiling at her. She glanced up at Devon and Mari after a bit. "Congratulations, by the way..."

Joaquin raised his eyebrow at her as they pulled up and he parked. "I don't think that's necessary..."

5/15/2014 #26 Report
M BlushingButtercups

"Thanks." Devon laughed a bit, watching her with Jazmin. "Always eager to see my daughter." he smirked, crossing his arms. "You should adopt, you're good with kids."

"Okay whatever, let's just dance and have a good time." Malika kissed his cheek, getting out of the car.

5/15/2014 #27 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

Clara sighed. "Stop that, Cori."

"Sharon! My car!" He groaned.

5/15/2014 #28 Report

Tanya tapped her nose lightly. "Hey. Babble at your parents when they get back, I don't control them," she kept her tone light as she talked to her.

Frederick kissed her jaw.

5/15/2014 #29 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

Brooklyn pouted at her.

"I love you." She whispered

5/15/2014 #30 Report
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