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Halle pressed a flattened palm against Seth's chest as he pushed her down. She deepened the kiss until she heard the door open. Then her hand moved and practically pushed him off of her. "Take a picture it'll--" but she looked over at the open door and saw who it was. Upon realizing it wasn't Gage or the other boys, her face went pale. She felt like she was seeing a ghost. Paul was never dead, just in jail. "Paul..." She whispered as she looked at him with wide eyes.


"Talk to me," Jameson pressed as he held her tightly against him. He just wanted her to vent to him about how much she hated it. He hated that she hated it. He didn't want her unhappy, quite the opposite. "I'm so sorry. I'm so glad you're back though. What did they do? What happened?"

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Paul's eyes widened. His lips curling into a deep frown, the tightness in his chest felt like a unbearable, keeping oxygen from getting to his lungs. He had hakf expected this to happen, but it was so much more painful seeing it with his own eyes.He grits his teeth together tightly, meeting Halle's eyes, the grief evident in his own. He launches forward, grabbing Seth up with his shoulders and sending a punch to his jaw.

"Oka, so, maybe I didn't listen to everything they told me to do, but I got away with it at first.." Sharon starts, clearing her throat. She was always bad with authority figures, having others telling her what to do and that was one of the reasons why she became a business woman in her human life. " One day, conpletely out of the blue I get tortured, for a whole night by that Jane...I thought she would stop but she kept on going." she says, biting her lip hard at the memory. "Well, soon after she was done and when i "woke up" I got her back...Of course Idid. I wasn't going to let her get away with that. " she says with venom in her voice. "But this is the worst part, I found out later that it wasn't her doing at all, Aro had put her upto it...to control me." she leans back to look at him, a mixture of sadness and anger in her eyes.

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Halle's eyes widened and she let out a gasp. "Paul!" She practically screamed as she watched his fist collide against the other boy's face. "Paul, stop!" She demanded but she didn't make an attempt to get in the middle of the fight. She practically jumped to her feet and backed up. She knew she should have tried to calm Paul down but she couldn't bring herself to. They were both twice her size, and violence was the last thing she wanted. Her hand stayed clasped to her lips as she watched with a pale face and widened eyes.


Jameson looked at her and anger rippled through his red eyes. He wanted to destroy Aro and Jane. He wanted to make them pay. But he knew he couldn't. They didn't have a choice. "I...I need to take your place. I can handle it. But I don't want you to go through that. Dammit all to hell. It isn't fair. What did we do? Nothing. We did nothing. I have to take your place. I can't stand the thought of you getting hurt. I'm so sorry," he wrapped his arms even tighter around her.

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"Stop!" Seth cries, Paul has him to the ground, growling viciously as he throws a couple of punches, a few to his sides another one to his other jaw and watches Seth scream out in pain each time. He wasn't seeing clearly, blinded by the jealousy and the anger he felt towards him. At one moment his eyes drift to Halle, he doesn't speak or say anything. He still loved her, extremely and nothing changed that but with the anger he felt he wasn't sure wether he hated what she did more.

Sharon shakes her head, she frowns slightly and places her hand against his cheek. "Stop. I know I'm complaining and all but I'm not going to quit, I'm going to do it for you and our kids..." her eyes fall to the ground as she thinks about the children, then the pain Jane had put her through unravels itself in her mind and she winces, breaking out into sobs again as she covers her face. The pain reminded her so much of the birth, so much of the time she almost died which she was more than happy to forget.

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After she heard Seth screaming, she willed herself to get involved. She moved and put her hands behind Paul on his shoulders in an attempt to get him off of Seth. He was so much larger than her that it felt hopeless. But she kept on doing it. "Get off of him, Goddamit! You're not mad at him, you're mad at me. Stop it Paul. Please," her voice was shaking as she continued to pull at him.


"I wish your could quit," Jameson mumbled as he looked into her eyes. He wanted her to quit so badly, but the punishment for that would he worst than this. "There has to be an end date. They can't keep it up forever. Can they?" He grimaced, as if to answer his own question. Yes they could. "I hate this, Shar. I know you do too. You just have to get through it. No arguing. No fighting. It'll be easier that way.@

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"No!" Paul growls, moving his arms back from her and standing now so he could give Seth a few kicks. Seth was unconscious now, well, he was pretending in order to get Paul to quit beating him into a pulp. He lays there and luckily for him Paul steps back, he spits at him before turning around to Halle, he didn't really care about Seth right now, he had other things to worry about.

"I'm not going to, don't worry." Sharon pulls back a bit, taking an unnecessary breath and removing the robe and the necklace with distaste. She glides up the stairs, popping her head through the twins rooms and then Dallas's before going into their room to change. She changes into to a large pink pj tshirt before wiping the dark makeup off her face, she was glad they didn't have tears as her face would've looked a mess.

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Halle looked at Paul and she didn't know whether she was suppose to cry or start screaming for help. Anger and distest filled her expression. But they quickly disappeared when they landed on Seth. He was bruised and bleeding just slightly. Her hands clasped into fists and her eyes flickered. She wanted to fall to his side and try and wake him, but she was too angry to do that. Instead she used the strength she had to attempt to shove him back. It didn't do much good, and actually looked a bit pathetic and that just made her angrier. "Get out of my house. Get out of my house," she snarled.


Jameson looked at her for a moment and watched. She was so beautiful. He never really understood why she wore make up. But he knew that she enjoyed it so he never questioned it. "Come lay down with me when you're done," he called softly before slipping off his shoes and just collapsing into the bed in their room.

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"What?!" Paul protests, not taking into consideration what he did to Seth. In his mind it was nothing and he had it coming. He had half expected her to give him an explanation. "You're asking me to leave?" he asks curtly, he felt more anger rise up inside him but unlike Seth he could never get hinself to hurt Halle, so he keeps his hands firmly at his sides instead.

Sharon nods, pulling the pins out of her hair so it was in loose waves. They had a strict dress code, even your hair had to look imaculate. She turns around, and smiles ever so slightly as she approaches him, getting into bed and curling into his side. "The worst part about being there is being away from you and the kids, I missed you all so much." she says softly.

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"I'm not asking you," Halle said even though the fear of his anger caused her voice to shake. "I'm tellin you to get the fuck out of my house." Something inside of her hurt when she said those words. She felt bad, horrible actually. She tried to mask the pain it caused her to see him and hate him. But she never was very good at hiding her emotions.


"And we missed you," Jameson promised as he wrapped his arms tightly around her. "The kids were fine. I however nearly pulled out my hair with all their fighting," he shook his head as he thought over the past days. "Oh well. Did they gve you any hint as to when they would need you next?" He questioned as he glanced at her slightl.

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Paul watches her, he could see that she wasn't kidding. The anger in her face told him that much, but he could also detect the pain in her eyes by the way her eyebrows creased a little. But he mistakes it for something else. "So that's it then, we're over?" he asks with a shrug of his arms, his voice thick with emotion.

Sharon laughs a little bit, tilting her head up slightly to look at him. "Sibling rivalry, something I've never experienced." she muses with a playful roll of her eyes, then she presses her lips together, pondering his second question. "They didn't tell me, whenever is convenient for them I guess. They're so fucked up, when I was leaving it was all hugs and kisses like they didn't just scar me psychologically."

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