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A Sofie Clearwater

(Pm me RETR0BARBIE before posting sheets and joining. We had a troll on here, (Natally-Mallfoy) being abusive & spamming repeatedly and so I need to know who joins to avoid that problem. This topic can only be unlocked by the administrator or myself.)




Alice: Scarlets desires


Rose: scarlet desires




Brady: Sofie Clearwater

Seth: 1nfinity





Alec: 1nfinity


Kate Denali:

Tanya Denali:

(And Any other characters you think of. Ask and Ill give!)

OC Info:

First Name:

Middle(IF ANY):


Apperance: (Can be a picture)





7/31/2013 . Edited by BlushingButtercups, 8/24/2014 #1 Report
Nico of the Niners

First Name: Jordan

Middle(IF ANY): He never gives it away

Last: Meyer

Appearance: Dark brown shaggy hair, dark brown eyes, extremely tall, extremely skinny but yet very muscular. Wears aviator glasses, all the time and almost never takes hem off (except at night) His appearance has changed a lot since his childhood days.

Age: 18

Species: human

Background: Jordan has had pretty basic life, and is still his obnoxious self, but doesn't like talking about his past because he moved away from all of his dear friends as a child and soon after his parents broke up.

Mate/Imprint: None

8/29/2013 . Edited 8/31/2013 #2 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

Gasp!!!!! ACCEPTED OFCOURSE!!!! Please rp! Yes

8/29/2013 #3 Report
Nico of the Niners

Thank you! :D

8/30/2013 #4 Report

First Name: Katrina 'Kat'

Middle(IF ANY): Nicole

Last: Ryans

Appearance: Her hair is a honey brown color that falls to her lower waist, and she died the tips blonde and curls her hair everyday. eo1_500.jpg She's very short but extremely skinny. Her eyes are bright green.

Age: 19

Species: She is human

Background: None really...

Mate/Imprint: None

First Name: Chris

Middle(IF ANY): Bruno

Last: DeNeut

Apperance: (Can be a picture) He has longish hair and blue eyes. Nice tan and muscular, tall and skinny. He's a surfer dude with a rich Australian accent. s/most-beautiful-long-men-hairstyles-men-hairstyle -600x677.jpg

Age: 20

Species: Vampire

Background: He's arrogant and can come off as a giant jerk, so he lived his life with the bullies, not really caring about anything. In his past his mother was a drunk and his father abused him.

Mate/Imprint: Nope

9/1/2013 . Edited 9/8/2013 #5 Report
A Sofie Clearwater


9/1/2013 #6 Report

First Name: Haylee

Middle(IF ANY): Elizabeth

Last: Commuta

Apperance: Haylee has medium dark brown hair, that usually falls to her shoulders. She often dyes strands of her hair different colors, mainly blue, and her hair is usually put up in a ponytail or curled. She is a fan of skinny jeans and she wears fashion clothes, but puts her own twist on it. She has very pale skin and a freckled face. Her eyes are a very light blue, sometimes they look even grey. She's incredibly skinny, even though she eats a lot, and she is really very tall. She has no muscular build what-so-ever, but she has long legs.

Age: 18

Species: human

Background: At the age of 16, her mother gave birth to her. Her parents married at the age of twenty, before divorcing six months later. She had a pretty normal childhood, moving to a very small town when she was seven (in second grade), and stayed in that school until her first year of high-school, when they shut that school down and she moved to a new school. Haylee spends the week days with her mother, and the weekends with her father. She usually feels a bit stressed, because her father lives two hours away and that leaves her no chance to hang with any friends on the weekends.

Mate/Imprint: none

12/27/2013 #7 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

Accepted! Sorry it took so long!

1/2/2014 #8 Report
M BlushingButtercups

First name: Malika

Last: Vega


Species: Vampire

Mate: None

Appearance: She has a chalky olive complexion since she transformed. Her hair is a dark brown and she usually wears it messy. She has a blonde streak in her hair. She prefers to wear only dark clothes and likes jewelry.


Background: When she was in her mid teens she set her house on fire killing her parents and sister who she hated. Only her twin brother lived who she loved. Ever since she has been in prison and turned mental. Sharon (best friend) who recently changed broke her out of prison and changed her. Later Malika found her brother Devon and changed him too as he was about to 'die' but he has never forgiven her for what she did even though she saved his life.

Special ability: Can shoot small bombs. It can kill humans but only cause damage to a vampire which can be easily repaired as they can stitch themselves up. Her power comes from her love to destroy things even as a human.

Personality: She's manic and enjoys torturing humans when she's out hunting. She once tried to see how long she could go without blood and found that she has very good self-control even as a newborn but this didn't stop her from killing often. She loves to have a good time and doesn't like taking life too seriously.

1/7/2014 . Edited 7/11/2014 #9 Report
M BlushingButtercups

Name: Sharon Greene

Species: Vampire

Age: 19 (21)

Special power: Can give someone a illusion that they are dying, she can do several people at a time. It cannot work against mental shields. If powerful vampires e.g Alec and Jane use their gifts first there is also nothing she can do. Her power comes from the near death experience she had when giving birth to the twins, as she believed she was going to die.

Appearance: Tall, has a slender body. Skin is as pale as the average vampire. She has waist length light blonde hair and crimson red eyes. She has a quirky clothing style, a fashion icon and loves bold coloured lipstick. She values her appearance greatly and feels she needs to look perfect at all times.


History: She finished High school she moved away from Australia to start a career in fashion in New York for the second time hoping she would get lucky and she did. She was seduced one night by a vampire 'incubus' one of Joham's friends who liked to experiment with humans and create hybrid children. He left her pregnant with twins and she decided to keep them. Her vampire friend helped her give birth and then changed her. She went back to Australia and got her friend to change her family members creating the 'Australian coven' which has eleven members. Starting with Malika Vega (best friend) who she met in her short time in prison.

Personality: She's a social person, very charismatic and enjoys to joke around alot. But sometimes she can take her teasing too far and come across as rude or obnoxious. She is a stubborn feminist, she loves to argue her point across and is quite good at it. If she had the grades she probably would have become a lawyer.She likes to design in her free time and is quite artsy.

Mate: Jameson


Name: Jadine Lewis

Age: 2 month. (appears 7 years)

Appearance: She has blonde hair and green eyes instead of the hazel of her mother. She has dimples when she smiles and her mother puts her in designer clothing and hopes she would become a designer like she was in the future.

Power: Invisibility


Personality: She's highly intelligent for her age and enjoys to educate herself. Throws tantrums when she's upset.


Name: Chadric (Chad) Lewis

Age: 2 month. (appears 7 years)

Appearance: He is identical to Jadine but with shorter hair. He also wears designer clothing his mother makes him wear.

Power: Invisibility


Personality: He has a cheery personality. He struggles with his thirsts.

1/7/2014 . Edited 10/31/2014 #10 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

Accepted!!! Start whenever

1/7/2014 #11 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

First Name:Rylan (Rylee)

Middle(IF ANY):Mark


Appearance: His hair is a messy black, not a bad messy but like the sexy kind that other guys work so hard and use so much gel to achieve, his eyes are the bluest of blue, bluer than the clearest part of the ocean or the sky on the sunniest day. His skin is a soft tan that makes the white of his teeth and the blue of his eyes stand out even more. He is about six feet tall and well built, though he works hard to have his body look like that. His normal outfit is jeans, a tshirt, convers and a leather jacket.

Age: 24

Species: Human

Background:When he was a year old his seventeen year old mother left him with his grandmother and never returned. His grandmother waited a year before charging his mother with abandonment and adopted him. His father was never in the picture and his grandfather had died when his mother was a child. He grew up in his grandmothers' house, when he was sixteen she got very sick. He was forced to take care of her until she died when he was seventeen. He was allowed to keep the house as long as he finished school. He graduated high school, and recently college to be a teacher but has not been able to find a job so he works as a mechanic at the auto shop. He has a 67 impala that he had fixed up to last. He's very closed off due to being forced to grow up at such a young age. He acts more like a thirty year old than the twenty four year old he is. He isn't often one to be seen smiling or laughing, or doing much more than working.


Name: Jacalyn Marie Jones

Apperence: Long brown hair with red eyes, pale skin. She's about 5 foot and her body is perfectly curved but thin all at once. Her lips are pouty and bright pink.

Age: 150 but looks 15

background: she was traveling with her family to meet her new husbands' family. A group of vampires attacked and killed her whole family except her. One young vampire turned her. When she woke she was angry and left. She's been alone ever since

1/8/2014 . Edited 2/25/2014 #12 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

First Name:Jameson

Middle(IF ANY): Matthew

Last: Lewis

Apperance: (Can be a picture) Messy brown hair, red eyes, pale skin, big muscled like Emmett. He has an extra charm that all he has to do is smile and girls follow him to their deaths.

Age:300 but looks 20

Species: vampire

Background: He was turned as he left a pub late one night, drunk. His wife had just died in childbirth to a still born child. He traveled with the man who turned him for years before tiring of him and killing him. He is dark but has a soft side hidden deep away.

1/8/2014 #13 Report

First Name: Troy

Middle(IF ANY): Cea

Last: Hideus

Appearance: Very tall and muscular, shaggy dirty blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

Age: 16

Species: human

Background: Got sick of his parents and moved into a friends house

Sorry it's so short. Internet went out and I didn't feel like writing it all again.

1/8/2014 #14 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

Accepted :)

1/8/2014 #15 Report
Gomez Addams of Addams Family

may I please have Carlisle.

1/13/2014 #16 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

Yes but we have no one playing Esme at the moment. Make sure you read through the rules before starting.

1/13/2014 . Edited 1/13/2014 #17 Report
Gomez Addams of Addams Family

Here an idea instead of carlisle being married to esme can he have a another wife.

1/13/2014 #18 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

Uh if you really want to. But we are going by the books for now

1/13/2014 #19 Report
Gomez Addams of Addams Family


1/13/2014 #20 Report
The Reader of Fanfiction

Full name: Wyatt Andrew Milliken

Gender: Male

Species: He is a shapeshifter, his two forms being a giant eagle and human

His true age is unknown, but he appeared to be 17

Appearance While Human: He's around 6 feet, two inches all, with shaggy blonde hair that covers his eyes. His hair has deep brown, golden, silver, and white streaks, but they're small streaks that are mostly in his bangs. His eyes are a deep blue, with small cracks of gold and emerald green that look like lightning. Tan skin, with lean but unmissable muscles. He wears a thin-chained necklace with two mall golden feathers, and wears it ALWAYS. He also wears a bracelet made of thin rope and features on his right wrist. His eyes are squinted just the tiniest bit.

Appearance while Eagle: A truly massive beast, his head is at seven feet, six inches, and his wingspan is almost twenty feet. His body is mostly dark golden feathers, hi tail black, and head a lighter brown with a mane-like ruffle of silver feathers around his neck. His eyes are a startling gold

Personality: A very kind, easy going guy with a sense of humor. He is a tad bit of an adrenaline junkie, but is still careful. He's almost fearless, but flying in airplanes makes him sick. He never rises his hand or voice to a woman, and happily fights any guy who does.

Grew up in a town in China, raised by the village chief after his mother died giving Birthn to him. His father was a European who left after bedding his mother. His mother was also only half Chinese. The tribe was the last genertion in a long line of Eagle Brethren, a gift bestowed upon the first chief many eons ago. His tribe was killed by a disease another European caught sometime before American was discovered. Wyatt, for some reason, was spared. He was dark and silent for sometime, resenting ours for killing his tribe, but a century's time healed that found, and he gradually became his old self. Moved to America during the Civil War

1/18/2014 . Edited by Sofie Clearwater, 1/22/2014 #21 Report
A Sofie Clearwater


1/18/2014 #22 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

OC Info:

First Name:Alexandra

Middle(IF ANY): marie

Last: Tyler

Apperance: (Can be a picture) short brown hair that is longer in the front, it goes to her shoulder in the front. Her eyes are candy apple green, she's about 5'4, thin, fit, with tan skin.



Background: She is the child of the liqueur store owners. Rylee has been her babysitter since she was a little kid, and has always taken care of her. Her parents are drunks who enjoy using her as a punching bag.


1/18/2014 . Edited 2/26/2014 #23 Report

First Name: Bailey

Middle(IF ANY): Marie

Last: Johnson

Apperance: long blond hair, blue eyes, 5"5, tan, slender body

Age: 22

Species: Wolf- part of the Lupei pack who reside in Australia.

Background:She is next in line for her pack. she has 2 younger brothers who are twins named Ryan and Ricky. she does not know her father, he was killed. her best friend is Austin. he is from a coven who her pack have a rivalry with over who owns what land.

Mate/Imprint: none

2/12/2014 . Edited by BlushingButtercups, 2/12/2014 #24 Report
M BlushingButtercups

First Name: Austin

Last Name: Allen


Age: 22

Species: Vampire

Background. He is part of the Australian coven. He lives with his three sisters, brother and parents. But he has other relatives also. He was one of the last to turn into a vampire and enjoys his new life very much. He used to enjoy playing sports in his human life. He likes hunting human girls along with his brother.

Personality: He is easy going and charismatic but can be a bit of a coward.

2/12/2014 . Edited 7/12/2014 #25 Report

First Name: Brandon

Middle(IF ANY): none

Last: RIchards

Apperance: Brown hair, blue eyes, tan, muscular

Age: 23

Species: Human

Background: He is an orphan, his parents died in a car crash.

Mate/Imprint: none

2/13/2014 #26 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

He's approved by the way, you can play him any time

2/13/2014 #27 Report

Rosalie and Alice?

2/16/2014 #28 Report
M BlushingButtercups


2/16/2014 #29 Report

Name: Tanya Jade Nayeli

Goes by Jade

Appearance: Long, dark and curly brown hair; pale; likes wearing red lipstick; 5'4"; small, almost fragile looking stature


Age: 374 (born 1640) looks 19

Species: vampire

Background: She can't remember anything of her human life before she was changed. She was changed by the leader of the same coven that Carlisle attacked as a human in the London sewers. She was a newborn when his group attacked the coven and she didn't stay around long enough to see what happened. She ran and became a nomad, never going back to the coven.

Talent: can generate a psychic electric shock, like Kate Denali

Mate: none but open for suggestions

2/16/2014 . Edited 2/16/2014 #30 Report
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