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Cannon OC Creator

First Name: Laurie


Last: Bayer

Apperance: 5"5, Long dark red hair, gold eyes, tan

Age: 23

Species: Wolf

Background:When she was 5 her mother was killed. He father started to abuse her and claim that it was her fault that her mom was dead. Her father had a lot of friends over all the time. He father let them rape her. When she was 16 she ran away and started over. she started turning into a wolf when she was 14.

Mate/Imprint: Open for one

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M BlushingButtercups


4/2/2014 #62 Report

Thanks :)

4/2/2014 #63 Report

First Name: Jazmin

Middle(IF ANY):

Last: Vega-de la Vega

Apperance: (Can be a picture) as a little girl still:

when she gets older:

her eyes maintain the bluish greenish color in the first picture

Age: under a year

Species: hybrid

Background: Mariana and Devon's daughter

Mate/Imprint: none as of yet

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M BlushingButtercups


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Nefarious Red

Can i have edward Cullen?

Real name:Delphine Anna Grey

Nickname:Phine, Dely, Or Anna)

Date of Birth:June 18, 1798

Date of Change/First Phase (If a vampire, or Shapeshifter): May 19, 1818

Appeared Age: 17

Origin (Place of birth): Detroit, MI

Race/Ethnicity/Nationality (Can be simple such as 'Caucasian' or 'black' or you can go into detail and say 'Irish, Welsh, Italian, Austrian, etc...): White

Gender: Female

Hair (color, style, length, etc…)Her hair is dark copper. With rtaher curly waves.

Eyes (color, shape, etc…)Her eyes, which were once intense, bright gray eyes, are now a bright crimson red. But seems to fade back into her grey when angry or thirst. Sometimes with intense depression as well.

Height: 6'5

Weight: 106

Species: (Unless specified otherwise, the only species allowed are: Vampires, humans, Children of the Moon, and Shapeshifters. Please see the note above for information on Hybrids.) Vampire

Appearance:She is muscular for most girls out there, but with flat abs and model body. She suits it through. She has been told that she is not merely good looking - dhe is the epitome of female beauty, breathtaking. Though she truly doesn't believe that.

Face-claim: N/A

Clothing Style: Dark but chic. She has a look of sophistication.

Personality:Ruthless but rather compassionate and remorseful. polite, Inside, she is vulnerable, hiding it on her ruthlessness. She believes she has no regards for human life, but that is merely only for when she's killing.

Overall- Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist

Hobbies: She loves the art of music. She is hardly never spotted without a notebook in hand writing her next composition.

Likes/Dislikes: She hates any werewolf, in fact, she despises them. Though if she has to stick around with them, she'll learn to suck it up and be nice. She enjoys, as stated before, the art of drawing and music.

Favorite Possessions: Her last record. Something she was given by her brother.

Scent (Cherries, rosemary, lemons, etc. Be creative, please!): Sh smells like a fresh evergreen forest

Occupation (Job or student or whatever): She is the CEO of a enterprise company in Seattle.


Coven/Pack: N/A

Talents: Composing

Special Abilities (Must go with your characters history): N/A

History:Delphine was originally born in Michigan. Her mother Rhone was addicted to drugs, and worked as a prostitute. Her pimp was extremely abusive to both her and Delphine. When she was four years old, her mother committed suicide; she was alone with her body for four days before they were discovered by police. Delphine continues to have dark flashbacks about the event well into adulthood, and only refers to her birth mother as "the crack whore". Dr. Luke Grey was the emergency room doctor on staff when the traumatized Isabella was brought to the hospital. She and her husband Vanessa Grey adopted Isabella into their family, but before the adoption paperwork went through, she lived with a foster family for several months. The Greys moved to Seattle at some point during Isabella's childhood and added two more members to the family which included her her sister Olivia and her brother Jack. As an adolescent, Delphine had violent mood swings that often got her into fights, and secretly drank alcohol. She hated all of the therapists that she had been made to go to. When she was fifteen years old, she took a landscaping job for her parents friends, Amanda and Ron Liely. Amanda's husband, Ron, seduced her, and she ended up losing her virginity to him. He introduced her to the BDSM lifestyle, which she credits with teaching her how to control her emotions and channel her anger into positive outlets. He acted as a Domme to Delphine for six years, until Ron's then-wife found out, and stabbed her to the point that he was hospitalized. delphine briefly attended Harvard, studying medical. After two years,she dropped out to start her own company. Ron gave her the $100,000 she needed to start. That business eventually grew into a rather successful company. She is a Sadist. Then, one night, while getting hot and drunk with an unknown man. They went to the Space Needle of Seattle and had a passionate love making. Only for him to change her mid point.

Waking up cold and alone on the Seattle Space Needle. She thrives her hunger by killing and feeding off four house full family worth of people. In the process, she goes to every big city, New York, Miami, Austin then finally lands in Chicago, then back into Seattle. ON her way there, she met the Cullen Coven and thought their diet was interesting, but she didn't change her. She now lives in Seattle.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Created by (Pen name): XxVamping - Bella -DarknesxX

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M BlushingButtercups

Accepted, I could also play Bella for you

4/25/2014 #67 Report
Nefarious Red

Awesome and Sure thing :3

4/25/2014 #68 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

First Name: Jack

Middle(IF ANY): Micheal

Last: Lucas

Apperance: (Can be a picture)

Dirty blondish, brown hair. Deep, candy apple green eyes and tanned skin. Very muscled and strong.

Age: 28

Species: human

Background: He was abused as a child by both of his parents. As a teenager he was a trouble maker, getting in jail for doing drugs and drinking. He finally got better when he started doing karate. He is now a karate teacher.


4/28/2014 #69 Report

Leah please? ?

5/20/2014 #70 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

Sure :)

5/20/2014 #71 Report

Yes! !

5/20/2014 #72 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

Go! Roleplay and have fun. I have my character Jack I've been dying to use

5/20/2014 #73 Report
A Sofie Clearwater

OC Info:

First Name: Kayleen

Middle(IF ANY): Maria

Last: Cashten

Apperance: (Can be a picture) red hair with rainbow streaks, big green eyes, pale skin, about 5'5, curvy



Background: She was adopted by a Quiluete family at five. They are now moving back to the Rez. She is an artist and very shy.


5/22/2014 #74 Report

Name: Drea Jones

Age: 21

appearance : African American, long yellow weave. Hazel green eyes.

ersonality: Strong, stubborn, b*tchy, and barely believes in what people tell her.


he is a vampire-hunter. She 100% believes in vampires and wants to kill one. Hobbies: Smoking weed, sleeping around

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M BlushingButtercups


Long yellow weave. I died. Lmfao

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First name: Shelby

Middle: none

Last: Allen

Appearance: pale skin, red eyes. Her hair is often switched from maroon, red and purple. She likes 'hipster' clothes but does not class herself to be one.


Age: 21

Species: Vampire

Special ability: Can control wind, the blow strong enough to send a vampire flying.

History: Shelby is the eldest of the girls. Born and raised in Australia. She just graduated university when she was changed. She doesn't tend to smile much therefor quite intimidating and unnaproachable. She is closest with her sister Natasha and opens up to her. She has a close bond with her cousin Sharon although they fight often as they both have strong personalities. Shelby has strong feelings towards her friend Devon that he does not return, making her quite bitter towards him and his family.

Mate/Imprint: None

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Name: Eric

Middle: Ian

Last: Miles

Appearance: Jet Black hair, milky skin and a dishevelled appearance.

Age: 28

Species: Vampire

History: Eric abandoned his son Sebastian Miles after the death of his wife. He fears seeing him again as it brings back memories of his beloved. He is now a nomadic vampire.

6/9/2014 #78 Report
M BlushingButtercups

Name: Cameron

Middle: Dean

Last: O'Neil


-- with light brown hair.

Age: 21

species: Vampire

Background: Cameron Dean was an exchange student along with Devon they were close friends along with Sharon and Shelby. Once he graduated he got into a university in Seattle with Devon. He realised he was a Bi and confined in him as he was his best friend. But a bad fallout had Devon humiliate him and reveal his secret. Cameron was left angry and pissed off so he set off to make him pay, eventually almost leaving him for dead.

Cameron was changed by Shelby who almost killed him by feeding on him, she refrained when she recognised him and allowed him to change.


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M BlushingButtercups

Name: Devon


Age: 20

Species: Vampire

Personality: Laid back kinda guy, doesn't like involving himself in drama. His main flaw would be that he holds grudges and cant move on from things easily.

History: Devon had a relatively good life until the tragic loss of his family.(murdered by his psychopath sister)He spent his teenage years with his friend Orise who saw him as a little brother. In his last year of high school he was part of the foreign exchange programme where he spent a year in Australia to study. He made a lot of close friends and had a special bond with Sharon and Cameron Dean. A year later he went back to seattle to study but a fight with Cameron led to his 'death' where his twin sister Malika changed him although he was still breathing and could have survived if only the ambulance had reached him. Which made him resent her more.

Mate: Mariana

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Can i have Nahuel plz?

8/24/2014 #81 Report
M BlushingButtercups


8/24/2014 #82 Report

First Name: Halle

Middle(IF ANY): Mae

Last: Quincy

Apperance: She has long black hair that comes down to the small of her back. She has light amber eyes and tan russet skin. She is roughly 5'7 with a very muscular and lean build from running.

Age: 17

Species: human

Background: Her mother died when she was younger. Her father gave up custody of her because of his alcohol problems and her older brother Gage became her legal guardian. Recently, her father and Gage got into an extremely heated argument and he phased too close. As a result of the injury, their father passed away in the hosipital

Mate/Imprint: Paul's imprint

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M BlushingButtercups

Yes. c:

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