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Wow! I can't believe we are now finishing the 11th year of "Supernatural". I know that I would have shook my head in denial if someone eleven years ago said this show will introduce you to a new world, friends and take you on a wonderful journey.

I've been a fan of the show "Supernatural" since the first episode aired. I remember reading about it in the 2005 TV Guide Fall Preview and thought it sounded interesting, plus I had been a fan of Jensen Ackles from "Dark Angel" and almost liked his character on "Smallville". I didn't know who Jared Padalecki was as I never watched "Gilmore Girls' and it took me awhile to figure out how to say his last name right, LOL. Eric Kripke did an excellent job of choosing these two actors to star in his show.

I have not posted any stories, but I love to read. I won't/can't read death fictions or stories about rape and I always appreciate when the author posts a warning for the readers. I also avoid the 'Dean/Castiel" romance stories. I understand fans all have different views, but I see Dean and Castiel as brothers/friends not romantically involved.

My favorite stories involve both brothers, so a good mystery, or hurt Dean or Sam stories are great, just as long as the brothers are together supporting and helping each other. (I hate when they fight on the show too.)

I have also discovered some great AU stories that I've enjoyed reading. There are so many wonderful writers on this site and most of them have been very kind in their responses to my reviews/comments. A writer once said that they enjoy having someone point out what the reader likes about their story and what didn't work, so if I read a story, I always try to say something, though sometimes it may only be a thank you.

I have a list of favorite authors but have tried to read stories by new writers though it has been difficult because of topics and pairings. Many authors that I have followed over the last eleven years have quit posting new stories. Some of them even left stories unfinished as they drifted away from the show. I'll admit that is frustrating to follow a story and review, only to have it never finished. I compare it to reading a book and finding the last chapter has been torn out.

Just some personal information. I work in a medical clinic as a triage/advice nurse. For extra money I house sit, taking care of my friends and co-workers pets while they are on vacation. I won't take care of spiders or snakes, but have taken care of an assortment of animals ranging from white rats to clouded leopards and of course all the normal ones, dogs, cats and horses.

I use the extra money to attend Supernatural conventions. I've traveled to Chicago since the first convention in 2007, my sister and I attend the Seattle con and then the two of us with my niece will attend the Vancouver convention again this year. It is so much fun to meet other fans and discuss the show with them.

I love the show because it is about the brothers, family, a cool car, good music, hunting evil, saving people and investigating the supernatural. I watch the show because I want to smile, laugh, maybe be a little scared and just be entertained for an hour. I watch because of the wonderful actors, Jensen and Jared and their performances each week..

Thanks again for visiting and/or thanks for sharing your stories with me.

Take care.


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