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Name (First Middle Last): Angelina Mira Hill

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 19th May 1995

Age: 18

Appearance(links are ok): Dark brown hair to the small of her back with streaks of lighter brown, golden hazel eyes with a dark brown on the outside. She's 5"7 with a slim figure.

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire): N/A

Species(Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): Werewolf

Personality: Angelina is outgoing she's always trying to make people laugh, kind and caring especially to dogs, she's slightly sarcastic but not a lot. She's extremely defensive of her friends and family. Loud really loud she will sing her heart out especially in public places. Angelina has no shame so making her blush is a blue moon occasion. Friends: N/A Imprint/Mate (If one): N/A

Short History (4-10 sentences): She grew up in a big family so being alone is not one of her strong points. Her change began when she was 12 which was quiet early for people in her family, she moved away because her parents wanted to marry her off.

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Name:Alex Gentry Gender:Male Date of Birth:February20th Age:looks 24(108) Appearance (links are ok): Power:see's when people are in danger Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon):Vampire Personality:quiet,calculating,doesn't talk much Friends:none yet Imprint/Mate (If one):none yet Short History (4-10 sentences):Alex grew up in a poor family his mom sold drugs his dad was a alcoholic.Alex grew up being made fun of due to not having as nice things as other kids which is why he is quiet.Alex graduated high school and went into the military.He went on to become a navy seal and during a mission he came across a vampire who bit him and alex turned into one too.He feeds on people who have done bad things in life and will never harm an innocent.

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Name: Lauren Carlise Emilia Viola Annalise Cullen

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 4-16-1990

Age: 23

Bio: She is Carlisle and Esme's miracle child of sorts. Born on Carlisle and Esme's anniversary, hence one of her many nicknames: The Anniversary Child (creative huh? *insert sarcasm*) She's an actress in Hollywood and commutes by running. She discovered her powers one day on an arm wrestling match with Emmett. She had daughter, Victoria, when she was 20 and her daughter died subsequently from cancer. This left Lauren forced to go back to her parents whom she now loves very much as they are her key source of comfort. She graduated Summa Kum Laude from Julliard school of theater.

Nationality (optional): American

Appearance (pictures will do): C0162DB6D345&selectedIndex=9

Power (if vampire): Super Strength/Age manipulation (she can change how old people appear to be)

Species: Vampire

Personality: Very kind, smart, hyper, interesting, devious (kind of like Emmett), loves to act and sing

Imprint/Mate: None...yet

Other: She loves Starbucks, shopping, and playing the harp and the shamisen.

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Name: Scarlett Flynn Rains

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: May 15

Age: 19 (almost 20)


Power: None

Species: Human

Personality: Artistic, commitment issues sometimes, shy, but usually very happy

Friends: None yet

Imprint/Mate: None

Short History: Taken away from her parents at age 2 because of abuse. Moved to Forks with adoptive parents who died in a car crash when she was 16. She just graduated and she's looking for somewhere to settle and be comfortable.

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M Jesse'sGhostGirl28

Name: Vincent Celso DeLuca (Vince)

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: April 29th

Age: 22


Species: Human

Personality: Very easy going but will protect what he sees as his

Friends: Ronny, Nick

History: Grew up with his parents in LA until he was 15 and his parents moved back to Italy. He refused to move there and stayed with a family friend until he was 18. Growing up he learned Italian as his first language but fluently speaks English as well. Is now a high school teacher hoping to move to Forks over the summer

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Lesha Bee

Name (First Middle Last): Mackenzie (Macy) Eloise Clearwater

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: July 8, 1990

Age: Would be 23 if she aged, actually 16

Appearance (links are ok): Played by Allie Gonino, wolf form is light brown with white paws, chest, and muzzle.

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire): n/a

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): Wolf

Personality: Macy is a bit hot headed and very independent, but she warms up to people depending if she likes them or not (She doesn't normally like people much). She is very adventurous and spends most of her time phased and running amuck in the woods.

Friends: Not many

Imprint/Mate (If one): undeveloped

Short History (4-10 sentences): Macy was born in Forks and raised by Jacob (who is her cousin) when her mother died of lung cancer and her father died in a car accident when she was 7. She stayed 7 years old for 5 years because of how often she phased, then grew up to 16 years of age and stayed that old for 2 years. She began going to forks highschool after being basically homeschooled by Jacob. She was once attacked by a cougar when she was phased in the woods and got a large scar across her left shoulder.

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Name (First Middle Last): Katerina "Kat" Ariana Grey

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: December 1

Age: 17

Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire): -

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): Wolf

Personality: Katerina is very sweet and kind, but very overprotective. She is loyal to those of her pack. She's a tease and she gets angered easily.

Friends: The Pack: Stephen, Embry, Jacob, Seth, Leah, etc.

Imprint/Mate (If one): -

Short History (4-10 sentences): She was born and raised in La Push, on the Rez and she grew up with Jacob and Embry. Her father was always the one who would tell her about the Quileute Legends and the Cold Ones. Her mother believed them and always warned Katerina to look out for the Cold Ones and, if she ever saw one, to not approach them. Katerina always followed that rule. When she was seventeen, she ran into one of them. A vampire. One of the Cold Ones. She knew because of their golden eyes. It angered her and that was when she phased for the first time.

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Full Name:(King) Darius



Appearance:he has short, spiky brown hair, pale skin,wearing all black clothes,and black boots.

Personality:handsome,sexy,dreamy,charming,secretiv e,loyal,funny,sarcastic,sneaky,cunning,and outgoing Flaws:none Biological Family:long dead Background

Story:When he was young,his family was royalty.He was born a immortal vampire.He had the powers to control to change any human worthy into a vampire or a vampire into a human.He is a very special vampire.He met his mate when he visit her castle one night when he was wondering around alone.He fell in love with her. He would help her rule the vampires.When the Romanians came to attack them, he fled the castle thinking his mate died in the castle. He wonders around for years looking for his mate.

Vampire Age when changed:doesn't remember

Actual Age:25

Blood Preference (Vegetarian or Human):Both

Mate:none yet ( Can you make him one?)

Gift:power to travel through time and freeze time

Year Changed:doesn't know

Position in Coven (Leader,Father, Mother,etc.):Was Leader


Full Name:Kagome Redbird


Date of Birth:June 16

Nickname:Gome Age:23

Appearance:She has tan skin,long straight,black hair.She has black eyes.She has an athletic build. In human form,She wears blue blouse,blue jeans,black jacket,black shoes,moon locket,and star earrings. In wolf form,She is a large snow white wolf with white fur,eyes change due to moods and a bit of blue fur. Species:shapeshifter

History:When Kagome and Ami was born,their parents didn't like them that they raised the baby for five years. They left the two girls in the forest and ran away.

Family:Twin sister Ami 18 parents abandoned them at 5 years old in a forest.

Pack Rank:none


Likes:playing sports,cars,movies,reading books,music,and hanging out with friends


Extra Facts:no

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Name (First Middle Last): Sam Grantire

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 25/02/95 ( Brithday) Channged: Early 2013

Age: 18

Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire): To Bring anyone into a daze By singing.

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): Vampire

Personality: Not very sure of himself and has always been loney, loves Music and musicals he is also quite shy.

Friends: none after being changed

Imprint/Mate (If one):

Short History (4-10 sentences): Sam had a few friends during his early teenage years, but as he got older his friends grew distant and some stopped talking to him all together, even more so when they found out about his love for song. Then from the age of 16 he started to drink heavily and as a result had to stay with a family friend until he was 18 when he was kicked out of school so was kicked out of the house as well.

After being thrown out of a bar for drinking too much and not being able to pay, he walked around the streets for what seemed hours, when he saw what he thought was the god apollo.

He blacked out after that and all he has known since then is a thrist that even the strongest drink can't calm down.

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Aila Paje

Name (First Middle Last): Claire Victoria Bella Nightingale

Gender: F

Date of Birth: February 6, 1854

Age: looks 18-20ish but is really 149 yrs. old

Appearance (links are ok): Pale skin, almost white with hints of peach and silver. Wine colored lips and flawless features, rather soft, oval face with flowing features. A tiny beauty mark near her right eye is the only mark on her clear skin. She wears black, red and purple mostly, and being rather wealthy, she prefers designer clothing, not too flashy but not drab. Sometimes, while in sunnier places she wears Volturi-like clothing so she blends in to the black of the night while hunting.

Eyes: Red

Hair: Black, shiny, falls in tight, Italian curls down to her waist

Power: she can see the past through objects. (for example, if you were to give her a knife, she could tell you if it were used for murder or cooking and all about the maker and user. Or if you gave her a shirt, she could tell you where it last was and the previous owner(s) of it.)

Species: Vampire

Personality: Mysterious, a little cold and appears to have no heart. But inside, which she only shows to those who are close to her, she is kind, delicate and caring but strong and loving.

Friends: none, she's really a lonely nomad looking for a coven. She knows Carlisle vaguely and he remembers her vaguely, from long ago.

Imprint/Mate (If one): none as yet

Short History (4-10 sentences): She was out swimming one night in Venice Italy when two figures rose out of the water. She was entranced by their beauty and couldn't run away until she realized what they were. She screamed as the pain of their vemon entered her and a man from a house across the street found her. Thinking her dead, he gave her body to the morgue and she escaped, slowly becoming aware of what she was. She fed on humans and gave herself up to her senses at all times. Soon, though, she became lonely and started being a nomad instead of a sewer rat or cave-dwelling monster. She considers both the Volturi and the Cullens as possible alliances, but mostly keeps to herself.

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Name Arrianna Marie Dialdian


Date of Birth:june 20 1912

Age:vampire age is 101 human age 19

Appearance (links are ok): imono/RP%20Girl%20Characters/Anime%20Girl%20RPCs/t h_23415866-Anime_Tomboy.jpg

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire):can stop time

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon):half human half vampire

Personality:artistic kind but hot headed brave courages {loves fast cars!}


Imprint/Mate (If one):Nial {half vampire half human}

Short History (4-10 sentences):was born in 1893 to vannessa {human} and nickolas {vampire} vannesa survived the birth and had promised arriannas hand to the boy next door who is also human/vampire once she was fully grown her power kicked in and she could stop time in the blink of time she can also make time go backwards.her and nial have been togeather ever since.

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sorry apperance is my profile pic the link doesnt work:p

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Name (First Middle Last): Ambre ( pronounced Amber) madeleine Moore

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: May 18 1992

Age: 21

Appearance (links are ok): blue ombre hair what falls half way down her back .Ambre's eyes are brown with a little bright blue on the rim of the brown; on the outside of the brown. She is fair-skinned but a little tan. Ambre stands at 5,7 foot. She is normal, expect her hair and beautiful eyes. = her hair

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire): none

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): Human

Personality: Super smart, and super fun to be around. She is a don't judge a book by a cover person. By her hair is bright colorful, what puts some people off, but she is so nice. Every body wants to be around her. Ambre loves to make people smile ; and loves to her self. She works really hard at school. Also she loves to travel. Anywhere anytime.

Friends: Every body she meets !!!!!!

Imprint/Mate (If one): None

Short History (4-10 sentences) Ambre was born in Newcastle, England. She loves her family. In school she was popular and played many sports. She went to Burford broading school. She attended From age 11 to 18. When Ambre was not at school she would travel all over Europe. For collage she went to university of Edinburgh. Then got an internship Google. So far she never moved back to England.

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Korra Ly

Name (First Middle Last):Lydia Elizabeth Twilight


Date of Birth:Decmber 15th 1802

Age: loos 14

Appearance (links are ok): tedIndex=5

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire):Controling the Elements only knows of the air element

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon):Vampire

Personality:She is patient but short-tempered, calm but rebellious, petty but noble, fearsome but affectionate, free spirits but fiercely territorial She also - not surprisingly - noted for a marked reluctance to make up their minds.

What makes her magnetic and commanding figures is the absolute loyalty and affection Lydia shows for those she loves. With a natural air of authority,Lydia easily earn the respect and admiration of those who love her in return.

While domesticated Lydia is quite happy among familiar surroundings, she is just as apt to fly off on an adventure at a moment's notice. Unpredictable and emotional, she can become quite fearless when standing up for herselve or others, and often hold definitive views on how to right the wrongs of society.

At work, Lydia shows natural leadership ability, but prefers to work alone

Friends:Tries getting along with everyone,but has screw enemy's

Imprint/Mate (If one):furture Mate- John Twilight

Short History (4-10 sentences):Lydia was some how born from two vampires,and grew. When Lydia was younger her parents gave her a good childhood,she had friends,and John. Lydia was surround by older vampires,and that made her hate humans somehow. John was the only person she liked the most.

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Name: Asha Joy Carmichael

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: June 9, 1997

Age: 16

Appearance: An African American girl that stands 5'5'' and weighs a healthy 124 ibs. She has pure charcoal hair, ebony skin, and chocolate brown eyes. She bares no tattoos on her body, has a beauty mark on her right shoulder from birth and a scar on the left side of her stomach.

Power: Doesn't have any

Species: Human

Personality: At first glance, Asha seems to have a pleasant personality. Although she is shy, she is pretty outgoing, kind, and adventurous under certain conditions. However, she gets frighten easily, takes a long time to trust strangers and unresponsive when confronted about her past. She has great fear of her mother and a mention of her will get her prone to a breakdown.

Friends: Jenny, Topanga (NPC)

Short History: Asha Carmichael is a girl living a normal teenage life. She has a family that loves her, few friends that she hangs out with, and slowly healing from a secret she is hiding. She was born in a small town in Ohio with her mother and father through a difficult childhood. Her mother was an on and off drug addict that spend most of her time in rehab where Asha didn't see her much. After her father finally divorced her, she breaks into the house and stabbed her daughter in the stomach that nearly killed her but was rushed to the hospital in time. Her mother was committed to a asylum out of state for the family's protection. That moment had scarred Asha, she ended up having nightmares witch lead to insomnia, anxiety, and fear of leaving her house. The family moved across the country to settle in Washington where they would get a fresh start. Things started slow, but she comes out of her shell day by day healing along the way. She gets along with her stepmother, made some friends, and even becoming outgoing. Even through all of it, she remains secretive and kept to herself.

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Name (First Middle Last): Avery Fox Gender: Male Date of Birth: August 18, 1988 Age: Stopped aging about a year ago. 24 Appearance (links are ok): mages/buzz/whosthat/1.jpg s/2012/05/08/jesse_williams10.jpg Power (if vampire, one power per vampire): N/A Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): Shapeshifter Personality: He's carefree and fun-loving, but very serious about his studies and work. He loves music. He's slightly shy, but only when it comes to his talents, except when working. He's good at sports, really likes swimming and football. Friends: Rachel Black, Jared Cameron, Imprint/Mate (If one): We'll See. Short History (4-10 sentences): He grew up in New York, both his parents were from areas of Washington they didn't speak of (He's half Makah and Quileute). He went to NYU where he is studying to be a doctor. He didn't know anything about wolves until he ran into Rachel Black who was hanging out with a vampire friend of hers. He's a fan of hers, and he was super excited about meeting her. After that encounter though, he starts to feel strange, and Rachel & her vamp friend are the only new people he had met. So he tracked Rachel down and demanded to know what was wrong with him; she explained and now he's on a plane to the rez. He plans on still getting his medical degree and becoming a plastic surgeon if he can somehow balance that and being a wolf.

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Sofie Clearwater

Name (First Middle Last):Kelsey Elizabeth Dare (Liz


Date of Birth:jan 2


Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire):she would be an empath if se were a vamp

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon):human

Personality:super super super shy. She doesn't really talk but she is very good at listening to people and making them happy.


Imprint/Mate (If one):none

Short History (4-10 sentences):her parents died when she was 6, she just left the orphanage.

2 hours ago

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Name: Alora Anne Whitman

Gender: female

Date of Birth: 8/15/95

Age: 17

Appearance: sianGirl13.jpg

Species : Human

Personality: Nice, fun loving

Friends: None yet, just moved

Imprint/Mate: Hopefully an imprint? Maybe. If things go nicely

Short History (4-10 sentences): Born in America. She was adopted by a wealthy family and named. Grew up in the Mid-West with her parents. She loved to travel and can speak 3 languages

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Beethoven Not Mozart

Name (First Middle Last): Serena Elizabeth Romero (though Romero is not actually her last name, as she doesn't remember her name from being a human)

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: Sept 17th, 1455 (date of her change and actual birth)

Age: Changed on her 18th birthday

Appearance (links are ok): 0

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire): Invisibility

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): Vampire

Personality: Has a rather dark, spunky personality. She is just a tad nuts, having developed voices in her head through the years. She finds solace in writing, and if she is writing, approach at your own risk. Incredibly intelligent, though is something of a bit*h

Friends: Cullen's, Denali's, and Volturi. She is technically still apart of the Volturi but doesn't always live with them. She is extremely close to Demetri

Imprint/Mate (If one): none yet.

Short History (4-10 sentences): Born in Spain, she grew up filthy poor, her parents had done everything in attempt to give her and her brother some kind of life. On her birthday mid September, the day she turned 18, a very peculiar man with onion like skin and wicked white hair showed up that night. He promised her a better life, to end all of their hardships. He bit her, turning her into a vampire. Serena learned that this vampire was Caius of the Volturi. After this, she left her family without giving them the benefits of immortality, and left for Italy with her creator, living with the Volturi for roughly 5 centuries, unofficially leaving them around the time of World War II. Still technically apart of the Volturi, she went up to Canada and discovered the Denali coven and the Cullen's, only becoming friends of their families with them, and lives on her own in a small, one room cabin just over the border in a Canadian village that knows of her presence and she has been marked a spawn of Satan.

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Merida Jane

Story: Becoming Renesmee http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9064817/1/Becoming-Ren esmee

1. Name. McCarhta E. Threftwood

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: July 7,1925

Age: 19 when changed

Appearance: Dark haired and slender.

Power: Healing abilities by controlling body.

Species: Vampire.

Friends: Adopted daughter Gina.

Personality: Ethical and soft-spoken. Motherly and brave.

Friends: Sister in Law Branwen.

Mate: Alexander Threftwood (deceased)

History: Lived in Berlin, Germany as human during WWII as Jew. Sent to Auschwitz death camp and died in gas chamber, but saved by Nazi guard Alexander Threftwood. Married him until his death.

2. Name: Ginadora Winthrip (Gina)

Gender: Female

Date of birth: October 16,2011

Age: 18 when changed

Appearance: Jet Black hair with heavy bangs covering forehead.

Power: None

Species: Vampire

Personality:Tom boy and a very strong feminist.Strong fighter and handy with weapons, cars, motorcycles, ect.

History: Ran away from home when parents died. Lived on the streets for two years and was attacked by a vampire in an alley, but saved be Renesmee.

9/26/2013 #51 Report
Little Luna Lovegood

Name (First Middle Last): Aurora Lara Nightingale


Date of Birth: 3 December 1990

Age: 22 but appearance is 15

Appearance (links are ok): Aurora is 4ft 11 inches tall. She looks fragile. Her skin is a deathly pale and her hair is a wavy/curly pale blond. She has a very slim figure. Aurora has big green eyes and a small face. She prefers to wear dresses and skirts. She is very girly and loves fashion! Here is her face reference www.oxun.ge/uploads/posts/2010-12/1292087292_20104 20224046-miss-mosh-girl-sexy-face-cute-angel-beaut iful-blonde-amazing_large.jpg , here is her hair reference www.mylovelyhair.net/hairstyles/curly-hairstyles-f or-long-hair-for-prom-15.jpg and here is her clothing style reference www.viciousstyle.com/images/casualtunicdress.jpg

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire): Can heal people Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): Vampire Personality: Her personality is sweet and happy, though she is very clueless. She can be nasty, when she wants to, form she is generally perky, and hyper ,and is always smiles. She likes to tackle people


Imprint/Mate (If one): single but ready to mingle

Short History (4-10 sentences): When Aurora was alive, she was very sickly. Her body was too thin, she was always deathly pale. She was raised in her house and didn't get out much, seeing as she was constantly ill. If she were to do something, She never did it half way, she lived for the moment. After years living in her home she left against her parents will when she was fifteen. She was attacked by a vampire who found her unconscious and turned her. She gained the ability to heal those in need, which she finds very ironic since she was always the sick one when she was living.

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Name (First Middle Last): Jason Adrian Samson

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: May 29 1001

Age: 1012

Appearance (links are ok): Dark blond hair, slim muscled build large scar over his right eye and is covered in bitemarks grom other vampires.

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire): power mirror (when a powered is used on him he is able to utalise it as his own during the time it's used on him no limit on how many at a time example: Aro shakes his hand and is able to see all of his memories just as I am able to see his on the other hand harmfull powers are reflected back exampel: Jane tries to burn him nothing happens to him but she will get the pain directly on to her.

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon):Vampire

Personality:Impatient, protective of his own, possesive, edgy, stattic.


Imprint/Mate (If one): died 200. years ago

Short History (4-10 sentences):He travels in search of a new purpase in life.

12/9/2013 #53 Report
Vriska Serket- archnidsGrip

Real name:Arizona Marie Black-Rose------- Nickname:Zonie------- Date of Birth:October.31------- Date of Change/First Phase:She will phase soon------- Age:12 Appeared Age:12-------- Origin:Zimbabwe(Heritage);El Dorado,AR(Born in)-------- Race/Ethnicity/Nationality:African American;Zimbawean------- Gender:Female------ Hair:Waist length; Black and bangs cover her right eye------ Height:50 inches------ Weight:93.1 pounds------ Species:Quiluete Wolf------- Appearance:She is an African American with waist long black hair and bangs that cover her right eye.Her right eye is grey...the other is a light green.Both have brown tints in them.She is extremely short for a werewolf.... she's only 50 inches tall.She weighs 93.1 pounds. --------- Clothing Style:She dresses in a tomboy way.She hates wearing all the girly stuff----- Personality:She is very shy and timid.She hates to be in large crowds and meeting new people.She is very smart for her age.She also excells musically and with technology.She is very quiet to,she tends to blush when speaking out of embarrassment.She loves solitude and aloneness.She adores reading and writing very much.She loves to be outside...in the nature to write. She is NOT a morning person whatsoever.She can sing and play violin though she hides it.Her temper is VERY short to------- Overall- Optimist or Pessimist:She's a bit of both------ Hobbies:Reading,Writing,Singing,Playing her violin------ Likes:Reading, Technology, Music, Aloneness,Quietness,Food,Meat,Writing------ Dislikes:Vegetables,Crowds, Loudness, Snobs, Talking,Being Embarrassed------ Favorite Possessions:A golden locket with a picture of her once best friend------- Scent :To other werewolves,Sweet Honey;to vampires a wet dog------- Occupation:Student----- Fur Color: Will be black----- Family:Jacob Black(Distant Uncle)------ Coven/Pack:Jacob's when she phases----- Talents:Singing and playing violin---- Special Abilities:Her senses are more enhanced than that of other werewolves-----* History:She was orphaned at an young age....6 to be exact.She had to train herself to keep her senses keen and sharp.She never let people see her....she only watched from the darkness. She often stole food so she wouldn't starve. She had to teach herself how to read and do other stuff and she did...She learned how to play violin by taking one and learning from a Orchestra class in a middle school at age 10...she eavesdropped in the class though...they didn't know she was there. Her favorite pass time was singing and that she did.She made a fried one day.It was a boy named Ezekiel. They played every day and night.They got along well.He bought them each a locker.Her locket had his picture in.it and his locket had hers in it.He got killed a week later...She had nightmares every since.One day she found out she was related to.Jacob Black...She found out her lived in Forks.She travelled their facing many feats...she succeeded though...it was then she figured out she didn't know what he looked like.She sat on a random doorstep(Jacob's) bawling her eyes out...he came out.She hugged him...he noticed her body tempature right away.She showed him proof they were related...she's lived with him ever since.------- Sexual Orientation:Straight---------Other:She has asthma------ Created by:Arizona Marie Rose

12/28/2013 #54 Report
Gomez Addams of Addams Family

Name: Soft Wind Nickname: N/A Date of birth:2/15/1995 Date of change: N/A Age:21 Appeared Age: N/A Origin: Quileute Tribe tionality: Native American Gender:Female Hair: Black, long at the neck Eyes Almond eyes light brown Height:5'5 Wieght:127 Face shape: Heart Species:Human Appearances: Soft Wind has a heartshaped face and a hourglass figure. She is about 127 and 5'5. Clothing style:American Indian dresses Personality:Sweet, kind, loving, motherly, caring, understanding, loyal, romantic, passionate Walk style: Graceful like a doe Overall:Optimist Hobbies:Singing, sewing, knitting, pottery making Likes:her tribe and family Dislikes:enemies Favorite possesssions: her flute. Scent:fresh roses and strawberries after the rain Occupation: indian basket weaver Family:her parents are dead. Talents: indian basket weaving and pottery making.

Sexual Orientation:Straight History: Soft wind was born and raised in the Quileute Tribe in the year 1995. Her parents died in a car crash after she was about 3 years old .She was taught the ways of her people and lived there during the time She knows Jacob and the other wolves, well, the closest to Jacob. She knows the legends of her people very well. She gets along with everyone and helps take care of the elders as they grow old.

2/16/2014 #55 Report

Name (First Middle Last): Isabel "Izzy" Marie Ross

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: June 6

Age: 17

Appearance (links are ok):

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire): None

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): Werewolf

Personality: Isabel is very sweet and and cheerful. A normal teenager. She is shy and does not like to get into problems. But behind that wall, lies a vulnerable and insecure girl, though it doesn't show. She has anger issues and she usually phases when she is angry.

Friends: The Pack, Renesmee, Claire, Rachel, Rebecca

Imprint/Mate (If one): Maybe Embry?

Short History (4-10 sentences): Isabel was born and raised right there in La Push, Washington. She has an older brother and a younger sister. She phased for the first time a few weeks after her seventeeth birthday, having been in a fight with her father. She freaked out and ran away. Then a man by the name of Stephen found her and took her in. And she was home.

2/27/2014 #56 Report

Name (First Middle Last): Aaron Michael D'arco

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 11/23/1963

Age: 50 (Appears 18 or so)

Appearance (links are ok): lifestyle.msn.co.nz/img/nzmen/style/310310/_glasses.jpg Aaron is also heavily muscled and has many scars on his back, chest and stomach.

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire): Hydrokinesis

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): Human/Vampire Hybrid

Personality: Insightful, empathetic, somewhat humorous, EXTREMELY intelligent, flirtatious, cheeky, arrogant, fun-loving, and outgoing.

Friends: None, yet.

Imprint/Mate (If one): None, yet.

Short History (4-10 sentences): Aaron was born to Michael Matherson and a human mother in Perth, Australia. Aaron's birth was extremely violent, and his mother died in labor. Michael tried everything to keep his newborn son safe, but Aaron was severely injured after his violent birth. He had many scars, but survived due to being a hybrid. His father had no idea what Aaron was, but loved him none the less. Michael and Aaron traveled to the United States because they were being hunted down, and Michael died while Aaron survived. Aaron was raised by a nice family in Washington. Aaron was always considered awkward, and therefore avoided. He knew he was different, but couldn't exactly pinpoint what was trmendously different. Aaron grew up and adapted the hobbies of soapmaking and yoga. Aaron discovered his power just before he physically turned sixteen, when he froze his goldfish's bowl and it's contents. Aaron moved out when he physically turned eighteen and continues to live his life.

3/2/2014 #57 Report
Malignant Muse

Name (First Middle Last): Silas Salvatore Coles

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 1101

Age: 913

Appearance (links are ok): Despite Tom's old age, he still appears, just like vampires tend to, as a mere theorem year old, not aged a day since he was bitten. His skin is white as a sheet, and his eyes, once forest green, are now black as he tends to veer off from eating regularly as he can control his cravings. He has dirty blonde hair that hangs down to the nape of his neck and sometimes to his eyes. And his form is naturally unintimidating, with his smaller form, even a little shorter then most his age he comes across as harmless.

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire): Umbrakinesis: Thomas has the unnatural ability to control and manipulate shadows to his own will. This ability allows him to shield himself from the light in a practical shield around his body as well as help change the shape of shadows to absorb something in darkness.

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): Vampire

Personality: Thomas is naturally happy with himself, finding a sense of place and understanding as well as leadership in the world, he often enjoys to take things easily and acts his appeared age rather then his real one. But he can get serious and act his actual age if need be.

Friends: A various number of vampires, humans, and acquaintances a with werewolves, which he simply calls 'Nothing but people, or wolf people, with differences.'

Imprint/Mate (If one): None

Short History (4-10 sentences): Thomas was bitten over 900 years ago in England, as a newborn he struggled with becoming what he was, by over decades he found peace with it. Naturally taking to himself and not joining any group of vampires and sticking to himself. He naturally migrated to a number of places, Africa, Asia, South America, and eventually ended up in the states after his inevitable journeying period. He found an old mansion in the backwoods of town and made it his own, preferring to stay there for a couple decades people started to make up an old town legend. About a monster in the woods of town that everyone liked to visit, that would kill you if you entered the house. And no one would see you ever again. Which is true, but Thomas isn't a monster....maybe.

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Name (First Middle Last): Odin Sagittarius Frost

Gender: male

Date of Birth: July 20, 1324-the date he was turned/May 1, 1296-date of his human birth

Age: 690/28 was the age he was bitten

Appearance (links are ok): He has long black hair, ice blue eyes, pale skin, muscular, 5'11" tall, 174 lbs, usually wears a green shalwar khameez with neon blue sneakers and a white thobe over it though he is also known to wear jeans and t-shirts. He carries a katana and knows Tae Kwon Do and Jiujitsu

Power (if vampire, one power per vampire): shape shifter-can transform into a wolf, Siberian tiger, golden retriever, bald eagle, black rat, King cobra. This allows him to go into hiding if needed.

Species (Human, Vampire, Wolf, Child of the Moon): vampire

Personality: He is friendly if you earn his trust. If you don't earn his trust then he won't hesitate to kill you. It takes a lot of work to stay in his good books.

Friends: very few

Imprint/Mate (If one): Annie Rose Wilcox

Short History (4-10 sentences): He was turned in Yorkshire over six hundred years ago on his way home from work and abandoned by his sire. His parents chased him out of town upon his turning and he struggled with what he had become for a decade. He found his mate when she was dying in the desert and turned her. He fought in a few human wars.

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Name (First Middle Last): Ezekiel Zacharias van Lythe

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: June 21, 1856

Age: 158 (Looks 18)

Appearance (links are ok): Ezekiel has long waist-length black hair and azure colored eyes. He has a petite build and looks rather feminine.

Power : He can make "Whatever he wishes reality" meaning anything Ezekiel can imagine he can create or have happen. Because of his power Ezekiel always carries a book of weapons around in case he is attacked.

Species: Vampire

Personality: Ezekiel is a social butterfly and the sweetest person you would ever meet, but do not let this fool you beneath the mask of sweetness is a vicious beast waiting for anyone foolish to attack him in anyway so it can bare it's fangs.

Friends: N/A

Imprint/Mate (If one): None (Lookin fo Mista. Right)

Short History (4-10 sentences): Ezekiel was turned by a strange man (Ezekiel barely remembers his name.) that promised him eternal life. After the man was killed by villagers in a small town just outside of Yorkshire (Who were tipped off by one E.Z.v.L. that the man was a vampire after said man wouldn't buy him a summer home) Ezekiel then travelled vastly abroad looking for a place he truly belonged (or at least a good lay).

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