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My name is Yukikari aka Kari for short. I'm from Philippines but was born from Japan! I'm a huge fan of Red Velvet and Girls' Generation!

FAVORITES What I love as of now? See below

Red Velvet:

Suggested song to listen: Ice Cream Cake, Bad Boy, One of These Nights, Sunny Side Up, Milkshake, Power Up, Red Flavor, Sayonara, Psycho

Favorite Member: Kim Yerim

Girls' Generation:

Suggested song to listen: I Got A Boy, Mr. Mr., Lion Heart, All of their Japanese songs, Talk Talk

Favorite Member: Tiffany Hwang; Im Yoona

Pokemon/Pokemon Adventure - love both anime/game/manga, although I haven't played/watched/read all of them, I know most though

Favorite Character (Game/Anime): Dawn

Favorite Character(Manga): Platinum; Whi-two/Whitley/Faitsu

Prince of Tennis/Tenipuri - although these days I can't follow the manga these past few days, I still am in love with this manga

Favorite Character: Sakuno Ryuzaki; Seiichi Yukimura; Kuranosuke Shiraishi

Gintama you all better read Gintama, everything is almost there from comedy, family, friendship, drama, love and action. I thank Gorilla-sensei for making this cool manga.

Favorite Character: Kagura; Sougo Okita

SHIPPING List of Ships that I ship, waiting for some to sail

Gary x Dawn - Cavaliershipping

Nate x Rosa - Visorshipping

Blake x Whitley - Corruptedshipping

Calem x Serena - Kalosshipping

Ethan x Lyra - HeartGoldshipping

Black x White - Agencyshipping

Diamond x Platinum - Commonershipping

Lucas x Dawn - Fortuneshipping

Ash x Serena - Amourshipping

Steven x Cynthia - Darksteelshipping

Sakuno x Harem - it's Sakuno and almost all Tennis Players

Sora x Yamato - Sorato

Yoshino x Touma - Toshino

Taiki x Akari - Taikari

Sougo x Kagura - Okikagu

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