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A APersonYouWillNeverKnow


I am taking characters if you are not on enough and you have not told me so check the master list slos check to make sure your name is by your character(s)

Suggestion: don't have just one species so you aren't stuck when people come on and one has wolves and one has vampires

Don't keep charaters you don't use


Unless you have worked something out, there will be NO MORE babies, or accepted OC's until it is announced that they are open them again.


Are allowed but need to be approved

Check In

Unless you are a mod, checking in is important!! If you don't check in, you may lose your character

Roleplay Time

One Role Play (around 10 days) would be 2 months in the RP. 6 RPs one year.


Do not ignore people. You can split charaters if you need to so everyone is included in the RP

If someone post their characters open, the other roleplayer chooses from their list.

Do not post your characters open in return (this is in the rules you all agreed to)

Tips - Post where and what your characters are doning, post in bold, don't post at the end of a page

9/9/2012 . Edited by Jesse'sGhostGirl28, 9/9/2012 #1 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Stephen: nightmares about what?

Pandora: what else is on your mind that you can't kiss me

9/9/2012 #2 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Chris: why are you going away?

9/9/2012 #3 Report

Kim: That's what everyones telling me. *sighs* I'll just continue being the girlfriend that sits around and waits I guess.

Jada: Da livingwoom!

9/9/2012 #4 Report

Natalia sitting on the couch.

" Because I have to." Faith says to him sadly looking at him.

9/9/2012 #5 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Stephen: or you can brign it up whenhe comes home

9/9/2012 #6 Report
M Jesse'sGhostGirl28

Nick: *brings Jada to the living room to look for Nat, holds his finger to his lips to keep Jada quiet, sneaking up on Nat*

Derek2: ou are, and then theres everything I need to do

9/9/2012 . Edited 9/9/2012 #7 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Chris: ok thn

9/9/2012 #8 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Chris: ok then

Pandora: I am not that important *getting her bag going into the hospital*

9/9/2012 #9 Report

Elena shakes her head, continiuing to look away. "Doesn't matter." she muttters. "They're just bad."

9/9/2012 #10 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Stephen: talkiing might help

9/9/2012 #11 Report
M Jesse'sGhostGirl28

Derek2: Are you crazy? Of course youre important

9/9/2012 #12 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Pandora rolls her eyes going to her room and getting in the stupid hospital gown, "How important?" smirking

9/9/2012 #13 Report

Kim: I probably will. Though it'll probably be pointless.

Jada covers her mouth, grinning

9/9/2012 #14 Report

Elena glances at him, "You know I'm not good about talking through these sort of things.."

9/9/2012 #15 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Stephen": this is why we are working on it

9/9/2012 #16 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Stephen: you can make him do almost anything yo know that

9/9/2012 #17 Report

Natalia wipping her eyes quickly and turns around gasping as she sees then and stands up backing away " Oh you guys scared me."

" I'm going to the mental hospital is where I'm going." Faith says to him softly " I need help and my therapist agrees and I know you said you'd wouldn't let them take me but now I realize I need to go and fix myself."

9/9/2012 #18 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Chris: I will come visit everyday with Chase

9/9/2012 #19 Report
M Jesse'sGhostGirl28

Nick: Found you! And Sorry

Derek2: More important than you will ever know Panda, you are all I think about, everything I see reminds me of you, I want to be with you forever but I know that you dont even think you will make it through this. I want to be here for you, I want to make you see how important you are but you never listen. You are the most important thing to me in this world and if you told me to drop everything and move to some crazy far away place I would just to be with you. I know you hate it Panda, but I strip, something I hate, to give you a better life. Im trying to find something better so I can give you a good life and not be doing something I hate, but right now thats a work in progress, you are so important to me that I dont think Mike is able to go against you anymore because I think I would now be able to come out and stop him. I never want us to end Panda, you are the most important thing to me, no one can ever replace you

9/9/2012 . Edited 9/9/2012 #20 Report

" No you can't bring him you can't come either, you have to stay away you can't let Chase see me like that and you can't see me like that either." Faith says to him shaking her head quickly.

9/9/2012 #21 Report

"Why are you helping me, Stephen?" Elena asks, frowning.

9/9/2012 #22 Report

" No it's fine really I should have gone in with you, um did you need someone?" Natalia asks quickly her eyes red.

9/9/2012 #23 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

pandora smiles slightly hugging him tightly, "I love you. Sometimes I think you are like a drug to me sometimes. But seriously what if I don't make it?"

9/9/2012 #24 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Chris: why not you are my wife

stephen: I like you i help people I like

9/9/2012 #25 Report

(Heyy) Annabel/Ace: *Open*

9/9/2012 #26 Report
M Jesse'sGhostGirl28

Nick: Jada wanted some mac and cheese...whats wrong?

Derek: Seriously? I dont know Panda, all I know is I cant live without you, so I dont want to have to even think about trying. Being completely honest I would probably spend most of my time drinking, Emma would have to always watch Lucas and I would have to ind someone for Hunt because I know I wouldnt be able to do it anymore

9/9/2012 #27 Report

"Yeah, but why do you like me? I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even like me..." Elena says, frowning as she realizes that it's true.

9/9/2012 #28 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Pandora shakes her head slightly sitting on her bed looking at her hands

9/9/2012 #29 Report

Kim: I know, but I don't want to do that to him.

9/9/2012 #30 Report
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