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A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

This RP is mainly OC and here is where you post your characters once they are approved by sending the profile to the admin if they are an OC character.

You need to fill out the profile to the best of your ability so your character can be devloped well and your character doesn't become annoying

Name (First Middle Last):


Date of Birth:


Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire):

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon):



Imprint/Mate (If one):

Short History (4-10 sentences):


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A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Name (First Middle Last): Stephen Crane Richards

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: June 10th

Age: 27

Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire): wolf

Species: wolf

Personality: friendly and protective, exspicaly of his sister, knows how to lead, but has slip up at times

Friends: Pandora, Embry, Chris


Short History: ran away at 16 came back at 19 was the right full alpha and took it form sam, had to patch things up with his sister pandora. Grew up with an abusive mother but turned out ok, he is an acholic tkaes after his mother but can usally stay away when things are in controll. loves to take carse of Pandora's little ones

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

Name (First Middle Last): Pandora Rose Richard

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: March 17

Age: 25

Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire): wolf

Species: wolf

Personality: Can defend her self and doesn't care what people think, she tries to be happy, but if you piss her off she can have a temper, very now and then you see teh scared 8 yearold in her and goes and hides

Friends: Stephen, Embry, Derek, Alena

Imprint/Mate: derek

Short History: grew up in la push with her brother her father died when she was young and her mom became abusive clinged to stephen for protection, when he ran away she hated him and moved with her uncle before her mom made her come back she got abusied. finaly when he came back she worked it out even thouhg it took forever. stephen ran away again and she took over alpha. meet derek and became attached. has lucas hunter and dakota

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Name (First Middle Last): Kristen Maria Nicolette Whitton

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: July 11

Age: 18

Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire): Human

Species: Human

Personality: Very happy and upbeat, hates to see people upset and is always trying to help them even if she knows it will get her in trouble. Is very hard to get her angry or upset but once that does happen she is very strong and able to take care of herself.

Friends: Brady, Nessie, Claire, Kim

Imprint/Mate: None

Short History: Grew up in NYC with Liza and Jack her adoptive parents, who she's lived with since her parents were murdered while living in Forks. She believes that Jack and Liza both have something to do with her parents death and moved away from them and NY as soon as she could. She's never truly felt safe and would defy people in anyway she could which is how she became a model. Has grown to love modeling but always secrety wishees that her parents were still around and that she would never have to worry about Liza and Jack again. Won't talk about her childhood with anyone and works hard to hide the scars she has from Jack.

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M Jesse'sGhostGirl28

Name: Derek Micheal Aarons

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: March 28, 1989

Age: 23


Species: Human

Personality: Has a very short temper, especially if he doesnt know you yet or has gotten into a fight with you previously, very protective of the ones he cares about, loves physical activities, doesnt trust any vampires, has only slightly less strength than a werewolf even though he is human and he he heals faster than a human should

Friends: Pandora, Nick, Embry, Faith

History: Grew up in La Push with his sister, Dad, and abusive mother, was kicked out at 18 and moved to LA but moved back to the Forks area with his friend to help Embry out. He switches where he is living between his friend Nick and Embry

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M Jesse'sGhostGirl28

Name: Chole Jade Aarons (first name pronounced "coal")

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 12 November 1995

Age: 16


Species: Human

Personality: Very sweet and too trusting since her brother has protected her all her life, will do what she can to protect the ones she loves but avoids fighting at all costs, doesnt really like who her brother has become

friends: Stephen, Pandora, Faith, Embry, Brian, Chris

History: Grew up with her brother, Dad, and abusive mother but was then kidnapped after being forced to watch her parents get murdered. Became mute after that but then slowly started talking again with Deans encouragement, keeps many secret from her brother, Derek, and tells Stephen almost everything

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M Jesse'sGhostGirl28

Name: Ryan Nicolas Pierce (Nick)

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 17 July 1991

Age: 20


Species: Human

Personality: Likes being around people but is fine with the fact that his girlfriend doesnt like that and loves to spend time alone with her and his daughter, Jade. Is an actual nice guy, can try to do too much all at once and become overwhelmed, and will accept help but wont ask for it

Friends: Chris, Derek, Ronny

History: Grew up in LA and was part of a gang, knew of Derek when he moved there but didnt actually know him since Derek had a higher rank in it. But once Derek killed Nicks brother, Nick did everything he could to get close to Derek to get his revenge, but ended up actually becoming friends with him. His whole life he has been taught that he doesnt really matter, first from his brother and then from Derek even though Derek usually treats him like an equal around other people. Sometimes Derek and Nick switch positions and Nick is the more dominant friend, but that hardly ever happens. His girlfriend, Natalia, is now teaching him he does matter. He came to Forks with Derek and now has a daughter Jade. His girlfriend disappeared one night, and he became a mess but now his friend Ronny is trying to help him

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Name (First Middle Last): Leon Tobin Carmicheal

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: November, 12, 1832

Age: 180 (looks sixteen)

Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire): Worst nightmare. (He can make people see their worst nightmares come to life in their heads. It looks real to them, but it's all in their heads.)

Species: Vampire

Personality: He is generally not very social. He talks to people, but he is very distant. He's a good listener and a kind person.

Friends: Doesn't have any at the moment.

Imprint/Mate: None

Pack (if wolf):N/A

Short History: Leon was born in Bavaria, Germany in 1832. when he was sixteen his father was changed and Leon was changed shortly after, having been attacked by his father. He has been wandering the Earth ever since.

6/15/2012 #7 Report

Name (First Middle Last): Preston John Schults

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: December 7th

Age: 18

Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire): N/A

Species: Shapeshifter

Personality: Generally very outgoing and nice person, has a bit of a short temper, but he tries to be nice to people as best he can.

Friends: N/A

Imprint/Mate: N/A

Pack (if wolf): N/A

Short History: Preston was born in Argentina on December seventh. He was raised there by his father and mother and when he shapeshifted for the first time he decided to travel the world in search of others like him.

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Name (First Middle Last): Elena Ashley Fields

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: October 3, 1990

Age: 21

Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire):

Species: Human

Personality: Elena is tough. Well, she likes to make out she is anyway. She's normally good at masking her true feelings, keeping up a strong appearance. She's athletic and loves to party only when there is drinking involved.

Friends: Avan, Mike, Daniel


Pack (if wolf):

Ethnicity: Filipino, Irish, and Scottish

Short History: Elena lived a bit more glamorously than the other girls in her school. She did modeling since the age of 15 up until she moved, her parents are extremely wealthy and when she was 18, they bought her a mansion so she'd be out of the house. Before that she was in a three year relationship with her boyfriend up until the end of high school when he disappeared. This is when she started to drink and stay out late, doing whatever she could to keep her mind off of him. A few weeks later the body was found and that was enough to make her close off from everyone she was close to. The drinking reached a point where she was almost always drunk. A guy that lived across the street from her for most of her life realized what happened to her, as it was all over the news, and slowly got her to talk about what she was feeling. They ended up forming a deep bond to the point where Avan suggested that maybe getting over her ex would be easier if she were no longer in Toronto. She quit modeling, swimming, and field hockey (all the activities her parents got her in that would make her college application look good) She wanted somewhere small and isolated to live at and they stumbled upon Forks, WA. He is the only one she'll really talk to, when others try and talk to her she seems to be in a whole other place, rude, or sometimes even nice. She hopes that with time, she'll become more like her old self.

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Name (First Middle Last): Avan (Ahv-en) Ezra Richmond

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: July 4, 1989

Age: 22

Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire):

Species: Human

Personality: Avan is a joker. He loves nothing more than to fool around and tease people. Especially his younger brother. He's very intelligent but not when it comes to books and studying. He's cunning, witty and extremely confident. It's hard to insult Avan as he's not easily offended. Even if something DOES offend him, he'll keep a straight face – probably even laugh it off. Avan has a very outgoing personality and he's quite literally up for anything. He's a bit of a daredevil and loves a bit of juicy gossip.

Friends: Elena, the whole group of 'popular teens' from high school and his younger brother


Pack (if wolf):

Ethnicity: Irish and Italian

Short History: When he transferred from his elementary school in New York, to a brand new place in Toronto, not much was known about him. He mostly kept to himself because he disliked the many stupid things that people did general and felt that he always had more common sense than them. He felt this way up until his sophomore year of high school when the whole group of Jocks took him under their wing and he began to thrive on the wild parties and attention from every girl he could think of. His parents collaborated with Elena's and made a business that got them ridiculously rich. He recieved a mansion for is 18th birthday. He was the star quarterback as well as captain of the basketball team. The mysterious disappearance of Troy Jones was all over the news by his senior year and the girl who lived across the street from him could always be seen sneaking out of her 2nd floor window to a party after a photoshoot or a swim meet, or field hockey game. He knew a lot about her through the magazines his mom read through he'd never met her. He felt sorry for her when the body was found and they began to grow closer until he decided that for her to really heal, she had to get out of Toronto, so they came upon Forks, WA and knew it was the best place to start over.

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Name (First Middle Last): Cammie Celeste Marcus

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: December 7th 1926

Age:86( Looks seventeen)

Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire): See into souls

Species: Hybrid

Personality: She's pretty outgoing, she's the kind of person who reallydoesn't care what others think of her, She's recless and she's kind of a bad ass.

Friends: Leon Beckert

Imprint/Mate: N/A

Pack (if wolf): N/A

Short History: Cammie was born in Sydney Australia in 1926. Her father having been a vampire fell in llove with her mother and Cammie was born. She aged very quickly to seventeen and hasn't aged since. she's been traveling the world, meeting others like her self and full vampires as well. She met Leon about twenty years ago and then they went their seperate ways.

7/2/2012 #11 Report

Name: Angel Hope King

Gender: female

Date of Birth: 1902 July 3rd

Age:looks around in her early 20s

Appearance: Angel has a brownish blondish hair that goes down to her mid back that us straight and soft and beautiful. She has pale white skin like the usual vampire and golden topaz eyes because she drinks animal blood. She is the height of about 5'6 and she has a perfect beautiful figure.

Power: She has the ability to control the weather. Like for example she could make it super hot and dry like a desert or she could make it below 0 degrees,etc.

Species: Vampire

Personality: Angel is very motherly like Esme and normally does not like to fight. But she will fight if she has to protect herself or her mate. She is very kind and sweet and enjoys the company of humans. She is very strong but is often unsure about herself.

Friends: Luke (mate) The rest of her coven

Mate: Luke (does anyone want to play him?)

Short History: Angel grew up in the earley 1900s. Her father was a doctor and her mother did not have a job. Her family was very rich and she had two huge houses that she shared with her seven siblings. She would always give extra money to the poor people of the town that was less fortunate then herself. One day she fell in love with a pale looking man (Luke) and she got a disease really young and her dad couldn't treat it because they didn't have the proper medicine back then so Luke had no choice but to turn her before she died .

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Name (First Middle Last): Kayla Jaymie Jackson

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: April 10th 1875

Age: 137 (Physically 16)

Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire): Ability to control the four elemenets

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): Vampire

Personality: Friendly and funny Friends: Any other vampires

Imprint/Mate (If one): None.

Short History (4-10 sentences): Born in Ireland in the year 1875. Grew up in a rich family. One day went walking and was changed in the woods. Travelled alone ever since.

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Name ( First Middle Last ) : Tracey Green Ryder.

Gender : Female.

Date of Birth : March 12.

Age : 17.

Appearance ( links are ok ) She is about 5 feet & 4 inches tall. She has bright hazel eyes & short raggly black hair. She about 117 pounds. Brownish skin with a tattoo on her neck & various peircings.

Power ( if vampire, one power per vampire ) : Abilty to be not noticed or noticed depending on how she used it.

Species ( Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon ) : Vampire.

Personality : She very moodly. Tries to keep people away from her by being sarsadice & pushy toward them. She has a weirld sence of humor and a high threshold of pain. But if you put up with her then after a while she consirer you her friend. She figures if you going to go by first apperances then she not going to waste her time on you.

Friends : None yet there.

Imprint / Mate ( If One ) : No.

Short History ( 4-10 sentences ) : She grew up with her dad pushing her to make something of her self & her mother saying she had to look prety. Her Dad woked for The Hawaii goverment & her mother was a travel agent. She got real tired of them making her do what they wanted. Her dad wanted someone to brag about & her mother wanted a trophy daugher so she been working for some time to dissponsit them. Her parents hardly ever talk to her any more which is fine by her. She was told all her life she had to be this perfect person and finally got tired of them & was going to run away from home not caring anymore when she was changed into a vampire. She takeing it pretty well. She been one for a few mounths now The way she looks at it her life is finally looking up .

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A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Name (First Middle Last): Ronny David Hanson

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: January 17th

Age: 22

Appearance (links are ok):

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): Human

Personality: She is generally a happy person, but if you piss her off she has a temper, she likes control of the situation, and if things start to fall apart so does she

Friends: we'll see

Imprint/Mate (If one): maybe no day

Short History (4-10 sentences): She was born in New York and moved to Paris with her mom when she was 5 her dad running off with another woman and she hasn't been on good terms with him since. In Paris she fell in love with fashion and now at 22 she is the owner of her own small clothing line which she is trying to build up with the help of her mother and Raymond.

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M Jesse'sGhostGirl28

Name: Lucas Micheal Cooper

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: December 12

Age: 5

Appearance: YlbLDN2VwP grown up

Species: Human

Personality: Energetic

Friends: Chase, Jade

History: Is the son of Derek and his ex-fiancee, Emma, and he lived in LA for 3 years with his mom and step-dad. His step-dad would abuse his mother and after a very bad incident his mom ended up in the hospital in a coma. Derek was contacted to take care of him 3 days a week and he would stay with a family friend the other days. Once Emma was out of the hospital she moved to Forks so Lucas could be closer to his dad. After a few years she moves away and Derek and his fiancee Pandora take full care of him

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Name: Ryan Jhones

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: November 18, 1992

Age: 19

Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire):

Species: Wolf

Personality: Caring when around people he trusts but can come across as cold and uncaring to people he just meets.

Friends: N/A

Imprint/Mate: None

Pack (if wolf): Stephen's

Short History: Ryan didn't have his parents and was raised by his aunt and uncle, who died in an accident right before he shifted for the first time at 16. He grew up in Forks but never really talked to people.

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Name: Maya Radke

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: April 8, 1988

Age: 24

Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire):

Species: Human

Personality: Maya has issues with being assertive and generally let people walk all over her. She also has a problem with intimacy as a result of her OCD behavior. She's very kind and often too nice for her own good, but she's an extremely loyal friend and very vulnerable.

Friends: None

Imprint/Mate: None

Pack (if wolf):

Short History: Maya's under constant pressure from her overbearing parents who would rather she settle down, and the downside of her need for everything to be clean makes things awkward in social situations.

11/6/2012 . Edited 11/6/2012 #18 Report

Name (First Middle Last): Elsa Haylie Miller

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: January 9th 1998

Age: 14 almost 15

Appearance (links are ok): She has long brown hair that's almost constantly in a braid, and dull blue eyes. She's really short, not quiete five feet, and underweight. Her figure is very slight, and doesn't take up much room. She doesn't have any freckles, but she's always wanted some.

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): Human

Personality: She's really quiet and sits away from everyone for a while. She tends to just watch everyone around her, and has become very good at "reading" people. She always takes every little detail into consideration and is a very analytical person, which can be a bad thing because sometimes there is no meaning behind something. She's really quite smart because of all the attention she pays. Once she becomes comfortable with you though, she will be a little louder, but not that loud. She loves to have fun and laugh though when she's around people she trusts. Oh yeah, and she has trust issues.

Friends: None yet, just moved. :)

Imprint/Mate (If one): Nope, in my dreams. So if you want one, let me know. :)

Short History (4-10 sentences): Her family has moved at least once a year for the last eight years, so by now she's used to it. Her dad has this weird fascination with buying houses and remodeling them himself and then selling them again. She hates it, but there's nothing she can do about it. After the first few times, she started getting quieter. She's somewhat afraid of getting close to people because then she just has to move away, therefore has trust issues.

11/8/2012 . Edited 11/8/2012 #19 Report

Name (First Middle Last): Nichole Ann Smith


Date of Birth: Dec. 25

Age: 18

Appearance (links are ok): she has dark green eyes, blonde hair with purple high lights, she has tan skin and red lips...

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire):

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): Human

Personality: she is kind, out going, sweet, loving, and a little shy, She don't like meat she is a veggie. She like's music hip pop, and rock... She is mostly goth, and she wear's all black.. She is the most great person to get to know and she like's too go to the beach and to the movies... Her Fav. movies are Twilight, Scary movies..... She will do anything to meet great people and get know them and make great friend's... She has a cat name Midnight and a bird name Sally... Her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend back in New York....

Friends: N/A

Imprint/Mate (If one): none yet

Short History (4-10 sentences): She just moved to forks with her mother after the death of her father. She has a little sister that is 1 yrs old and a little brother that is 7 yrs old, she loves to make friend's and go shopping she is in to car's and love's to hang out with new people. She was raped and beaten up bye some guy in a ally when she was 16 ten she got pergenat with his baby and gave it to a nice family that would take of her baby.. She even was in a car wreak when she was 17 ten and had a broken ankle and she was in a coma for 3 week's... when she was 14 ten she drank...

11/11/2012 . Edited 11/11/2012 #20 Report

Name (First Middle Last):Reeanna Trojan Stryder goes by Trojan G

ender:Female Date of Birth:12/24


Appearance (links are ok):/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/troian-bellisario.jpeg .

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire):Maybe she'll have a power if she gets turned.

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon):Human

Personality:Trojan is pretty antisocial but she's pretty nice.She is pretty smart and clever,always making a plan.She specializes in computer hacking,diversion,and fighting.She normally tries to stay out of fights,though.She loves rock music and hates most of everything out.Se also is a good actress. Friends:Not anyone of importance

Imprint/Mate (If one):

Short History (4-10 sentences):Trojan was born in Ukraine Europe to a pretty poor family.They imigrated illegally to Forks,Washington when she was fourteen.She was homeescholled for a year before her parents put her in a public school.She learned alot about computers and started hacking a bit.She usually goes in the school computers and changes her grades.

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Powered By Pandas

Name: Aria Xanthos.

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 21/09/1903.

Age: Looks 19, Is 109.


Power: Control the Elements.

Species: Vampire (Vegetarian)

Personality: She is feisty, and always keeps her shields up - not letting anyone see the true her.

Friends: Currently a nomad so not many.

Mate: None at the moment but wants one.

Short History: The volturi turned her and killed her fiancee. She is forever hiding from the Volturi as she plots there death.

11/25/2012 . Edited 11/26/2012 #22 Report
Shy girl 23

Name: Chloe Rose Hearst Gender: Female Date of Birth: March 2, 1995 Age: 17 Appearance: Power: None Species: Human Personality: Chloe is a sweet, honest, young girl. She has a heart of gold, and tries to be unselfish. She has a smart mouth and can be sarcastic, which tends to get her into trouble. She is shy but friendly, though has a hard time making friends. Short History: Chloe was born in Phoenix Arizon. But when she turned seventeen her parents moved to Forks Washington, in LaPush. She was nervous about moving, but glad, because she is a bit of a loner, and didnt feel like she fit in her hometown. She doesn't know anyone on the Res, and tends to keep to herself.

11/27/2012 #23 Report

Name (First Middle Last):Carly Kirika Smith


Date of Birth: May 16, 1997

Age: 15

Appearance (links are ok): http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8712663/1/Ruined

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire): Power mimicry: she can copy other vampire's talents and keep them as her own

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): Vampire

Personality: She's a friendly person, but can get very prideful causing her to appear bratty to some people. She doesn't talk a lot, but acts quickly upon things based on observations. She is also very quick to become bored of something which makes it so she moves around a lot.

Friends:currently the volturi (subjective to change)

Imprint/Mate (If one): not yet, but will have one soon. (don't want to give the mate away too early since story isn't finished)

Short History (4-10 sentences): Her younger brother(who was turned into a vampire) who was 4 killed her parents when she was only 6, he had a talent of controlling fire. When he was about to kill her Carly discovered her gift of mimicry and turned around killing him instead. She was left emotionally scarred causing her to have nightmares every night. She ran away from the scene and lived on the streets for about 4 years until her step dad, David, found her. Years later when she was about to turn 16 she was traveling to California to perform in a dance concert, but made a mistake and ended up in Volterra instead. She met the Volturi who turned her into a vampire causing her to loose her memory for awhile which resulted in David's death when he came to pick her up. She is training with the Volturi as Aro wants to enhanced her gift.

11/29/2012 #24 Report

Name (First Middle Last): Ty James Sarcreto

Gender: male

Date of Birth: may 16th 1994


Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire):

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): human

Personality: he's athletic, curious, friendly, and helpful.

Friends: none right now seeing he just moved to forks.

Imprint/Mate (If one):

Short History (4-10 sentences): Ty was born to a senator father and a congresswoman mother. he never knew his parents but the memories he does have would be of the pain he endured at their hands. he was abused horribly as a child and ran away to where one day he stumbled upon a lottery ticket on the ground. he took it and claimed the winning ticket and the half a billion dollar prize and moved to forks hoping his parents would never find him, and he could recover from his horrific childhood.

11/30/2012 #25 Report
Fareeha Zeigler

Name (First Middle Last): Winter Lumiere

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: Sept 25th

Age: She is physically 18

Appearance (links are ok): She has long black hair to her waist that she keeps pulled back, she has dark skin (For a hybrid, she's biracial) and she has huge turquoise eyes. She stands a5 5'3 and is very curvy though has smooth muscles, she usually wears a tank top and shorts. Kat Graham could be a good way to imagine her

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire): Electricity manipulation.

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): Half vamp half human

Personality: She has many layers to her personality which causes her to become misunderstood, she at first glance seems very sarcastic, blunt and is not afraid to voice her opinion. She rarely swears as she figures it's the sign of a bad vocabulary. She typically hangs with guys because it's easier. She doesn't take ** from anyone, so if you go to her with teen angst she will slap you. She is rather violent if you ** her off and is capable of beating up a man twice her size.

Don't take that exterior though, if you dig a little deeper you realize she's compassionate, she loves helping you out if you have a true problem. She is smart though, she is what's considered 'Hyper-Observant' meaning she can see even the tiniest details, and she has a eiditic memory with sight so she remembers everything she sees. She loves being around little kids and will give them advice, and when she's actually using her mind she can think of a great plan

Friends: Alice, and some Volturi people

Imprint/Mate (If one): None maybe..

Short History (4-10 sentences): She was born in France due to her mom being raped by her father 25 years ago her mom died and she never met her dad so she wandered the world when she was 5 but physically twelve, she eventually lived in the woods though she would sometimes use her powers for more prank purposes, she eventually wandered to Italy and the Volturi wanted her but she refused and she went to Forks, she lives in her own apartment but travels around a lot. She also has a clear French accent 18

12/17/2012 . Edited 12/17/2012 #26 Report

Name (First Middle Last): Asher Evan Sinclair

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: January 13th

Age: 17 (Physically)

Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire): Incapacitates his victims through physical contact.

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): Vampire

Personality: He's got a quiet personality that mingles well with his sly sense of humor. When you catch him in a bad move, he can be a real bastard but most of the time he's good-natured and tends to act according to what he feels like doing. You don't underestimate him though because despite his easy going way of handling himself, he's actually calculating your every move. He's the sort of guy that can easily catch you off guard if you're not careful. Friends: Many from other countries but none where he's at now.

Imprint/Mate (If one): None

Short History (4-10 sentences):

Ash was the son of a General during the First World War. Even from his first few years of life, it was drilled into his system that he was going to follow in his father's footsteps and join the Military in the future. Holding true to what was expected of him, Ash finished his classes with cold precision, thinking critically and leaving no time for crap. But it wasn't like he really wanted to be in the Military. He just had to--because he was told to do so. A few months before he was to turn eighteen, his name was already signed up in the roster for new recruits, being one of the first ones to be shipped to training.

The night before he was supposed to leave, he decided to leave. And he did. He spent a month on his own, avoiding large cities and mostly surviving off his own instincts. It wasn't until he reached the outskirts of Manhattan that he was bitten by a Nomad. Another vampire who was passing by smelled the blood and somehow managed to save Ash from being drained. He woke up three days later--a different species. He never found out who the other vampire was. Now he's a Nomad but is willing to accept companions.

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swiggity swame this is my name

Name (First Middle Last): Zack Laguna

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 3/16/1993

Age: 19

Appearance (links are ok):

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): Human

Personality: Friendly to everyone he meets, sweet and caring

Friends: None yet

Imprint/Mate (If one) : nones he's a forever aloner

Short History (4-10 sentences): Born in Florida in..........March on the 16th in 1993. He had a friend there since he was in Elementary school, and they were both pretty quiet. He started to get out of his shell in High School and he's really friendly now. He had to move to Forks because his dad had a job transfer. So far he likes it since it's a small town. He doesn't really like large places, like Florida, because he still has some shyness. Um he has a good relationship with his mother. He doesn't like his father that much, like 3/4 of his heart belongs to his mom and the rest to his dad. So I guess he's a mama's boy. Uhh he makes friends easily cause he smiles a lot and isn't mean, okay he can be but not I'll murder you in your sleep mean, like call you stupid mean. Oh and he's loyal to his parents I guess.

12/28/2012 #28 Report

Name: Aurora "Rora" Nicole Swan

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: June 6, 2006

Age: 7, physically 18.

Appearance: , Aurora has dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She has flawless creamy skin along with full lips and perfect teeth.

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire): Time manipulation - Ability to forward, slow, reverse and stop time.

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child ofthe Moon): Hybrid - Half-human, half-vampire.

Personality: Aurora is very sweet and kind. She is over-protective and she will protect those she cares about. She has a bubbly and cheerful state that is mostly seen, along with her sense of humor. She's a fast-thinker and reacts quickly to situations.

Friends: The Cullens, Stephen, Jacob, Seth, Quil, Embry, Sam, Jared and Paul.

Imprint/Mate (If one): None, yet.

Short History (4-10 sentences): Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Aurora had always been a cheerful child. Her mother died while giving birth and her father fell into a deep depression.

Two days after her bloody, difficult birth, she was already the size of a two-year old. Her dark brown hair reached her back and her features became more childlike.

She blames herself for her mother's death but there was nothing she could do about that now. Her father was shocked about how fast she was growing.

When she was three, she was already able to read and write. She discovered her power a year later. She stopped time and saw that the only people that were moving was her and her father. She began training so she could control it.

When she was seven years old, she saw that she was longer a child. She was a woman. 18 years old.

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Name (First Middle Last): Natalia Rihannon Cunningham

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: April 20

Age: 19

Appearance (links are ok): Curly red hair, pale skin with bright green eyes. Pale lips and she is now very thin but looks stronger.

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire):

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): Human

Personality: Shy girl whose is now trying to be outside of her shell and talk to knew people. She loves to cook and she can occasionally be really funny. She is very protective of the ones she loves and sometimes that means she'll do crazy out of the box things.

Friends: Faith

Imprint/Mate (If one):

Short History (4-10 sentences): When she was little her parents were in a car crash and it caused a brain injure where they don't believe that she is actually there daughter and compare her to an imaginary son. They abuse her until she finally leaves home and goes to find her best friend Faith in Forks Washington. She is there for a while and meets Nick but then left before there wedding because she felt like she wasn't good for him and everything was going wrong. She's back from rehab with Faith and trying to start her life over again and get back to hopefully how it was before.

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