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2 Bishop Takes Knight by Aini NuFire An innocuous game of chess between two kings turns sinister when Arthur's own knights are used as the pieces—and their opponent plays to kill.
T, English, Angst & Hurt/Comfort, words: 3k+, 5h, Merlin, Arthur, Lancelot, Gwaine
24Live For Me Brother » by Zz12345 'Arthur grabbed the collar of his fallen comrade's shirt in his fists "Where is Merlin Daegal? WHERE IS MY BROTHER'" Military AU in which Arthur and Merlin join the army, set during the first world war, all main characters mentioned and non are evil, rated T for war category. No slash. Merlin and Arthur Whump!
T, English, Family & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 9, words: 22k+, favs: 9, follows: 7, updated: 8h published: 3/19
1 One-Sided Coin by scylla646 "He never does come back. Gwen waits for a week...for a month...for a year - but Merlin never returns to Camelot." One-Shot. Post-Camlann, Guinevere contemplates her husband's friendship with Merlin.
T, English, Angst & Friendship, words: 416, favs: 2, 17h, Merlin, Arthur, Gwen/Guinevere
4Dynasty » by Elle Light A strange saver appeared in Morgana's life just shortly after she'd been captured by Sarrum. Yet the saver has her own agenda and Morgana find herself in the kingdom of ice, waiting to be married to someone that may break her wings forever. Merlin got caught into a story he'd never expected to be part of. He's forced to make decisions that would shape his own destiny.
T, English, chapters: 3, words: 5k+, favs: 1, follows: 1, updated: 5/8 published: 6/3/2020
we're bound to break and my hands are tied » by Darkness34 Captured by bandits, Merlin and Arthur wake up to find themselves imprisoned in an unfamiliar castle. Shackled and with no way to escape they suddenly find themselves at the mercy of an old enemy who will stop at nothing to obtain knowledge of the vaults beneath Camelot. [COMPLETE] [Co-written with GeorgeThePumpkin]
T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Angst, chapters: 4, words: 14k+, follows: 1, 5/8, Merlin, Arthur, Morgause
6To Sleep In Ones Bed » by FireCacodemon Freya had come to accept a lot of things about Merlin. Mostly harmless things but something she never expected were the occasions when she had to put Merlin to bed. Here's five times that Freya put Merlin to bed and one time Merlin put Freya to bed. Hut in the Forest AU! Fluff!
K, English, Friendship & Humor, chapters: 2, words: 2k+, follows: 2, updated: 5/8 published: 4/30, [Freya, Merlin]
6Oasis » by DJ Dubois Following "Another Sorrow", Merlin has not fully recovered from Morgana's attack. Mithian and Rodor invite him back to Nemeth. How will things develop? (Merthian friendship/developing feelings prequel to my other story, "Healing')
T, English, chapters: 4, words: 3k+, favs: 3, follows: 8, updated: 5/8 published: 5/4, Merlin, Gwaine, Mithian
41Psych Ops » by wryter501 Part 1: The Psychic of Essetir. In a modern Camelot, Uther refuses to allow other kingdoms to develop psychic agents to rival his own. Arthur is dispatched to recover lost intel on the enemy base across the border - the first step of a campaign intended to capture Essetir's reported psychic, or neutralize him. But this mission isn't going to go exactly as planned... (no slash)
T, English, Drama & Adventure, chapters: 4, words: 22k+, favs: 19, follows: 36, updated: 5/7 published: 4/12, Merlin, Arthur, Gwen/Guinevere, Gaius
27Amelia's Story » by LegandsOfTime The usual tale of a someone dying then waking up in one of their favourite TV shows with, what I hope, is a twist.
T, English, Adventure & Fantasy, chapters: 14, words: 55k+, favs: 51, follows: 70, updated: 5/7 published: 1/29/2019, Morgana, Merlin, Arthur, OC
5Wild Irish Rose » by JArens15 She's Arthur's equal and has Magic like Merlin. What would happen in Camelot if a half-wild Irish princess with magic came to spend some time there? How will Arthur react to a girl with battle scars? And what about Merlin? A girl with powerful magic in Camelot...suddenly he's not alone.
K, English, Friendship & Humor, chapters: 40, words: 116k+, favs: 18, follows: 21, updated: 5/7 published: 11/13/2020
5 The Lady of Shalott by Aini NuFire A curse lies upon that tower and the woman who resides within it. But the peril is to those who pass by.
K+, English, Horror & Hurt/Comfort, words: 4k+, favs: 3, follows: 3, 5/7, Lancelot, Leon, Gwaine, Percival
25STAGES OF MOTHERHOOD » by teaandbiscuitsforme Morgana never expected to even hear from Vivienne ever again, let alone when she was only four weeks away from giving birth. Having been thrown in at the deep end when parenting Amhar, they thought that they'd be pros at parenting by now, yet life change after life change continues to prove them wrong. Part 6 of the STAGES series
T, English, Family & Friendship, chapters: 32, words: 99k+, favs: 3, follows: 1, updated: 5/7 published: 2/22, [Morgana, Merlin] Morgause, Mithian
2 Why? by Loverofmidnight "Why did you stop me? It must have crossed your mind if Uther is dead, that your life would be easier?" Arthur pulled back slightly, rolling his shoulder. The bed was cold and he almost just wants to jump back up.
T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Angst, words: 947, favs: 4, 5/6
6 Silence isn't Always Golden by Archaeologist When Arthur is assigned a servant who doesn't talk at all, it shouldn't be a problem. But he drove Arthur crazy anyway. AU
K, English, Angst & Friendship, words: 1k+, favs: 15, follows: 8, 5/5, Merlin, Arthur, Gaius
1 Through the Years by hellomynameisv They come back as reincarnations - as the same but different, as different but the same - while Merlin stays and witnesses it all.
K+, English, Angst & Friendship, words: 1k+, favs: 2, follows: 2, 5/5, Merlin, Arthur
30The Witch's Waning » by MonJoh Life in Ealdor continues after Agravaine's aborted attack, but Hunith's peace is tested by Morgana's arrival. Morgana struggles to recover after her crushing defeat. Aithusa wants to play. A story of the quest for peace.
K+, English, Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 10, words: 50k+, favs: 13, follows: 21, updated: 5/4 published: 3/3, Morgana, Gwen/Guinevere, Hunith, Aithusa
1Pourquoi tu me vouvoies? by Fenchurch1 Gwaine réfléchit sur le fait que depuis son adoubement, Merlin le vouvoie. Je refais ma fic parce que elle était illisible!
K, French, Friendship, words: 1k+, 5/4
6 One Wrong Move by Aini NuFire When Lancelot is accidentally hit by Merlin's magic and fatally injured, only a healing spell can save him. But Merlin's so overwrought with guilt, his magic has stopped responding. And his best friend is running out of time…
K+, English, Angst & Hurt/Comfort, words: 3k+, favs: 5, follows: 5, 5/4, Merlin, Arthur, Lancelot, Gaius
54Just a normal day (Merlin x Arthur) » by Leledezember What if, if you can t change what is happening? And what if, if Arthur finds something out he shouldn t find out ?
T, English, Humor & Romance, chapters: 41, words: 108k+, favs: 20, follows: 30, updated: 5/4 published: 5/30/2020, Merlin, Arthur, Leon, Gwaine
8Test for Loyalties » by Maradon Sir Leon comes comes back from his assignment from northern border after three years. He has to prove that his loyal to Uther, not to Arthur. Fem!Merlin, starts from second season. AU
T, English, Friendship & Adventure, chapters: 11, words: 29k+, favs: 14, follows: 28, updated: 5/3 published: 2/23, [Leon, Merlin] Arthur
7The Future of Pendragon » by FantasyLover2244 Arthur finds a girl in the woods. Not just any girl - his childhood best friend. Ryia Coastillion is sent to Camelot after her family is struck by tragedy, and her return spins both of their worlds upside down. Rated T to be safe. I suck at descriptions :)
T, English, Fantasy & Adventure, chapters: 19, words: 21k+, favs: 9, follows: 9, updated: 5/3 published: 1/29, Merlin, Arthur, Uther, OC
2Old ScarsFuture Hearts by Alayna-schlemmer After an accident, Merlin must move in with Arthur who happens to be his ex-best friend. As Arthur becomes Merlin's caregiver in his recovery will the time spent together bloom into something other than friendship for both the boys or will a huge secret tear them apart?
K+, English, Hurt/Comfort & Romance, words: 1k+, favs: 5, follows: 11, 5/3, Merlin, Arthur
Warlock by Angel Nat-Chan Arthur walks in on Merlin using his magic to do his chores...
T, English, Romance, words: 467, favs: 10, follows: 4, 5/3, Merlin, Arthur
1 Of Course He Cares by blehmehehhehneh What I think could've happened if Arthur wasn't dying during the reveal and Merlin actually thought he would be executed. Just the aftermath of a lot of communication. (The actual reveal isn't even mentioned and this fic is crossposted on AO3)
K+, English, Romance & Friendship, words: 154, favs: 2, follows: 1, 5/2, [Merlin, Arthur]
68Woman King » by ComesTheNight When Uther Pendragon offers the Warlord Helios anything to make Camelot the most powerful kingdom in Albion, he never expected his daughter, Guinevere, to be the preferred payment. Betrothed to Lancelot, she and her maid are forced to flee from Camelot and everything they've ever known and thrust into a life of romance and adventure, if only briefly.
T, English, Romance & Supernatural, chapters: 20, words: 46k+, favs: 9, follows: 19, updated: 5/2 published: 2/18/2014, Merlin, Arthur, Gwen/Guinevere, Lancelot
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