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A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

New Rule with Kids

Kids can be played by the roleplayer that is assinged to them and can also be played by the roleplayers that play the parents, but the roleplayers that play the parents would have to pm the roleplyer that is offically assigned to the kid what has happened while they were away.


I am taking characters if you are not on enough and you have not told me so check the master list slos check to make sure your name is by your character(s)

Suggestion: don't have just one species so you aren't stuck when people come on and one has wolves and one has vampires

Don't keep charaters you don't use


Need to be approved


Are allowed but need to be approved

Check In

Unless you are a mod, checking in is important!! If you don't check in, you may lose your character

Roleplay Time

One Role Play (around 10 days) would be 2 months in the RP. 6 RPs one year.


Do not ignore people. You can split charaters if you need to so everyone is included in the RP

If someone post their characters open, the other roleplayer chooses from their list.

Do not post your characters open in return (this is in the rules you all agreed to)

Tips - Post where and what your characters are doning, post in bold, don't post at the end of a pagE

11/17/2012 . Edited 11/17/2012 #1 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Ronny: nothing much what are you doing?

Stephen: where have you been *swinging her around*

11/17/2012 #2 Report
M Jesse'sGhostGirl28

(your spelling kills me prez)

Nick: I hope so Nat

Derek: *falls asleep*

Chole: Okay *going upstairs to see Nayeli*

Lucas: *watching them, still for once in his life*

Chase: Daddy!

11/17/2012 #3 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

(Your a mod you can fix it)

Pandora curling up next to him when she is done with her stuff

Stephen: what's up Lucas?

Chris: Chase *picking him up*

11/17/2012 #4 Report

Natalia nods her head and turns back putting the pasta and salad onto plates " Alright dinner is ready."

11/17/2012 #5 Report

Ryan shrugs slightly, folding his arms out of habit when not knowing what else to do with his hands. "Thinking."

Elena giggles despite herself, taken off guard. "I've been here. I think we just kept missing eachother." she chuckles.

11/17/2012 #6 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Ronny: about? *raising an eyebrow*

Stephen: yea yea *kissing her*

11/17/2012 #7 Report

Ryan smirks a little, "Wouldn't you like to know." he chuckles.

Elena kisses him back, smiling into the kiss.

11/17/2012 #8 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

ROnny: you don't have to tell me *rolling her eyes*

Stephen: you are giddy today

11/17/2012 #9 Report
M Jesse'sGhostGirl28

Nick: Thanks Nat

(thats so much work)

Derek: *whimpering*

Lucas: She look at you like Bear look at Daddy

Chase: Food?

11/17/2012 #10 Report

" Your welcome hun." Natalia says to him handing him the plate with a fork " It's hot so be careful."

11/17/2012 #11 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Stephen: what do you mean Lucas? *raising an eye brow*

Pandora stroking his face slightly

Chris: ok *taking hims down stairs*

(then don't complain)

11/17/2012 #12 Report

Ryan nods, "You're right. But you asked." he says amusedly.

Elena shrugs, playing with the collar of his shirt. "It's a good day. No one's pissed me off yet." she smirks, then grins.

11/17/2012 #13 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Stephen: well I think we shoudl go somewhere no on can get to you

Ronny: to keep the converstion going..

11/17/2012 #14 Report
M Jesse'sGhostGirl28

Nick: Okay Nat

Chase: En see tains? *when we see trains?*

Derek: *quiets a little bit*

Lucas: Why you two no together?

11/17/2012 #15 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Pandora humming softly stroking his face softly

Stephen: becasue we just didn't work out adul things

Chris: we will try to see them tomorrow ok? *sitting him by faith*

11/17/2012 #16 Report

Elena kisses him softly, "Like where?" she asks, chuckling.

Ryan looks down at her, "What've you been up to?" he asks.

11/17/2012 #17 Report

Natalia sits her plate on the table and starts to eat quietly.

Faith smiles to Chase " Hi baby boy."

11/17/2012 #18 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Ronny: working on my store with Raymond and Raymond has been pissing the town off

Stephen: your bed room is a good place to try

11/17/2012 #19 Report
M Jesse'sGhostGirl28

Nick: Do you want to go out to the movies after this?

Chase: O-ay. Mama!

Derek: *going back to a normal sleep*

Lucas: You should try

Chole: *coming back down* Shes sleeping and what are you trying?

11/17/2012 #20 Report

Ryan looks slightly confused, "Raymond is..." he asks.

Elena quirks an eyebrow, a smile slowly forming on her lips. "Oh really."

11/17/2012 #21 Report

Faith smiles to both of them softly as she cuts up pieces of food for Chase to eat. " There some food for you."

" Um sure." Natalia says to him and smiles softly " What movie do you want to go see?"

11/17/2012 #22 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Stephen: yes *scooping her up* under your covers no clothes *winking*

Ronny: best friend and business partner

Stephen: we are trying nothing

Pandora smiling slightly wedging ubder his arm

11/17/2012 . Edited 11/17/2012 #23 Report
M Jesse'sGhostGirl28

Chase: Food!

Nick: Honestly, I dont even know whats playing

Chole: *confused* Okay, I should probably get Lucas home before it gets too late

Lucas: No! He no race me yet!

Derek: *wraps his arms around her in his sleep*

11/17/2012 #24 Report

Elena blushes a little, laying her head against his chest while he carries her. "Well then lets go." she grins.

Ryan nods, "Okay. Why's Raymond pissing off the town?"

11/17/2012 #25 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Pandora ribbing his arm softly taking a nap as she waits for him

Stephen: race what?

11/17/2012 #26 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Ronny: that is just raymond *shruging*

Stephen taking her to her room smiling

11/17/2012 #27 Report

Faith laughs and looks over to Chris " And this is definately your son."

" I don't either but I'm sure there is a kids movie out right now." Natalia says to him softly

11/17/2012 #28 Report
A APersonYouWillNeverKnow

Chris: I would hope so *chuckling*

11/17/2012 #29 Report
M Jesse'sGhostGirl28

Derek: *sounds like hes choking, gripping her arm, still sleeping*

Lucas: Me!

11/17/2012 #30 Report
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