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Tanya frowns after Jackie. "She is young. And she has a lot to learn about the more modern world... among other things."

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A Sofie Clearwater

"If the volturi caught whiff of her they may say she is an immortal child...." Josh looked up at the window.

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Tanya laughed lightly. "If you say so, I enjoy our meetings, they keep me on my toes."

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Tanya shook her head. "Jane and Alec are younger than she is by two years. And if they wanted her, they'd have to take me with her," Tanya growled slightly, feeling protective.

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A Sofie Clearwater

Josh raised an eyebrow. "You would think she was your child." He smiled softly.

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A Sofie Clearwater

(jane is only 11??)

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(I thought Jackie was 15... Jane and Alec are 13)

Tanya looked at the house. "I've taken her in. I promised her I wouldn't let anything bad happen to her, I brought her here, I intend to keep my promise."

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A Sofie Clearwater

(she's 13)

"That's very noble of you." Josh nodded in approval. "Well, as I have nowhere else to go: I offer my service to the both of you." He bowed again, much lower this time.

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"I get the impression that my smaller counter part wouldn't approve of my taking you up on that offer," Tanya said, turning her attention back to him.

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A Sofie Clearwater

"She's only a few inches smaller than you. And haven't you taken role as her guardian? That means she needs to listen to you." Josh smirked.

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Tanya glared. "I value her opinion."

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A Sofie Clearwater

"And I value everyone's opinion." He smiled again. "I will not stay unless the young one agrees to it. But do you not wish for extra protection over her?"

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"I've wished for a lot of things," Tanya muttered. "So far, I've only been able to rely on myself."

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A Sofie Clearwater

"Then I will leave the two of you alone. I apologize for bothering you." He turns to walk away.

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