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8/8/2012 #961 Report
Twilight the next generation

hey I am Prez I am going to give you two promots and you pick what one and just show me you can do emmett's personality

Rose fliping through a fashion magazine

Jasper out huntting

8/8/2012 #962 Report

(hey I'm Alec/Alexander/Alex whichever you want to call me)

Emmett@Rose: Rossieeee *whines* can we go thin out the forest!? it's growing back in!

8/8/2012 #963 Report
Twilight the next generation

(oks :) and I am not the best at playing the cullens so bare with me)

Rose glancing up at him raising an eyebrow "Why don't you go out with Jasper?"

8/8/2012 #964 Report

(I understand you can't exactly mold them like you can oc's or muc's)

Emmett@Rose: *eyes a light gold color* *raises a eyebrow* I am not thirsty butttttt grizzles might be out......butt he might get mad if I poke it and make it chase him......*walks over to her and looks at the magazine* Rosie how bout a game......checkers? *grining his dimples showing*

8/8/2012 #965 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Rose looks up at him, "You always have to cause problems" shaking her head slightly "and are we betting on this game?" smirking closing her magazine brushing her blonde hair out of her face

8/8/2012 #966 Report

Emmett: Depend what version we are playing....now we could skip the game *sits beside her* I mean our bed is getting very lonely

8/8/2012 #967 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Rose runs her hand through his hair "weren't we just keeping it company 2 hours ago?" smiling

8/8/2012 #968 Report

Emmett: It get's lonely fast *murmurs tilts his head so she could play with his hair more* *twirling a strand of her hair*

8/8/2012 #969 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Rose chcuckles slightly wraping her arms around his neck "so what are we waking for?"

8/8/2012 #970 Report

Emmett: *picks her up and runs up to their room* *kisses her fiercely*

8/8/2012 #971 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

well I see you have emmett's sex drive down and his playful attitude :)

I am going to let you on the rp with Emmett and if I like you there I will put you on the master list

right now we are having an event where all the characters are in highschool of the rp but rp 31 will be reguarl where the cullens just moved to canada but vist forks often staying out of the human eye

and the person that plays rose usally gets on later in the day if you are wondering

8/8/2012 #972 Report

(kk and could I make a oc like later on?)

8/8/2012 #973 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

I will proably open OC's up late Aug. early Sept. and I let people without OC's creat them first

8/8/2012 #974 Report


8/8/2012 #975 Report

Hey I wanted to rp as Seth. Do I need to audition? Where do I audition here?

9/19/2012 #976 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

seth does not need an audtion just pm the admin (me) and i will take you from there

9/19/2012 #977 Report
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